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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Community Outreach

Jordan Hall Field Trip

Visitors to Jordan Hall should plan to view the vivarium, the Birds of Indiana paintings, the preserved specimen cases, the public greenhouse, and the outdoor prairie plantings. 

We offer materials for two self-guided tours of the building, targeted to different age groups:

Before your visit: Groups larger than 5 should contact the greenhouse to make sure there are no conflicts with other groups that may be using the greenhouse, and to confirm that the greenhouse will not be closed for upkeep.  There is no charge for tours of the greenhouse.
Credits: The field trip materials for the older age group are the product of a summer project by Kathy Daniels, with educational support and funding from Emilia Martins and the NSF, through Indiana University's REU/RET program.  The materials for the younger age group were developed by Eva Allen, with much inspiration from Kathy's work.
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