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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Lectures & Seminars

Discussion Groups & Journal Clubs

The Department of Biology has a lively culture of discussion.  Interested students and faculty are invited to contact organizers for more information about particular groups listed below.

Group Organizer When Where
Chromosome and Genome Biology Research Group Brian Calvi (email) 12:15 every other Tuesday (fall semester) JH 001


Jay Lennon (email)

12:00 Mondays (sign up for Ecolunch email distribution list)

JH 123 (Lieber Room)

EDG (Evolution Discussion Group)

Logan Cole (email) and Jeremy Davis (email)

2:30 Thursdays (see schedule)

JH 123 (Lieber Room)

EEB Brown Bag (L570) Spencer Hall (email) and Leonie Moyle (email) 11:30 Tuesdays JH 248 (Cleland Room)

Evolutionary Cell Biology Journal Club

Tom Doak (email)

11:00 Mondays

JH 123 (Lieber Room)

Fall Journal Club on Growth Regulation

Daniel Schwab (email)

5:30 every other Wednesday

Irish Lion

(Microbiology Research Discussions)

Irene Newton (email) and Jake McKinlay (email)

12:20 Fridays

SI 001

(Physiology and Behavior Journal Club)

Greg Demas (email)

9:00 Fridays (summer and fall semester)

JH A301

(Studygroup for the Philosophy/Psychology of Animal Cognition, Knowledge, Learning, Evolution, and Development)

Gary Lucas (email)

9:00 mostly every other Friday (sign up for SPACKLED email distribution list)

MSB II 432

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