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Department of Biology

Lectures & Seminars

Tracy M. Sonneborn Lecture Series

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About the Lecture Series

Friends of the late Tracy M. Sonneborn established a lectureship in his memory in 1981. Support for this lecture has been provided by the Sonneborn Lecture Fund and the Department of Biology.

Upcoming Lecture

No lecture is currently scheduled. Check back later for information on the next Sonneborn Lecture.

Past Lectures  (top)

Jasper Rine, Ph.D., Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor and Professor of Genetics, Genomics, and Development at University of California, Berkeley. "Epigenetic inheritance meets metabolism." Download Flyer

Eric F. Wieschaus, Squibb Professor, Department of Molecular Biology, Princeton University and the 1995 recipient of the Nobel Prize. "Cellular Mechanics and Cell Shape Change during Drosophila Gastrulation." Download Program | IU news release

Joseph G. Gall, Staff Member, Department of Embryology, Carneige Instituion for Science. "Transcription During the Lampbrush Chromosome Stage of Oogenesis." Download Program

C. David Allis, Tri-Institutional Professor, Joy and Jack Fishman Professor and Head, Laboratory of Chromatin Biology and Epigenetics, The Rockefeller University.  "Beyond the Double Helix: Varying the 'Histone Code.'" Download Program

Tian Xu, Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Genetics, Yale University School of Medicine.  "Forward Genetic Screens In Flies and Mice for Deciphering Biology and Disease" Download Flyer


Terry Orr-Weaver, Professor of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  "Differential DNA Replication as a Developmental Strategy and Replication Model" Download Flyer

David Baulcombe
, Professor of Botany, University of Cambridge, UK. "The Biogenesis and Roles of Small Silencing RNAs" Download Flyer

J. Richard McIntosh, Distinguished Professor of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, University of Colorado at Boulder.  "The Logic of Chromosome Movement"

Cynthia Kenyon
, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of California San Francisco.  "From Worms to Mammals: The Hormonal Control of Life Span" Download Flyer

2003 Sharon Long Download Flyer

2002 Philip Hanawalt

2001 David M. Prescott Download Flyer

2000 Elliot Meyerowitz

1999 John Kilmartin

1998 Jim Forney, Eric Meyer, Meng-Chao Yao and John Preer Download Program

1997 Randy W. Schekman

1996 Lucy Shapiro

1995 Gerald M. Rubin

1994 Christine Guthrie

1993 Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard Download Flyer

1992 Melvin I. Simon Download Flyer

1991 Elizabeth H. Blackburn Download Flyer

1990 Thomas R. Cech

1989 Ira Herskowitz Download Flyer

1988 Franklin Stahl Download Flyer

1987 David Botstein Download Flyer

1986 Mark Ptashne Download Flyer

1985 David S. Hogness Download Flyer

1984 Gerald R. Fink

1983 Philip Leder

1982 Donald D. Brown

1981 Charles Yanofsky

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