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Alan Bender

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Associate Professor of Biology
Contact Information
By telephone: 812-333-2851
MO 211

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Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology

Ph.D., University of Oregon, 1987

Research Description

Assessment of Student Learning in the Biology of Disease Concentration of the Undergraduate Biology Program:

Efforts are underway (in fall, 2011) to create different "concentrations" within the undergraduate Biology Program, one concentration of which is meant to appeal especially to students interested in disease.  The proposed name for that concentration is "Biology of Disease."

Undergraduates have the potential to play large roles in helping to establish, to define the learning objectives for, and to continually improve the Biology of Disease Concentration.  One way in which undergraduates can do so, and can get credit for their efforts, is through BIOL-L490 (Individual Study).

Here are some questions that are ripe to address in mentored Individual Study projects:

1.  What sorts of research concerning which diseases do students consider to be most meaningful and interesting to inquire about, analyze, discuss, and write about?

2.  What should students be able to do with what specific sorts of evidence concerning disease (involving what specific sorts of data tables and figures)?  [What different sorts of data tables and figures tend to even be used very often in such research in the first place?]

3.  What should be the most-impressive sorts of projects that students work on, and what should be the most-impressive sorts of products and performances that students create, concerning disease research?

4.  What are the most-impressive sorts of writing that students should do concerning disease research?

5.  What are key concepts and terms that students should be able to use well and comfortably concerning disease research?

6.  What are key, basic Guiding Questions concerning disease research that students might benefit from revisiting continually in the Biology Program? 

7.  What are key Ethical Issues relevant to disease research that students should be able to reason about well?

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