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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Faculty & Research

Faculty Profile

George Malacinski

Photo of George Malacinski
Professor Emeritus of Biology
Contact Information
By telephone: 812-855-1131
MO 209
Research Description

As populations in the developing world age, the need for bone strengthening therapies is rapidly increasing.  Traditional therapies include both pharmacological intervention and exercise routines.  Additional therapeutic tools which lack undesirable side effects and that can be administered to immobile patients are, however, desperately needed.  The Hiroki laboratory has designed a mechanical device that stimulates bone strengthening.  Present efforts are devoted to understanding the molecular basis for that bone strengthening.

Select Publications
Zhang, P., Hamamura, K., Yokota, H., Malacinski, G.M. Pulsating joint loading (PJL) as a candidate therapy for bone strengthening and wound healing in sports medicine.  Exercise Sports Science Revs (Amer College Sports Med): Submitted (2008).
Malacinski, G.M., Yokota, H., and Akay, H.U. Integrating the traditionally trained mechanical engineer (problem-solver) into modern medical research projects. Proc. Amer. Soc. Engineering Ed.  Pp. 1-5 (2007).
Zhang, P., Malacinski, G., Yokota, H.  Joint loading modality: Its application to bone formation and fracture healing.  Br. J. Sports Med. (BJSM Online First, published Nov. 29, 2007.
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