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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

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Faculty Profile

Michael Tansey

Photo of Michael Tansey
Associate Professor of Biology
Contact Information
By telephone: 812-855-2914
JH A305
Evolution, Ecology & Behavior

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1970

Research Description

I am interested in improving the teaching of mycology. I am available to advise graduate research students in other labs concerning identification and cultivation of fungi.

Select Publications
Tansey, M.R. 1998. Fundamentals of the Fungi and Introductory Mycology. Mycologia 90:155 156. (Review).
Tansey, M.R. 1997. How I accidentally won the fight against grade inflation, but lost a war. TRC Newsletter 8(3):4.
Tansey, M.R. 1997. Research your classes. (Guest Column) IDS, Sept. 24.
Tansey, M.R. 1996. Evaluation of evaluation. TRC Newsletter 8(2):4.
Tansey, M.R. 1996. A reason to attend. (Guest Column) IDS, August 28.
Tansey, M.R. 1996. It's 9 a.m.--Do you know where your child is? Campus Life 6(1):8.
Tansey, M.R. 1995. The Fungi. Mycologia 87:426-428. (Review).
Tansey, M.R. 1995. A professor offers personal advice for new students. Campus Life 5(1):2.

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