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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Faculty & Research

Bacterial Cell Lysis Facility

Two instruments are available to all Biology and Biochemistry personnel for the preparation of bacterial extracts, in Jordan Hall 047 (under the greenhouse).  Standard Jordan Hall submaster keys will allow access to this room.

French Press

The French Press is a hydraulic device intended for relatively small volumes of cell suspensions (2-40 ml/run), and requires that users furnish their own specialized lysis cells and pistons (through purchase or arrangement with another lab).

Cell Cracker

The Cell Cracker is a gas pressurized device for larger cell suspension volumes (>100 ml), which uses gas cylinders to provide the pressure for lysis.

Both instruments can be dangerous and expensive to repair if used incorrectly, so all users must be trained prior to processing their samples.  This is also not a containment lab, so researchers whose samples have additional biosafety considerations must work out alternate arrangements.

These instruments are overseen by Ms. Hong Fan (; 339-7672).  Report any problems or concerns regarding these instruments to her.

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