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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Faculty & Research

Media Prep Facility 

Jordan Hall, Room 467
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Monday – Friday, 7:30am to 4:00pm


Rhonda Matteson
Nathan Fletcher

What we can supply
   • Any growth media in agar or broth dispensed into glass or plastic plates or glass tubes.
   • Chemicals and solutions
   • Glassware: glass plates, culture tubes (sizes 13, 16, 18mm and a few other misc. sizes), flasks, bottles
   • Glass pipets, Pasteur pipets, eppendorf tubes, pipet tips, test tube holds, etc

Ordering information
   Who can order: 
      Anyone who will be conducting a lab class or any other class that may need growth media, glassware, or other lab items; Outreach programs.

Please use the excel form when ordering and email it to us. Refer to How to Fill Out Media Request Form for assistance in completing the request form.

We need all orders at least two weeks before the time it will be picked up.
All orders will be placed in our cold room, and can be picked up from there, unless other arrangements have been made. The cold room is open 24/7 (Jordan Hall, Rm 461)

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