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BioTek Synergy H1M Plate-Reader

The Synergy H1 uses a monochromator-based system for the detection of fluorescence, time-resolved fluorescence, fluorescence polarization, luminescence, and UV/visible absorbance reading. The unit will accept 1- to 384-well plates, and has temperature control and shaker capabilities.

See more information on the unit. »

This instrument is overseen by Lawrence Washington (; 855-8915) of the Indiana Molecular Biology Institute. Contact him with a gmail address to be added to the signup calendar access list. Report any problems or concerns regarding these instruments to him.


Scheduling for the plate-reader can be viewed on the calendar below. Users may reserve time on the machine by clicking on the "Google Calendar" button at the bottom right corner of the calendar (please include phone # or e-mail). You may reserve time up to two weeks in advance. Please be considerate of the needs of others by not over-writing others' reservations, and reserving your time in half-hour increments. Remember to release your time if your plans change.

Also note that the primary purpose of this unit is for use in teaching labs. Instructors for teaching labs, therefore use in teaching labs will, without exception, have priority over other users.  Thus, the machine may be unavailable to researchers with little or no notice.

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