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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Faculty & Research

Jordan Hall Stock Room


JH A003

Summer hours:

8:00am-12:00noon, 1:00pm-4:30pm
8:00am-12:00noon, 12:30pm-4:00pm


John Thompson

Payment methods:

University account numbers only. No cash accepted.

Items indicated as "Special Order" in parentheses are not in stock, but can be ordered. Items marked as "do not order" or "do not reorder" are available until the current stock runs out.

Search stock room inventory by item code or description:

All stock room items:
Item Code Item Description
B7001S NEBuffer 1 6ml EA (special order)
B7002S NEBuffer 2 6ml/EA (special order)
B7003S NEBuffer 3 6ml/EA (special order)
B7021S Gel loading dye (special order)
B7200S NEBuffer Set 1.1, 2.1,3.1/EA (special order)
B7703S Blue Loading Buffer (special order)
B8002S Diluent B 5ml/EA (special order)
B9000S BSA, Molecular Grade Buffer/EA (special order)
B9001S BSA 6ml (special order)
B9003S SAM (special order)
B9004S ThermoPol Rxn Buffer Pack/EA (special order)
B9007S NAD 0.2ml/EA (special order)
B9012S RNAPol RxnBuffer 6ml/EA (special order)
B9014S Standard Taq Buffer (special order)
B9015S Std. Taq Buffer Pack 6ml/EA (special order)
B9021S Magnesium Chloride Buffer (special order)
BG-1001 Pouch, heat sealable 16 oz 75/pk
BG-1002 Pouches, heat sealable, 24 oz, 50/PK
BG-1003 Pouches, heat sealable, 32 oz, 40/PK
BG-1004 Pouches, heat sealable, 64 oz, 20/PK
BG-1005 Pouches, heat sealable,4 oz,100/PK
BG-1006 Bags, Red, 33x40/EA
BG-1007 Bags, autoclave, 19x23/EA
BG-1008 Bags, plastic, 20x30/PK 50
BG-1009 Bags, gray 33x42/RL
BG-1010 BioBag,2 ml,19x23
BG-1011 Bags, blue, 38x58/RL
BG-1012 BioBag,2 ml,25x35
BG-1013 Bags, clear, Autoclave, 24x30/PK 100
BG-1014 Bags, paper, #2/PK 10
BG-1015 Bags, paper, #6/PK 10
BG-1016 Bags, paper, #10/PK 10
BG-1017 Bags, Boihazard, Autoclave, 24x30/EA
BL-1001 Bulb, incandescent, 15W/PK of 2
BL-1002 Bulb, 40W, 4/PK
BL-1003 Bulb, 60W, 4/PK
BL-1004 Bulb, 100W, 4/PK
BL-1005 Light bulb 150W/EA DO NOT REORDER
BL-1006 Bulb, Anti-Insect Bug Light, 2/PK
BL-1008 Bulb FDX, for microscopes/EA
BL-1009 Bulb, Xenophoto 12V 100W 64625/EA
BL-1010 Bulbs, replacement/EA
BL-1011 Bulb DNF, for microscope/EA
BL-1012 Bulb EKL/EA
BL-1013 Bulb 6V 10W (5972) 64223/EA
BL-1014 Bulb FHD/64225, halogen 6V 10W/E
BL-1015 Bulb, Xenophoto 6V 20W 64250/EA
BL-1016 Bulb ELC, Halogen photo optic/EA
BL-1017 Bulb, Eiko 6V 15W 76907/EA
BL-1018 Bulb, Sankyo Germicida G15T8l/EA
BL-1019 Bulb, CDK/CEA Projector 100W 120 DO NOT REORDER
BL-1020 Bulb EKE/EA
BL-1021 Bulb DDB/DDW, projector 750W 120 DO NOT REORDER
BL-1022 Bulb ENH 300W/EA
BL-1023 Bulb FCS, projector 150W 24V/EA
BL-1024 Bulb CZX, projector 500W 115-120 DO NOT REORDER
BL-1025 Bulb DDL, AV photo/EA
BL-1027 Bulb BRN for microscopes/EA
BL-1028 Bulb, CDD screw base, 100W 120V/
BL-1029 Bulb CBA 500W 120V/EA
BL-1030 Illuminator 1493/EA
BL-1031 Bulb DFE, projector 80W 30V/EA DO NOT REORDER
BL-1032 Bulb, indicator, 6V 5W/EA
BL-1033 Bulb HBO, 200W/EA
BL-1034 Bulb, fluorescent
BL-1036 Bulb, fluorescent
BL-1037 Bulb, fluorescent DO NOT ORDER
BL-1038 OP2101 HO Wolf Microscope/EA
BO202S T4 DNA Ligase buffer 6ml/EA (special order)
BO297S RNase H buffer 6ml (special order)
BO303S Dnase I Buffer (special order)
BO363S RNA Loading Dye (2x) (special order)
BO392S B-Agarose I Buffer 6ml/EA (special order)
BO518S Phusion HF Buffer Pack/EA (special order)
BO519S Phusion GC Buffer Pack/EA (special order)
C2925H dam/dcm Comp. cells 20x.05ml/EA (special order)
C2987H NEB 5-alpha Comp. E.coli/EA (special order)
C2988J NEB 5-alpha Comp. E. coli/EA (special order)
C3019H NEB 10-beta Comp. E. coli/EA (special order)
C3019I NEB 10-beta Competent E. Coli/EA (special order)
CH-1001 Ethanol Solution 100%/16oz
CH-1002 Acetone, 500ml/EA
CH-1003 Methanol Anhydrous ACS 500ml/EA
CH-1004 Glycerol, 500ml/EA
CH-1005 Chloroform, 500ml/EA
CH-1006 Methanol, 4L/EA
CH-1007 Glycerol, 4L/EA
CH-1008 1-Butanol, 4L/EA
CH-1009 Chloroform, 4L/EA
CH-1010 Acetone, 4L/EA
CH-1011 2-Propanol, 500ml/EA
CH-1012 Hexanes, 4L/EA
CH-1013 Iso Amyl Alcohol, 500ml/EA
CH-1014 1-Butanol, 500ml/EA
CH-1015 2-Propanol, 4L/EA
CH-1016 Hydrochloric Acid, 500ml/EA
CH-1017 HCL Solution, 1L/EA
CH-1018 Hydrochloric Acid Acs, 2.5L/EA
CH-1019 Hydrochloric Acid Acs, 2.5L/EA
CH-1020 Sulfuric Acid, 2.5 L/EA
CH-1022 Phenol Liquified, 500ML/EA
CH-1023 Lactic Acid, 500ml/EA
CH-1024 Propionic Acid, 500ml/EA
CH-1025 Acetic Acid, 500ml/EA
CH-1026 Formic Acid, 500ml/EA
CH-1027 Acetic Acid, 2.5 L/EA
CH-1028 Xylene, 500ml/EA
CH-1029 Formaldehyde, 500ml/EA
CH-1030 Mercaptoethanol, 250ml/EA
CH-1032 Ethylene Glycol, 500ml/EA
CH-1034 Xylene, 4L/EA
CH-1036 Formaldehyde, 4L/EA
CH-1037 Nitric Acid, 500ml/EA
CH-1039 Acetic Acid, 500ml/EA
CH-1040 Ethyl Acetate, 500ml/EA
CH-1042 Dimethylformamide, 500ml/EA
CH-1043 Dimethyl Sulfoxide min.95%/500ml
CH-1044 Ammonium Hydroxide, 500ml/EA
CH-1045 Sodium Hydroxide 1N 1L/EA
CH-1046 Sodium Hydroxide Solution, 1L/EA
CH-1049 Proteinase K, 50mg/EA
CH-1052 Collagenase, 100mg/EA
CH-1053 Deoxyribonuclease I, 100mg/EA
CH-1058 IPTG, 1g/EA
CH-1060 IPTG,10g
CH-1062 IPTG, 5gm/ea
CH-1063 Lysozyme from Chicken Egg, 5g/EA
CH-1068 Nicotinamide AD,Phos Sod.Salt, 5 DO NOT ORDER
CH-1072 Puromycin Dihydrochloride, 25mg/EA
CH-1074 Rifampicin, 250mg/EA
CH-1075 Ribonuclease A, Type I-A, 100mg/EA
CH-1077 Ribonuclease A, Type II-A, 100mg/EA
CH-1081 Tetracycline Hydrochloride, 25g/EA
CH-1086 Bovine Serum Albumin, 100g/EA
CH-1087 Albumin, Bovine Fraction V, 10g/EA
CH-1088 Insta-Page Acrylamide 37:5:1,Liquid,500 ml/EA
CH-1089 Formamide, 500ml/EA
CH-1090 Hydrogen Peroxide 3%, 500ml/EA
CH-1091 Hydrogen Peroxide 30%, 1L/EA
CH-1092 Yeast, Bakers Dry, 1lb/EA
CH-1093 Ampicillin,Sodium Salt, 5g/EA
CH-1100 Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA)SOST, 1g/EA
CH-1101 Dithiothreitol, 1gm/EA
CH-1103 DTT(Dithiothreitol), 5g/EA
CH-1104 Deoxyribonucleic Acid 1g/EA
CH-1105 Diethyl Pyrocarbonate, 5ml/EA
CH-1109 Glutathione, 250 mg/EA
CH-1110 Gentamicin Sulfate, 250mg/EA
CH-1111 Streptomycin Sulfate, 25gm/EA
CH-1112 Pyruvic Acid, 100gm/EA
CH-1118 Spectinomycin, 5gm/EA
CH-1119 Temed, 5ml/EA
CH-1127 Mac Conckey Agar, 500g/EA
CH-1128 LB Agar Miller, 500g/EA
CH-1129 Saboraud Dextrose Agar, 500g/EA
CH-1134 Metaphor agarose, 125g/EA
CH-1135 Nuseive, 125g/EA
CH-1136 Me agarose, 125g/EA
CH-1137 Le agarose, 125g/EA
CH-1138 Le agarose, 500g/EA
CH-1141 Trypticase Soy Agar, 500g/EA
CH-1142 Agar Bacto, 1 lb/EA
CH-1144 Acridine Orange, 10gm/EA
CH-1145 Acrylamide99.9%, 100g/EA
CH-1146 Acrylamide, 500g/EA
CH-1149 Adjuvant Complete Freund, 10ml/EA DO NOT ORDER
CH-1150 Ammonium Acetate, 500g/EA
CH-1151 Ammonium Bicarbonate, 500gm/EA
CH-1153 Ammonium Chloride, 500gm/EA
CH-1154 Ammonium persulfate, 10g/EA
CH-1155 Ammonium Sulfate, 500g/EA
CH-1156 Arabinose, 25g/EA
CH-1158 Arginine Hydrochloride, 100g/EA
CH-1159 Ascorbic Acid, 100g/EA
CH-1166 Boric Acid, 500g/
CH-1170 Bromothymol Blue, 5gm
CH-1175 Buffer Solution, Red, Ph 4.00, 500ml/EA
CH-1176 Buffer Solution, Ph 10.00, Blue, 500ml/EA
CH-1177 Buffer Solution, Ph 7.00, 500ml/EA
CH-1179 Calcium Chloride Dihydrate, 500g
CH-1180 CAPS, 100gm/EA
CH-1183 Coomassie brilliant blue R-250,10g/EA
CH-1185 Citric Acid, Monohydrate, 500g/EA
CH-1187 Cobalt Chloride, 25gm/EA
CH-1190 Crystal Violet, 25gm/EA
CH-1191 Chaps,5g
CH-1193 Drierite Gas Drying UnitEA
CH-1196 Ethidium Bromide, 1gm/EA
CH-1197 Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid, 100g/EA
CH-1198 Etylenediaminetetraacetic Acid, 500g/EA
CH-1199 Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid, 500g/EA
CH-1200 Ethylene Glycol-Bis, 25gm/EA
CH-1203 Ferrous Chloride, 250gm/EA
CH-1204 Ferrous Ammonium Sulfate, 500gm/EA
CH-1205 Ficoll, Type 400, 100g/EA
CH-1208 Galactose, min.98%, 500g/EA
CH-1209 Gelatin, 500g/EA
CH-1210 Glucose, min.99.5%, 1kg/EA
CH-1212 Glutamic Acid, 500gm/EA
CH-1214 Glycine Free Base, 100g
CH-1215 Glycine, 500gm/EA
CH-1216 Glycine, 1kg/EA
CH-1217 Glycine Free Base min.99% (TLC),
CH-1218 Glycine 500g /EA
CH-1223 Guanidine, Hydrochloride, 100g/EA
CH-1224 Guanidine, Hydrochloride, 500g/EA
CH-1225 Guanosine,1gm/EA
CH-1226 Heparin, Sodium Salt/EA
CH-1227 Hepes, Free Acid min.99.5%, 100g
CH-1228 Hepes, Sodium Salt, min 99.5% 100g/EA
CH-1229 Histidine, 10g/EA
CH-1230 Histidine, 100gm/EA
CH-1233 Imidazole 5g/EA
CH-1235 Inosine, 5gm/EA
CH-1239 Kanamycin, monosulfate, 1g/EA
CH-1240 Kanamycin, monosulfate, 5g/EA
CH-1241 Lauryl Sulfate SOD, SLT Aprx.95%,1kg/EA
CH-1242 LB Broth, Miller 500g/EA
CH-1243 Leucine, 100gm/EA DO NOT ORDER
CH-1244 Lithium Chloride 100g/EA
CH-1245 Magnesium Acetate, 500gm/EA
CH-1246 Magnesium Chloride 6-Hydrate, 500 gm/EA
CH-1247 Magnesium Sulfate Anhydrous, 500g/EA
CH-1248 Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate,500g/EA
CH-1249 Malic Acid, 500gm/EA
CH-1251 Malic Acid, Monosodium Salt, 5g/EA
CH-1252 Manganese Chloride, 100gm/EA
CH-1253 Mannitol, 500gm/EA
CH-1257 Mes, 100gm/EA
CH-1260 Mineral Oil, Heavy, 500ml/EA
CH-1261 Mops, free acid min.99.5%, 100g/EA
CH-1264 Naphthol, 100gm/EA
CH-1266 Nutrient Broth, 500g/EA
CH-1271 Ponceau S, 10g/EA
CH-1276 Penicillen G,10,000 u/EA
CH-1277 Peptone, Bacto, 500g/EA
CH-1279 Petrolatum, White, 1LB/EA
CH-1282 L-Phenylalanine,25G
CH-1283 Phenylalanine, 25gm/EA
CH-1284 Phenylmethylsulfonyl Fluoride, 1g/EA
CH-1285 Phenylmethylsufonyl Fluoride, 5g/EA
CH-1286 Pipes, Free Acid min.99%, 100g/EA
CH-1287 Polyethylene Glycol, 3500, 1kg/EA
CH-1288 Polyethylene Glycol, 8000, 500gm/EA
CH-1290 Potassium Acetate, 500g/EA
CH-1291 Potassium Acetate, 500gm/EA
CH-1293 Potassium Chloride, 500g/EA
CH-1296 Potassium Hydroxide, 500g/EA
CH-1297 Potassium Iodide Granular, 100g/EA
CH-1298 Potassium Phosphate Monobasic, 500g/EA
CH-1299 Potassium Phosphate Dibasic, 500g/EA
CH-1301 Raffinose, 25gm/EA
CH-1305 Rubidium Chloride, 5g/EA
CH-1307 Sand, 2.5kg/EA
CH-1315 Silver Nitrate>99%(Titration), 25g/EA
CH-1316 Sodium Acetate Anhyd. Reagent. Powder/EA
CH-1317 Sodium Acetate Reagent Crystal/EA
CH-1318 Sodium Carbon Anhyd. Reagent, 500g/EA
CH-1319 Sodium Chloride, 500g/EA
CH-1320 Sodium Chloride, 2.5kg/EA
CH-1321 Sodium Citrate Reagent, 500g/EA
CH-1322 Sodium Citrate 2.5kg/EA
CH-1323 SDS, 100g/EA
CH-1325 Sodium Hydroxide Pellets, 500g/EA
CH-1327 Sodium Phosphate DiBasic, 500gm/EA
CH-1328 Sodium Phosphate Dibasic Hepta,500g/EA
CH-1329 Sodium Phosphate Monobasic, 500g/EA
CH-1332 Sorbitol, 100gm/EA
CH-1333 Sucrose Crystalline, 500g/EA
CH-1334 Sucrose, 1kg/EA
CH-1335 Sucrose Crystalline, 2.5kg/EA
CH-1337 Taurine, 10gm/EA
CH-1338 Thiamine, 25gm/EA
CH-1342 Trichloro Acetic Acid, 500gm/EA
CH-1343 Tris base 500g/EA
CH-1344 Trichoro Acetic Acid, 500gm/EA
CH-1345 Tricine, inimum 99%(Titration), 100g/EA
CH-1347 Triethanolamine HCL, 250g/EA
CH-1348 Trizma Acetate, 100gm/EA
CH-1349 Tris Hydrochloride, 1kg/EA
CH-1350 Trizma Base, white crystalline, 1kg/EA
CH-1352 Trizma HCl, 250gm/EA
CH-1353 Trizma HCl, 500gm/EA
CH-1354 L-Tryptophan, min.98%(TLC), 25g/EA
CH-1355 Trypticase Soy Broth, 500gm/EA
CH-1356 Tryptone, 500g/EA
CH-1357 Tween 20, 100ml/EA
CH-1358 Tween 20, 500ml/EA
CH-1360 Uracil, 100gm/EA
CH-1362 Urea, 500g/EA DO NOT ORDER
CH-1363 Urea, 2.5kg/EA
CH-1364 Urea Reagent Prilled, 2.5kg/EA
CH-1366 Xylene Cyanole FF, 10g/EA DO NOT ORDER
CH-1367 Yeast Extract, 500g/EA
CH-1368 Yeast Nit. Base w/o Amino Acids, 100g/EA
CH-1370 Zinc Chloride, 100gm/EA
CH-1371 Zinc Sulfate Heptahydrate, 500gm/EA
CH-1372 Gas pack, Anaerogen, 10pk/BX
CH-1374 Betaine, 1kg/EA
CH-1375 Sugar (cooking)5 LB/EA
CH-1376 Lysozyme from chicken egg, 1gm/EA
CH-1377 Ethanol, 95%, 1Gal/EA
CH-1378 Agar Drums, 1/LB
CH-1385 Drierite Indicating, 1Lb/EA
CH-1386 Drierite Indicating, 5Lb/EA
CH-1387 Drierite absorbents, 5Lb/EA
CH-1389 Triton X 10% 500ml/EA
CH-1391 Skim Milk powder 500g/EA
CH-1392 Agarose powder 100G/EA
CH-1393 Agarose powder 500G/EA
CH-1394 Agarose tablets 150G/EA
CH-1395 Agarose tablets 300G/EA
CH-1396 Paraformaldehyde 500G/EA
CH-1397 LB Agar Miller 2kg/EA
CH-1398 Proteinase K 1000mg/EA (special order)
CH-1399 Agar Bacto, 2KG/EA
CH-1400 LB Broth Microbiology 500G/EA
DP-1001 Culture Flasks, 75cm2, 5/PK
DP-1002 Culture Flasks, 25cm2, 20/PK
DP-1003 Culture flask, 75cm2, 5/PK
DP-1004 Culture Flasks, 150cm2, 5/PK
DP-1005 Plates, Assay 96 well with lid/EA DISC by BD
DP-1006 Culture plates, 96 well/EA
DP-1007 Culture plate, Assay, round 96 well/EA DISC by BD NLA
DP-1008 Culture plate, flat, 12 well, 5/PK
DP-1009 Culture plate, flat, 6 well, 5/PK
DP-1010 Culture plate, round, 96 wells/EA
DP-1011 Culture plate, flat, 96 wells/EA
DP-1012 Culture plate, flat, low evap, 96 wells/EA
DP-1014 TC Flask,75cm2,vented/PK 5
DP-1015 TC Flask,25cm2,vented,PK 20
DP-1016 Culture plates, Falcon, 48 well/EA
DP-1017 Culture plate flat, 12 well/EA
DP-1018 Culture Plate 96well/PK 5
DP-1019 Culture Plates, 96 well, 10/PK
DP-1020 Culture Cluster, 24 well/PK 5
DP-1021 PCR Plate,red 96 well/box of 25
DP-1022 Culture dish, 35x10, 20/PK
DP-1023 Petri Dish, 60x15mm, 20/PK
DP-1024 Petri Dish, 60x20mm, 16/PK
DP-1025 Culture dish, 60x15, 20/PK
DP-1026 Petri Dish, 150x15mm,10/PK
DP-1027 Culture dish, 150x25, 5/PK
DP-1028 Petri Dish, 100x15mm, 10/PK
DP-1029 Culture dish, 100x20, 20/PK
DP-1030 Petri Dish, 150x25mm, 10/PK DISC by BD
DP-1031 Petri Dishes, 100x15mm, 20/PK
DP-1032 Petri Dish, 100x15mm, 20/PK
DP-1033 Petri Dish stackable 100 x 15m/PK of 25
DP-1034 Culture plate flat 12 well 6/pk
DP-1035 Culture plate flat 6 well/EA
DP-1036 Culture flask 150cm2 5/pk
DP-1037 Culture dish 35x10 20/pk
DP-1038 Culture dish 150x25 10/PK
DP-1039 Culture dish 100x20 20/PK
DP-1040 Culture Plate 96 well/EA
DP-1041 Culture Plate 24 well/EA
DP-1042 Culture Flask 25cm20/PK
DP-1043 TC Flask 25cm2 vented/PK of 20
DP-1044 PCR Plate 96 well/PK of 10
DP-1045 96 Well Assay plate/PK 8
DP-1046 Culture plate, flat, 6 well / PK 5
DP-1047 Culture plate, flat, 12well/ PK 5
DP-1048 Culture plate, flat, 12 well/EA
DP-1049 Culture plate, flat, 24 well/ EA
DP-1050 Culture plate, round bottom, 96 well/EA
DP-1052 Culture plate, flat, 96 well flat bottom/EA
DP-1054 Culture Dish, 35 x 10 /PK 10
DP-1055 Culture Dishes, 60 x 15 / PK 10
DP-1056 Culture Flasks,25cm2,plug/PK 10
DP-1057 Culture Dish, 145 x 20, vented/PK 5
DP-1058 Culture Flask, 25cm2, filter/PK 10
DP-1059 Culture Flask, 75cm2,plug/PK 5
DP-1060 Culture Flask, 75cm2, plug/PK 5
DP-1061 Petri Dish, Polystyrene, 60W x 15H/PK 20
DP-1062 Culture Dish, Polystyrene, 100 x 20 /PK 15
DP-1063 Culture Flask, 25cm2, plug/PK 10
DP-1064 Culture plate, Polystyrene,6 well/EA
DP-1065 Culture Plates, 96 well, flat bottom/PK 10
DP-1066 Culture plate, Polystyrene,, 48 well/EA
DP-1067 Culture Flask, 75cm2, plug/PK 5
DP-1068 Culture Plate, 96 well, flat bottom, black/PK 8
DP-1069 Culture plate, polystyrene, 384 well Black/PK8
DP-1070 VDX Plate 24 well/EA
DP-1071 Flask 75cm2 vented/PK of 5
DP-1072 Culture plate, 24 well , flat bottom/PK of 1
E1201L Quick Blunting Kit 100 rxnx (special order)
E1201S Quick Blunting Kit 20 rxns (special order)
E2611L Gibson Assy Master Mix/EA (special order)
E2611S Gibson Assy. Master Mix /EA (special order)
E4101S ER1793 (special order)
E4102S ER1821 (special order)
E4106S JM101 (special order)
E4107S JM109 (special order)
E4108S NMS 22 (special order)
E4109S E. coli K12 ER2925 (special order)
E4121S ER2507 (special order)
E4152S E.coli K12 ER2420/pACYC184/EA (special order)
E5200S Long Amp Taq PCR Kit/EA (special order)
E5510S Gibson Assy Cloning Kit/EA (special order)
E6000S DNA Reagent Set 1 (special order)
E6053S NEBNext da Tailing Module/EA (special order)
E6080S DNA Prep Reagent/EA (special order)
E6111S NEBNext mRNA Second Strand Synthesis/EA
E6146S Rnase III RNA Frag Module/EA (special order)
E6500S ProtoScript Strand cDNA (special order)
E7370L NEBNext Ultra DNA Library 96rxns/EA (sp. order)
E7370S NEBNext Ultra DNA Library Kit/EA (special order)
E7420S NEBNext Ultra Dir. RNA Library/EA (special order)
E7490L NEBNext Poly (A)mRNA Module/EA (special order)
E7490S NEBNext Poly (A)mRNA Module/EA (special order)
E7530L NEBNext Ultra RNA Library/EA (special order)
E7580S NEBNext MultiplexSmall RNA Library (sp order)
E7600S NEBNext Multiplex Oligos 96 rxns/EA (sp order)
E8021L Amylosre Resin 100ml/EA (special order)
E8021S Amylose resin 15ml (special order)
E8030S Anti-MPB antiserum (special order)
E8032S Anti-MBP Antibody 0.05ml/EA (special order)
E8046S MBP5 Protein/EA (special order)
E8100S Ph.D-12Phage Display (special order)
EN-1011 Ex Taq, 250U/EA DO NOT ORDER
EN-1025 Big Dye Terminator V3.1 Cycle Sequencer/EA
EN-1026 RPN800E Protein Marker/EA
EN-1027 AlphaSelect Bronze/EA
EN-1028 AlphaSelect Silver/EA
EN-1029 AlphaSelect Gold/EA
EN-1030 ElectroSHOX 1ml/EA
EN-1031 dNTP Set 100mM 4x250uL/EA
EN-1032 dNTP Set 100mM 4x4x250uL/EA
EN-1033 dNTP Mix 10mM/EA
EN-1034 dNTP Mix 40mM/EA
EN-1035 dNTP Mix 100mM/EA
EN-1038 Immolase Taq 250u/EA
EN-1039 Immolase Taq 100u/EA
EN-1040 BIO-X-ACT Long 100/EA NLA
EN-1043 Bio Mix 100 rxns/EA No Longer Available
EN-1044 BIO-X-ACT Long 250u/EA NLA
EN-1045 GeneJet Plasmid Kit 250/EA
EN-1046 Rapid DNA Ligation Kit/EA
EN-1047 PageRuler Protein Ladder/EA
EN-1048 PageRuler PLUS Protein Ladder/EA
EN-1049 PCR Nucleotide Mix, 200u/EA
EN-1050 100bp DNA Ladder, 250ul/EA
EN-1051 PCR Markers, 250ul/EA
EN-1052 1kb DNA Step Ladder, 90ug/EA
EN-1053 T4 DNA Ligase, 100u/EA
EN-1054 GoTaq DNA Polymerase, 100u/EA
EN-1055 GoTaq DNA Poly 500units/EA
EN-1056 Go Taq Green Master Mix 100 unit/EA
EN-1058 Taq Flexi DNA Poly 100 units/EA
EN-1059 Taq Flexi DNA Poly 500 units/EA
EN-1060 Nucleotide Set, 40umol/EA
EN-1061 Taq DNA Poly 200 units/EA DO NOT ORDER
EN-1062 Pfu DNA Poly 1000 units/EA DO NOT ORDER
EN-1064 T7 RNA Poly 1000 units/EA DO NOT ORDER
EN-1067 Maxima Hot Start Taq 100 units/EA (special order)
EN-1068 Maxima Hot Start Green500 rxns (special order)
EN-1069 GeneRuler 1 kb DNA Ladder /EA (special order)
EN-1070 Hyperladder I DNA Ladder 100 lanes/EA
EN-1071 Hyperladder II DNA Ladder 100 lanes/EA
EN-1072 Hyperladder IV DNA Ladder 100 lanes/EA
EN-1073 Taq DNA Polymerase 500u/EA NLA
EN-1074 Phusion HF DNA Polymerase 100u DO NOT ORDER
EN-1075 My Taq DNA Polymerase 500 units/EA
EO542S Quick Blunting/Ligation Kit (special order)
FS-1002 Stericup, 500ml/EA
FS-1003 Stericup, 150ml/EA
FS-1004 Steriflip, 0.22um/EA
FS-1005 Stericup, 500ml/EA
FS-1006 Stericup, Receiver 1000ml, Funnel/EA
FS-1007 Stericup, 1000ml/EA
FS-1008 Stericup, 250ml/EA
FS-1009 Stericup, 250ml/EA
FS-1010 Filter units, Nalgene, 0.45um, 250ml/EA
FS-1011 Filter units, disposable, 0.45um, 150ml/EA
FS-1012 Weighboats, 1-1/2, 500/PK
FS-1013 Weighboats, 2-1/2 - 2, 250/PK
FS-1014 Weighboats, 4x3, 500/PK
FS-1015 Weighing Paper 4x4/ PK500
FS-1016 Weighing Paper, 3x3, 500/PK
FS-1017 Paper, chromatography, 3mm, 100/PK do not ORDER
FS-1019 Filter Paper, 24cm, 100/PK
FS-1020 Filter paper, Protran BA85, .45mm, 33x56cm/PK
FS-1021 Filter Paper, 46x57cm, 100/PK
FS-1022 Filter paper, 4.25cm, 100/PK
FS-1023 Filter Paper, 5.5cm, 100/PK
FS-1024 Filter Paper, 7.0cm, 100/PK
FS-1025 Filter Paper, 9.0cm, 100/PK
FS-1026 Filter paper, hardened ashless, 7cm,100/PK
FS-1027 Filter paper, hardened ashless, 9cm, 100/PK
FS-1028 Filter paper, hardened ashless, 11cm, 100/PK
FS-1029 Filter paper, Ashless #40, 7cm, 100/PK
FS-1030 Micro filters, glass, 2.4cm, 100/PK
FS-1031 Micro filters, glass GF/C, 2.4cm, 100/PK
FS-1032 Filter paper, Qualitative #2, 11cm, 100/PK
FS-1033 Filter paper, Qualitative #4, 9cm, 100/PK
FS-1034 Filter Paper, 11 cm, 100/PK
FS-1035 Filter Paper, 12.5cm, 100/PK
FS-1036 Filter Paper, 15cm, 100/PK
FS-1037 Filter Paper, 18.5cm, 100/PK
FS-1038 Filter paper, Qualitative #2, 15cm. 100/PK
FS-1039 Filter paper, Qualitative #3, 24cm, 100/PK
FS-1041 Filter paper BA85 .45um 82mm/PK
FS-1042 Supor 200, 47mm, 100/PK
FS-1043 Supor 200, 25mm, 100/PK
FS-1045 Supor 450, 47mm, 100/PK
FS-1046 Membrane Filters, 82mm, 50/PK
FS-1047 Transfer Membrane, Biotriace NT, 137mm, 50/PK NLA
FS-1049 Cotton, absorbent, sanitary, 1LB
FS-1051 Cheese cloth, 10yd/EA
FS-1052 PH14 paper, indicator, 100/PK
FS-1053 Colorphast Strips 0-6 Ph, 100/PK
FS-1054 Paper, PH10, indicator, 100/PK
FS-1055 Filter Units, disposible, 0.2um/EA
FS-1056 Filter units, disposable, 0.45um,115ml/EA
FS-1057 Supor membrane filter 25mm/PK
FS-1058 VWR 1 Liter Filter .45um/EA
FS-1059 VWR 500ml Filter .45um/EA
FS-1060 VWR 150/250ml Filter 0.2um/EA
FS-1061 VWR 500ml Filter 0.2um/EA
FS-1062 VWR 1 liter Filter 0.2um/EA
FS-1063 VWR 150/250ml Filter .45um/EA
FS-1064 Filter Paper, 4.25 dia. /PK 100
FS-1065 Filter Paper, , 5.5 cm/PK100
FS-1066 Filter Paper, 7.5cm/PK100
FS-1067 Filter Paper, , 9cm/PK100
FS-1068 Filter Paper, 11cm/PK100
FS-1069 Filter Paper, 12.5cm/PK100 DO NOT ORDER
FS-1070 Filter Paper, 15cm/PK100 DO NOT ORDER
FS-1071 Filter Paper, 18.5cm/PK100 DO NOT ORDER
FS-1072 Filter Paper, 25cm/PK100 DO NOT ORDER
FS-1073 Filter Paper, 11cm/PK100 DO NOT ORDER
FS-1074 Filter Paper, 9cm/PK100
FS-1075 Filter Paper, 7cm/PK100 DO NOT ORDER
FS-1076 Filter Paper, 7.5cm/PK100 DO NOT ORDER
FS-1077 Filter Paper, 11cm/PK100 DO NOT ORDER
FS-1078 Glass Fiber Filters, , 2.5cm/PK500 DO NOT ORDER
FS-1079 Glass Fiber Filters,,2.4 cm/PK100 DO NOT ORDER
IN-1001 PenicillinStreptomycin 100ml/EA DO NOT ORDER
IN-1003 SuperScript III Reverse Transcriptase 10K units
IN-1005 BenchMark Prestained Protein Ladder/EA
IN-1006 OptiMEM I Reduced Serum Medium (1x) 500ml/EA
IN-1007 Antibiotic Antimycotic (100x) 100ml/EA DO NOT ORDE
IN-1008 Platinum Taq DNA Polymerase 500rxns/EA
IN-1015 Delbeccos Mod. Eagle Med. (DMEM) 500ml/EA
IN-1017 Dulbeccos Phos. Buf. Saline (DPBS) 500ml/EA
IN-1018 UltraPure DNase/RNase free Water 500ml/EA
IN-1019 TRIzol Reagent 200ml/EA
IN-1020 B-27 Serum-free Supplememt (50X) 10ml/EA DO NOT OR
IN-1021 pENTR/D-Topo Cloning Kit 20rxns/EA do not order
IN-1022 Neurobasal Medium (1X) 500ml/EA DO NOT ORDER
IN-1023 Geneticin (G418 Sulfate) Powder 5G/EA do not ORDER
IN-1024 Geneticin (G418 Sulfate) 100ml/EA DO NOT ORDER
IN-1025 UltraPure Agarose 500G/EA do not ORDER
IN-1026 1 KB Plus DNA Ladder 1000ug/EA DO NOT ORDER
IN-1027 X-Gal 1g/EA DO NOT ORDER
IN-1028 ExpressLink T4 DNA Ligase 30rxn/EA DO NOT ORDER
IN-1029 Keratinocyte SFM 500ml/EA
IN-1030 SYBR Safe DNA Gel Stain 400ul/EA
IN-1031 iBlot Transfer Stack PVDF Mini/EA DO NOT ORDER
IN-1032 Prolong Gold Antifade Reagent 10ml/EA DO NOT ORDER
JS-1001 Baking soda 1 lb/EA
JS-1002 Baking Soda 2 lb/EA
JS-1003 Soap, Ivory Bar/EA
JS-1004 Air it supr friendly12oz/EA
JS-1005 Cleaning solution,microsoap, 1qt/EA
JS-1007 Stain remover, Erada/EA
JS-1008 Cleaner, Neutrad liquid concentrate,950ml/EA
JS-1009 Detergent, Conflikt, 16 oz/EA
JS-1010 Cleaner, Contrad 70, 1L/EA
JS-1011 Soap, SoftCide, 1L/EA
JS-1012 Soap, Bacdown hand, 5L/EA
JS-1013 Soap/hand gel, Bacdown, 4 oz/EA
JS-1014 Soap for hand, waterless/EA
JS-1015 Hand cream, Proguard, 16 oz/EA
JS-1016 Soap, Ajax dish liquid/EA
JS-1017 A S A P cleaner/EA
JS-1018 SOS pads/EA
JS-1019 Tide 87oz, 40 washes/EA
JS-1020 409 all purpose cleaner/EA
JS-1021 WD-40/EA
JS-1022 Lysol 12oz original scent/EA
JS-1023 Alcotabs,100 per bottle/EA
JS-1024 Razor blades, single edge, 10/PK
JS-1025 Cleaner for glass/EA
JS-1026 Lens cleaning liquid w/out sil,16 oz/EA
JS-1027 Sponge, O-Cel-O Yellow/EA
JS-1028 Pads, Scotch Brite scrubbing/EA
JS-1029 Sponges, Continental Scour, 5/PK
JS-1030 Scrub Brush/EA
JS-1031 Mop Refills/EA
JS-1032 Dust Pan, Heavy Duty/EA
JS-1033 Sprayer Bottle only/EA
JS-1034 Biosafe II counting cocktail 4 liter/EA
JS-1035 7X detergent 1gal/EA
JS-1036 Vacuum Pump Oil, 4Liter/EA
JS-1037 Bleach/EA
JS-1039 Glass-Klenz Detergent (111408), 1G/EA
JS-1040 Waste Basket, 28Qt/EA
JS-1041 Wrapping Film, polyvinyl, 18x100/EA
JS-1042 Aluminum Foil,Heavy Duty, 18x25/EA
JS-1043 Foil Wrap, Reynolds, 12x75/EA
JS-1044 Aluminum Foil, 18x500, HD W28/ROLL
JS-1045 Reynolds Premium Wrap, 12x100/EA
JS-1046 Bags, Ziplock 1 qt/EA
JS-1047 Bags, Ziplock 1 gal, 20/PK
JS-1048 Reynolds foil, 12x25/EA
JS-1049 Cups, styrofoam, 6 oz, 25/PK
JS-1050 Cups, styrofoam, 12 oz, 25/PK
JS-1051 Tissue paper/BX
JS-1052 Kimwipes, small, 4-1/2x8-1/2,280/PK
JS-1053 Kimwipes, large, 15x17, 140/PK
JS-1054 Paper towel, traditional, single fold/PK
JS-1056 Kimtowel Wipers, 176/PK
JS-1057 Trigger for spray bottle/EA
JS-1058 RNAse Away Individual Wipes/PK 35
JS-1059 RNAse Away spray 475ml bottle/EA
JS-1060 Seventh Generation Soap/EA
JS-1061 Apple Cider Vinegar/GAL
JS-1062 Windex 1 gallon/EA
LT-1001 Tape, blue, 500x3/4/EA
LT-1002 Tape, blue, 3/4x60yds/EA
LT-1003 Tape, blue, for labels, 25mm, 1/EA
LT-1004 Tape, yellow, 500x3/4/EA
LT-1005 Tape, yellow, 3/4x60yds/EA
LT-1006 Tape, yellow, for labels, 25mm,/EA
LT-1007 Tape, green, 500x3/4/EA
LT-1008 Tape, green, 3/4x60yds/EA
LT-1009 Tape, green, for labels, 25mm, 1/EA
LT-1010 Tape, orange, 500x3/4/EA
LT-1011 Tape, orange, 3/4x60yds/EA
LT-1012 Tape, orange, for labels, 25mm, 1/EA
LT-1013 Tape, red, 500x3/4/EA
LT-1014 Tape, red, 3/4x60yds/EA
LT-1015 Tape, red, for labels, 25mm, 1/EA
LT-1016 Tape, white, 500x3/4/EA
LT-1017 Tape, white, 3/4
LT-1018 Tape, white, 1
LT-1019 Tape, white, for labels, 25mm, 1/EA
LT-1020 Tape, aqua, 500x3/4/EA
LT-1021 Tape, aqua, for labels, 25mm, 1/EA
LT-1022 Tape, pink, 500x3/4/EA
LT-1023 Tape, pink, for labels, 25mm, 1/EA
LT-1024 Tape, rose, 500x3/4/EA
LT-1025 Tape, copper, 500x3/4/EA
LT-1026 Tape, lavender, 500x3/4/EA
LT-1027 Tape, violet, 500x3/4/EA
LT-1028 Tape, lime, 500x3/4/EA
LT-1029 Tape, gray, 500x3/4/EA
LT-1030 Tape, Autoclave indicator, 19mm/EA
LT-1031 Tape, flagging, pink vinyl/RL
LT-1032 Tape, glass-joint, 1/2/EA
LT-1033 Tape, radioactive/EA
LU-1001 Magnetic Bar w/Pivot Rings, 5/16 x 2/EA
LU-1002 Magnetic Bar w/Pivot Ring, 5/16 x 1/EA
LU-1003 Spinbar, 5/16x2-1/2/EA
LU-1004 Micro Bars, 3x10mm/EA
LU-1005 Magnetic Bar w/Pivot Ring, 3/8 x 2/EA
LU-1006 Stirbar w/pvt ring, 5/16x1/2/EA
LU-1007 Magnetic Bar w/Pivot Rings, 5/16 x 1/2/EA
LU-1008 Micro Bar, 1.5x8mm/EA
LU-1009 Magnetic Octagonal Bars, 25mm/EA
LU-1010 Magnetic Octagonal Bars, 38mm/EA
LU-1011 Needle or Loopholder/EA
LU-1012 Needle Inoc Nichrome, 24 ga/EA
LU-1013 Loop, Inoculating, twisted, 5mm, 24G/EA
LU-1014 Loop Only, 25/PK
LU-1015 Needle, straight, dissecting/EA
LU-1016 Insect pins size1, 100/PK
LU-1017 Microspatula w/Flat End, 5-1/2/EA
LU-1018 Microspatula Heyman Style, 6-1/4/EA
LU-1019 Spatula Microspoon/EA
LU-1020 Spatula scoopula/EA
LU-1021 Spatula, 5/EA
LU-1022 Spatula/EA
LU-1023 Forceps, 7/EA
LU-1024 Forceps, 12, SS/EA
LU-1025 Forceps Flat Tipped SS/EA
LU-1026 Forceps, curved/EA
LU-1027 Forceps, fine point w/guide pin, 4.5/EA
LU-1028 Forceps, Medium Point, 4-1/2/EA
LU-1029 Forceps, 4-1/2/EA
LU-1030 Forceps, fine pt, 4-1/2/EA
LU-1032 Forceps, self closing/EA
LU-1033 Spoonulet, 7-1/4/EA
LU-1034 Knife Handles, #4/EA
LU-1035 Knife Handles, #3/EA
LU-1036 Tweezer, type 7B, 4 3/8 ,/EA
LU-1037 Tweezer, type2, 4 3/4/EA
LU-1038 Tweezer, type3, 4 3/4 /EA
LU-1039 Tweezer, type 4, 4 1/2 /EA
LU-1040 Tweezer, type 5, 4 3/8/EA
LU-1041 Scissors, sharp/blunt, 6-1/2/EA
LU-1042 Scissors, straight/sharp, 6-1/2/EA
LU-1043 Filament holder EDP#265/EA
LU-1044 Scissors, Noyes Iris/EA
LU-1045 Scissors, surgical, sharp, 4-1/2/EA
LU-1046 Scissors, Iris, 4-1/2/EA
LU-1047 Holder, crucible/EA
LU-1049 Stirring rods, 10/EA
LU-1050 Cell Scrapers/EA DO NOT ORDER
LU-1051 Blades, stainless steel, #10, 5/PK
LU-1052 Blades, stainless steel, #11, 5/PK
LU-1053 Blades, stainless steel, #12, 5/PK
LU-1054 Blades, stainless steel, #15, 5/PK
LU-1055 Blades, stainless steel, #20, 5/PK
LU-1056 Blades, stainless steel, #21, 5/PK
LU-1057 Blades, stainless steel, #22, 6/PK
LU-1058 Scalpel Disposable, #10/EA
LU-1060 Scalpel Disposable, #11/EA
LU-1061 Magnetic Octagonal Bars, 3/EA
LU-1062 Retriever, Stir Bar, 12/EA
LU-1063 Paint brushMCRN-D 5/0 size#5/0/EA
LU-1064 Brushes,Dynasty brush size #00/EA
LU-1065 Brush, Synthetic, NB38 size #3
LU-1066 Brushes, Camel Hair NB-28 size #3/EA
LU-1067 Brushes, Camel hair ,NB28 size #4/EA
LU-1068 Brushes, Camel hair NB28 size #5/EA
LU-1069 Brushes, Camel hair NB28 size #6/EA
LU-1070 Rubber Policemen, 4.8mm/EA
LU-1071 Applicators with cotton tip, 100/PK
LU-1072 Application sticks, wood,1000/PK
LU-1073 Stopper, Serum, 5mm, 100/PK
LU-1074 Stopper, Serum 9mm, 100/PK
LU-1075 Rubber Stopper, 3/8 Long, 5/PK
LU-1076 Cork stopper, size3/10 /PK
LU-1077 Cork stopper, size00 / 10/PK
LU-1078 Cork stopper, size1, 10 /PK
LU-1079 Cork stopper, size3, 10/PK
LU-1080 Cork stopper, size5, 10/PK
LU-1081 Cork stopper, size8, 5/PK
LU-1082 Cork stopper, size 10, 5/PK
LU-1083 Cork stoppers, size 17/EA
LU-1084 Cork stoppers, size 18/EA
LU-1085 Cork stoppers, size 19/EA
LU-1086 Cork stoppers, size 20/EA
LU-1087 Cork stoppers, size 22/EA
LU-1088 Rubber Stopper, Twists, White, #6/EA
LU-1089 Rubber Stopper, twister, white, #7/EA
LU-1090 Rubber Stopper, Twister, White, #8/EA
LU-1091 Rubber Stopper, Twister, White, #10/EA
LU-1092 Rubber Stopper, #5, 2/PK
LU-1093 Rubber Stopper, #5-1/2, 2/PK
LU-1094 Rubber Stopper, #6-1/2/ EA
LU-1095 Rubber Stopper, #7/EA
LU-1096 Rubber Stopper, #8/EA
LU-1097 Rubber Stopper, #9/EA
LU-1098 Rubber Stopper, #10/EA
LU-1099 Rubber Stopper, #11/EA
LU-1100 Rubber Stopper, #12/EA
LU-1101 Rubber Stopper, #14/EA
LU-1102 Rubber Stopper, #0, 5/PK
LU-1103 Brushes, test tube, 9/EA
LU-1104 Brushes, test tube, 9-1/2/EA
LU-1105 Brushes, test tube, 10-1/2/EA
LU-1106 Brushes, nessler, test tube, 12/EA
LU-1107 Brushes for test tubes, 12/EA
LU-1108 Brushes, nessler, test tube, 20/EA
LU-1109 Butane Lighter/EA
LU-1110 Toothpicks, round, 250/BX
LU-1111 Toothpicks, Flat, 750/BX
LU-1112 Cell Scraper/EA
LU-1113 Cell Scraper 24cm/EA
LU-1114 Cell Spreader 30mm/EA
LU-1115 Worm Clamp 0.5 - 1.25/PK10
LU-1116 Innoculating Loop 3mm w/handle/EA
LW-1001 Wire Gauze 6x6 ceramic/EA
LW-1003 Thermometer, celcius scale/EA
LW-1004 Mounts, Aluminum, 1/8, 10/PK (SEM Stubs)/EA
LW-1005 Tubes, capillary, blue/EA
LW-1006 Tubes, capillary, heparnized, 200/PK
LW-1007 Connectors, straight, 5.5mm/EA
LW-1008 Connector, 5/EA
LW-1009 Connector, Y, 1/4/EA
LW-1010 Clamp Tubing/EA
LW-1011 Funnel Powder, 150mm/EA
LW-1012 Funnel Powder, 100mm/EA
LW-1013 Slides, 75x25mm/PK
LW-1014 Micro Slides/EA
LW-1015 Slides, Superfrost plus, white,,72/PK
LW-1016 Slides, double frosted, 72/PK
LW-1017 Microslides, 3x1, plain glass, 72/PK
LW-1018 Micro Slide 25 x 75mm/PK
LW-1019 Lens Paper, 4x6, 50sheets/EA
LW-1020 Slide Box/EA
LW-1021 Slide holder for 100/EA
LW-1022 Slide Tray for 20 Slides/EA
LW-1023 Nail Polish w/ Nylon/EA
LW-1024 Immersion Oil, RESLV, 1/2 oz/EA
LW-1025 Paper, bibolous, 4x6, 50 sheets/PD
LW-1026 Vacuum Grease, high, 150g/EA
LW-1027 Timer, 4- Channel/EA
LW-1028 Tally counter/EA
LW-1029 Timers, talking/EA
LW-1031 Pipet filler, Red/EA
LW-1032 Bulb, rubber, 1/2 oz/EA
LW-1033 Pipet bulb 2 ML/12 PK
LW-1034 Alcohol Swab, 100/PK
LW-1035 Funnel Powder, 80mm/EA
LW-1036 Funnel Powder, 65mm/EA
LW-1037 Gauze Sponges/PK
LW-1038 Cover Glasses, 18mm, 1 oz/PK
LW-1039 Cover Glasses, 22mm, 1 oz/PK
LW-1040 Cover Glasses No.1-1/2, 22mm, 1oz/PK
LW-1041 Cover Glass, 50x22mm #1, 1 oz/PK
LW-1042 Cover Glass, 40x24mm #1, 1 oz/PK
LW-1043 Cover Glass, 50x24mm #1, 1 oz/PK
LW-1044 Cover Glass, 60x24mm #1, 1 oz/PK
LW-1045 Test Tube Rack, 16-20mm, 40 Place/EA
LW-1046 Test Tube Racks 33mm, Blue/EA
LW-1047 Test Tube Rack, 13mm, Red/EA
LW-1048 Test Tube Rack, Orange, 13mm/EA
LW-1049 PCR Workstation/EA
LW-1050 PCR Rack/EA
LW-1051 Test Tube Rack, 25-30mm, 24Place/EA
LW-1052 Test Tube Rack, 16mm, Green/EA
LW-1053 Tube Holder and Dryer for 80/EA
LW-1054 Gilson collection plate/EA
LW-1056 Rack,96-place, natural/EA
LW-1057 Trays for drying glass, 2000ml/EA
LW-1058 Trays, 3420ml, 32x23x5.1/EA
LW-1059 Wall Mount Key/EA
LW-1060 Electrode Glass Combo, 76cm/EA
LW-1062 Membrane tubing,spectrapor 2,6.5mmx15m/PK
LW-1063 Membrane tubing, Spectra/Por 1, 14.6mm x 30.5m/PK
LW-1064 Closures, regular, 23mm/PK
LW-1066 Closures,regular,up to 35mm/PK
LW-1068 Bunsen Burner/EA
LW-1070 ThermaSeal pk of 100/PK
LW-1071 Parafilm 4x250/EA
LW-1072 Cryo Boxes, 5x5/EA
LW-1073 Freezer box dividers,100 cell/EA
LW-1074 Freezer boxes, fiberboard, 2/EA
LW-1075 Cryo Boxes, 9x9/EA
LW-1076 Ammo box, slip top/EA
LW-1077 Ammo box, slip top/EA
LW-1078 Cylinder, graduated, 10ml/EA
LW-1079 Beaker, graduated, 20ml/EA
LW-1080 Beaker Griffin, 30ml/EA
LW-1081 Beaker, 50ml/EA
LW-1082 Beaker Griffin, 100ml/EA
LW-1083 Beakers, 150ml/EA
LW-1084 Beaker Heavy Duty, 250ml/EA
LW-1085 Cylinder, Pyrex, graduated, 100ml/EA
LW-1086 Cylinder, Pyrex, graduated, 250ml/EA
LW-1087 Cylinder, Pyrex, graduated, 500ml/EA
LW-1088 Cylinder, Pyrex, graduated, 1000ml/EA
LW-1089 Beaker Heavy Duty, 600ml/EA
LW-1090 Beaker Heavy Duty, 1000mlEA
LW-1091 Beaker Heavy Duty, 2000ml/EA
LW-1092 Beaker, pyrex graduated, 3000ml/EA
LW-1093 Beaker w/Glass & Handle, 3000ml/EA
LW-1094 Dessicator, 190mm/EA
LW-1095 Bottle, brown, glass, 1 Gal/EA
LW-1096 Bottle with screw cap, 2 oz/EA
LW-1097 Bottle with screw cap,9 oz/EA
LW-1098 Bottle with screw cap, 16 oz/EA
LW-1099 Bottles, BTL media Pyrex, 100ml/EA
LW-1100 Bottle,BTL media,Pyrex,250ml/EA
LW-1101 Flask, 250ml/EA
LW-1102 Flask, 500ml/EA
LW-1103 Flask, 2000ml/EA
LW-1104 Bottle,BTL media,Pyrex,1L/EA
LW-1105 Bottles, BTL media, Pyrex, 500ml/EA
LW-1106 Crystallizing dish, 150mm/EA
LW-1108 Culture Flask, 125ml/EA
LW-1109 Culture Flask-long neck, 250ml/EA
LW-1110 Cylinder, polymethylpentene, 100 ml/EA
LW-1111 Cylinder, polymethylpentene, 1000 ml/EA
LW-1112 Flask, 1000ml/EA
LW-1113 Container w/lid, 3 cup/EA
LW-1114 Container, 1.6 Qt/EA
LW-1116 Boxes, utility, 500ml/EA
LW-1118 Plant tray 22x11/EA
LW-1119 Sterilizing Tray, 14.2L/EA
LW-1120 Drawer Organizer,2x6x15/EA
LW-1121 Organizer for drawer, 9x3x2, white/EA
LW-1122 27 Qt. Clear Container w/ lid/EA
LW-1123 Totes, clear,w/lid,54 qt./EA
LW-1124 Dish Pan/EA
LW-1125 5 Gray Tote Bucket/EA
LW-1126 Totes, clear, 16 Qt/EA
LW-1127 Totes, clear, 19 Qt w/ lid/EA NLA
LW-1128 Bottle, 4L, plastic/EA
LW-1129 Bottles, polypropylene, 4L/EA
LW-1130 Bottles, wide-mouth, 1000ml/EA
LW-1131 Beaker, 1000ml/EA
LW-1132 Beaker, 600ml/EA
LW-1133 Beaker, Nalgene, 250ml/EA
LW-1134 Beaker, Nalgene, 150ml/EA
LW-1135 Beaker,100ml/EA
LW-1136 Beaker, Nalgene, 50ml/EA
LW-1137 Beaker, Nalgene, 2000ml/EA
LW-1138 Beaker, low-form griffin, 4000ml/EA
LW-1139 Bottles, polypropylene, 2L/EA
LW-1140 Bottles, wide-mouth, 500ml/EA
LW-1141 Lowboys, low-profile stackable, 15L/EA
LW-1142 Carboy,round,10L/EA
LW-1143 Spigots, replacements/EA
LW-1144 Bottles, wide-mouth, 250ml/EA
LW-1145 Dropper bottle, 1 oz/EA
LW-1146 Bottle, drop dispensing, 60ml/EA
LW-1147 Bottles, drop dispensing, 30ml/EA
LW-1148 Bottles, wide-mouth, 30ml/EA
LW-1149 Bottles, wide-mouth, 125ml/EA
LW-1150 Bottle, narrow-mouth, 250ml/EA
LW-1151 Bottle, unitary wash, 500ml/EA
LW-1152 Bottle, unitary wash, 250ml/EA
LW-1153 Bottle, LDPE wash, 250ml/EA
LW-1154 Bottle, unitary wash, 125ml/EA
LW-1155 Bottle, LDPE wash, 500ml/EA
LW-1156 Bottles, Narrow-Mouth, 2000ml/EA
LW-1157 Bottle, narrow-mouth, 1000ml/EA
LW-1158 Bottle, unitary wash, 1000ml/EA
LW-1159 Jerrican container 6L/EA
LW-1160 Soaker, Versi-Dry, 20x150/EA
LW-1161 Lighter, safety gas/EA
LW-1162 Wicks for alcohol burner/EA
LW-1163 Red neotex matting 26 x 50ft/FT
LW-1164 Flints for safety gas lighter, 5/PK
LW-1165 Porcelain Mortar 90mm/EA
LW-1166 Porcelain Pestle 157mm/EA
LW-1167 Cover glass 22x50 #1.5,1 oz/PK
LW-1168 Cover glass 24x40 #1.5,1 oz/PK
LW-1169 Cover glass 24x60 #1.5,1oz/Pk
LW-1170 Cover glass 24x50 #1.5,1oz/PK
LW-1171 Yellow Monitoring card 3 x 5/PK
LW-1172 Soultion basin 55ml/EA
LW-1173 Freezer box divider, 81 cell/EA
LW-1175 Coverglass 22x22 #1.5, 1oz/PK
LW-1176 Aluminum Sealing Tape 96 well/PK 100
LW-1177 22mm x .22mm Siliconized circle cover slides/PK
LW-1178 Bottles, wide-mouth,2 oz/EA
LW-1179 Beaker, Nalgene 30ml/EA
LW-1180 Bottle Tote Safety Carrier/EA
LW-1181 PCR Rack 96 well/EA
M2200L Quick Ligation Kit (special order)
M2200S Quick Ligation Kit (special order)
M2503S Recomb histone 3.1(special order)
M2504S H4 Human Recomb 100ug/EA (special order)
M2509S Histone H3.1/H4 Tetramer Human/EA (special order)
M5505L User Enzyme 250 units (special order)
M5505S User enzyme (special order)
MO201L T4 POL Kinase 2500 units (special order)
MO201S T4 POL Kinase, 500units/EA
MO202L T4 DNA Ligase 100,000 units/EA
MO202M T4 DNA Ligase 100k (special order)
MO202S T4 DNA Ligase, 20,000units/EA
MO202T T4 DNA Ligase (special order)
MO203L T4 DNA Polymerase 750u(special order)
MO203S T4 DNA Pol, 150units/EA (special order)
MO204S T4 RNA Ligase, 1,000units/EA (special order)
MO205L E. coli DNA Ligase (special order)
MO205S E.Coli DNA Ligase 200 units/EA (special order)
MO206L Exonuclease III (e coli)/EA (special order)
MO207S SP6 RNA Poly 2000 units
MO208L Taq DNA Ligase 10,000 unit/EA (special order)
MO208S Taq DNA Ligase (special order)
MO209L DNA Polymerase 2500 units/EA (special order)
MO209S DNA Polymerase I (special order)
MO210L Klenow Fragment 1000 units (special order)
MO210M Klenow 1000 units (special order)
MO210S Klenow, 200units/EA
MO211L ECOR I Methyltrans. (special order)
MO212L Klenow Frag. (special order)
MO212M Klenow Fragment (special order)
MO212S Klenow Fragment (special order)
MO213S Nuc Bal-31, 50units/EA (special order)
MO242L T4 RNA Ligase 2 truncated (special order)
MO242S T4 RNA Ligase 2 truncated (special order)
MO243S Rnase If (special order)
MO245S ShortCut RNase III (special order)
MO247S Micrococcal Nuclease (special order)
MO249S RecA (special order)
MO250S Mung Bean Nuclease (special order)
MO251S T7 RNA Pol, 5,000units/EA
MO253L M-MulV Rev. Trans. 50K units/EA (special order)
MO253S M-MLV RT, 10,000units/EA
MO254S Vent DNA, 200units/EA
MO258L Deep Vent DNA Poly 1000 units/EA (special order)
MO259L Deep Vent DNA Poly 1000 units/EA (special order)
MO262S Lambda Exonuclease (special order)
MO265S Exonuclease T 250u (special order)
MO267L TAQ DNA Polymerase 2,000 units/EA
MO267S Taq DNA Polymerase 400 units/EA (special order)
MO267X TAQ DNA POLY 4K Units (special order)
MO269L PHI 29 DNA Poly 1250 units (special order)
MO269S PHI 29 DNA Poly (special order)
MO273S Taq DNA Poly (special order)
MO275L BST DNA Poly (special order)
MO275M BST DNA Poly (special order)
MO275S Bst DNA Poly Lge Fragment 1600 units/EA (sp ord)
MO276L E. coli Poly (A) Poly 500units (special order)
MO276S E. coli Poly (A) Poly 100 units/EA (special order)
MO277S AMV Reverse Transcriptase 100 units/EA (sp ord)
MO280S Uracil DNA Glycosylase (UDG) 1000units/EA (sp ord)
MO289L Antarctic Phos. (special order)
MO289S Antartic Phosphatase 1,000 units/EA
MO290S Calfalk Phos, 1,000units/EA
MO293L Exonuclease I (special order)
MO293S Exonuclease I (special order)
MO296L Thermo.InorganicPyro (special order)
MO297L RNase H 1250 units/EA (special order)
MO297S RNase H 250 units/EA (special order)
MO298L CRE Recombinase (special order)
MO300S T4 Gene 32 Protein (special order)
MO301S Topoisomerase 100 units (special order)
MO302L T7 Endonuclease I 1250units/EA (special order)
MO302S T7 Endonuclease I (special order)
MO303S Dnase I (special order)
MO306L DNA Gyrase (e.coli) (special order)
MO307S Rnase Inhibitor (special order)
MO309S PreCR Repaior Mix (special order)
MO314L Rnase Inhibitor,Murine 15K units/EA (spl ord)
MO314S Murine RNAse Inhibitor 3000 units
MO315S Terminal Transferase (special order)
MO323S LongAmp Taq Poly 500 units/EA (special order)
MO324L Crimson Taq 1000u (special order)
MO324S Crimson Taq DNA Poly (special order)
MO338S XRN I 1000 units/EA (special order)
MO348S DNA Fragmentase 50rxns/EA (special order)
MO356S RNA 5 Pyrophosphohydrolase/EA (special order)
MO361S Pyrophosphatase Inorganic10 units/EA(sp ord)
MO363L T5 Exonuclease 1000 units/EA (special order)
MO363S T5 Exonuclease 1000 unit/EA (special order)
MO367L Blunt/TA Ligase Mastet Mix 250 rxns/EA
MO367S Blunt/TA Ligase Master Mix 50 rxns/EA
MO368L M-Mul V Transcriptase(RNaseH) 1000 unbits/EA
MO368S M-MulV Reverse Transcriptase/EA
MO370L Instant Sticky-end Ligase Master Mix 250 rxns/EA
MO370S Instant Sticky-end Ligase Master Mix 50 rxns/EA
MO392L B-Agarose I/EA (special order)
MO392S B-agarose 100 units (special order)
MO480S OneTaq DNA Polymerase 200 units/EA (special order)
MO486L OneTaq Quick-load 2X Master Mix 500rxns/EA(sp ord)
MO487L OneTaq Quick Load 2X Master Mix/EA (special order)
MO488S One TAQ Hot Start Quick Load/EA (special order)
MO491L Q5 High Fidelity DNA Polymerase 500units/EA
MO491S Q5 High Fidelity DNA Polymerase 100 units/EA
MO530L Phusion HF DNA Poly 500 units/EA (special order)
MO530S Phusion HF DNA Poly 100 units/EA
MO531L Phusion HF PCR Master Mix w/ HF Buffer EA (sp ord)
MO531S Phusion HF PCR MasterMix 100rxn/EA (sp ord)
MO535L Phusion Hot Start Flex DNA Poly/EA (special order)
N3011L Lambda DNA (special order)
N3011S Lambda DNA, 250ug (special order)
N3012S Lambda/Hind III, 150ug/EA
N3013L Lambda DNA 1250 ug/EA (special order)
N3014S Lambda/BSTE II, 150ug/EA
N3019S DNA Mono cut mix (special order)
N3023L IX174 Virion DNA 250ug/EA (special order)
N3026S Phix HAE III 50 ug/EA
N3032S PBR322 MSP I (special order)
N3033S pBR322 Vector 50ug/EA (special order)
N3041S pUC19 Vector (special order)
N3200L 2-log DNA Ladder (special order)
N3200S 2-log DNA ladder(special order)
N3231L 100bp Ladder/EA (special order)
N3231S 100 bp DNA Ladder 50 ug/EA
N3232L 1KB Ladder (special order)
N3232S 1KB DNA Ladder 100 ug/EA
N3233L Low Molecular Weight DNA Ladder (special order)
N3233S Low molecular wt ladder (special order)
N3236L 50 bp Ladder (special order)
N3236S 50 bp DNA Ladder (special order)
N3528S Litmus 28i (special order)
N4018S M13mp18RF I DNA (special order)
N4040S M13mp18 SS DNA (special order)
N7021S Streptavidin 1mg/EA (special order)
NO315S M13KO7 Helper Phage 1.8ml/EA (special order)
NO340S Lambda Ladder Marker (special order)
NO345S Yeast Marker (special order)
NO362S ss RNA Ladder (special order)
NO364S Low Range ssRNA Ladder 25 lanes/EA (special order)
NO440S dATP Solution 25 umol/EA (special order)
NO445S 7 deaza-dGTP (special order)
NO446S Nucleotide Solution, 25ul/EA
NO447S Deoxynucleotide Mix (special order)
NO450S Ribonucleotide Solution Set umol/EA (sp ord)
NO460S Acycloncleotide Set/EA (special order)
NO466S Ribonuclease Soln (special order)
NO467S Quick Load 100bp DNA Ladder/EA (special order)
NO468S Quick-Load 1kb Ladder(special order)
NO469S Quick-Load 2-log DNA LAdder/EA (special order)
NO472S Supercoiled DNA Ladder (special order)
NS-1001 Needles, PrecisionGlide, 25G, 5/PK
NS-1002 Needle Disp Hypo, 21gx2, 5/PK
NS-1003 Needles, 22Gx1, 5/PK
NS-1004 Needle, PrecisionGlide, 23G, 5/PK
NS-1005 Needle, 25Gx5/8, 5/PK
NS-1006 Needles, PrecisionGlide, 27G, 5/PK
NS-1007 Needles, 30Gx1/2, 5/PK
NS-1008 Needles, PresicionGlide, 16G, 5/PK
NS-1009 Needle Disp Hypo, 18G, 5/PK
NS-1010 Needles, PrecisionGlide, 18G, 5/PK
NS-1011 Needle Precisglide, 20ga, 5/PK
NS-1012 Needle Disp Hyp, 20G, 5/PK
NS-1013 Needle Disp Hypo, 21Gx1.5, 5/PK
NS-1014 Needles, PrecisionGlide, 26G x 1/2, 5/PK
NS-1015 Syringe, Hamilton, fixed needle/EA
NS-1016 Syringe, Luer lock, 20cc/EA
NS-1017 Syringe w/out needle,1cc/EA
NS-1018 Syringe, Luer-lock, 3cc/EA
NS-1019 Syringe, Luer-lock, 5cc/EA
NS-1020 Syringe, Luer-lock, 10cc/EA
NS-1021 Syringe, Luer-lock, 60cc/EA
NS-1022 Syringe w/ needle,1cc/EA
NS-1023 Syringe, Luer-lock, 30cc/EA
NS-1024 Acrodisc #4192, 0.2um, 25mm/EA
NS-1025 Acrodisc #4184, 0.45um, 25mm/EA
NS-1026 Syringe w/o neddle, 1cc/BOX 200
NS-1027 Syringe Luer-Lok, 3cc/BOX 200
NS-1028 Syringe Luer-Lok,5cc/BOX 125
NS-1029 Syringe Luer-Lok, 10cc/BOX 100
NS-1030 Acrodisc #4192 0.2uM/BOX 50
NS-1031 Acrodisc #4184 0.45uM/BOX 50
NS-1032 Acrodisc #4612,.45um, 25mm/EA
OF-1001 File Folders, 1/5, letter size/BX
OF-1002 Sheet Protectors top load/BOX 50
OF-1003 Sheet Protectors, super heavy/BOX 50
OF-1004 Sheet Protectors, side loading/BOX 50
OF-1005 Letter File Folders, 1/3 Cut/BOX of 100
OF-1006 File folders, hanging, 25/BX
OF-1007 File Folders, 2/5 Cut, Right/BOX of 100
OF-1008 Data Pad, 8.5x11, 50 sheets/EA
OF-1009 File Pockets, 5.25/EA
OF-1010 Binder, 3-ring, 1/2/EA
OF-1011 Pad, Wide ruled, white/EA
OF-1012 File Pockets, expanding/EA
OF-1013 Binder, 3-ring, 1/EA
OF-1014 Paper 3-Hole Punched, Narrow Rule/EA
OF-1015 Paper,Mead, Filler looseleaf, 200/PK
OF-1016 Binder, 3-ring, 1-1/2/EA
OF-1017 Blue Books, 12pgs, 50/PK
OF-1018 Binder, 3-ring, 2/EA
OF-1020 Engineering Forms, 5sq/in,50 sheets/PD
OF-1023 Pocket Folders/EA
OF-1024 Transparency Film, Laser, 50 sheets/BX
OF-1026 Transparency Film, 100/BX
OF-1027 Divider Tabs for 3-ring binders/PK
OF-1028 Computation Book,Eye-Ease/EA
OF-1029 Notebook, composition blue book/EA
OF-1030 Notebook, Lab Research/EA
OF-1031 Notebook, composition black book/EA
OF-1032 Paper, thermal high density/RL
OF-1033 VHS Tape, Sony, 120min/EA DO NOT ORDER
OF-1034 Tapes for cassette, 90min/EA DO NOT ORDER
OF-1035 Pad, Junior legal, 5x8/EA
OF-1036 Pads, Legal writting, Canary 8.5 x 14/EA
OF-1037 Pads for Writing, Canary 8.5 x 11/EA
OF-1038 Pad, Narrow ruled, white 8.5x11/EA
OF-1039 Letter Trays, Stackable for desk/EA
OF-1040 Thermal Paper,1.87x32/RL
OF-1041 Notebook, memo pocket size 5x3/EA
OF-1042 Scratch Pads, 4x6/EA
OF-1043 Notebook, pocket size 3x5/EA
OF-1044 Steno Book,Gregg,White/EA
OF-1045 Notebook, college ruled/EA
OF-1046 File Frames, Hanging/EA
OF-1047 Answer sheets, red, 500/PK
OF-1048 Gradebooks for IU/EA
OF-1049 Answer sheets, blue, 500/PK
OF-1050 Blue Books, 16pgs, 50/PK
OF-1051 Engineering Forms, 10sq/in, 50 sheets/PD
OF-1052 Report covers, Red/EA
OF-1054 Address Labels 1 X 2 5/8/PK
OF-1056 Index cards, ruled, white 3x5, 100/PK
OF-1057 Index card Blue 3x5/PK
OF-1058 Index cards, ruled,cherry 3x5/PK
OF-1059 Index Cards, yellow, 3x5/PK
OF-1060 Index cards, ruled, 4x6, 100/PK
OF-1061 Index cards, ruled, white 5x8/PK
OF-1062 Computer Cleanning Kits/EA
OF-1063 Index Card Guides, A-Z printed, 5x3/PK
OF-1064 File Box for Cards 3x5, Flip Top/EA
OF-1065 A-Z Card Guides, 4X6/PK
OF-1066 File Box for card 4x6, flip-top/EA
OF-1067 Desk calendar refill/PK DO NOT ORDER
OF-1068 Calendar Base for desk/EA
OF-1069 14 Month Planner/EA
OF-1070 Weekly Appointment Book/EA
OF-1071 Tape Dispenser, for hand, 3/4/EA
OF-1072 Tape Dispenser, for desk/EA
OF-1073 Tape, invisible, 3/4/EA
OF-1074 Hole Punch, single/EA
OF-1076 Hole Punch for 3 holes/EA
OF-1077 Stapler/Ea
OF-1078 Pencil Sharpener,Manual/EA
OF-1079 Pencil Sharpener,Electric/EA
OF-1081 CD, blank, Rewritable/EA
OF-1083 CD, blank, recordable/EA
OF-1085 Scissors, 8/EA
OF-1086 Calculator, desktop/EA
OF-1087 Smart Labels, 2 Rolls/BX
OF-1096 Toner Cartridge, Laser Jet/EA
OF-1097 HP Laser Jet Printer Cartridge/EA
OF-1098 Jumbo Book Ends, Black, 1/PR
OF-1099 Desk Calendar, 22 X 17 BLACK/EA
OF-1100 Envelopes,Myers,25/PK
OF-1101 Paper,Myers,500/Ream
OF-1102 Paper,JH letterhead, 500/Ream
OF-1103 Clipboard, Letter size, Hardboard/EA
OF-1104 Paper, IU Watermark, white, 8.5x11/REAM
OF-1105 Marking Tags 1 3/4 X 1 3/32, 1000/BX
OF-1106 Envelopes JH, letterhead, white, 25/PK
OF-1107 Glassine Envelopes, 4x5, 100/PK
OF-1109 Glassine Envelopes, 3-1/4x4-1/4, 100/PK
OF-1110 Envelopes, Coin #3, 2 .5x 4 .25/100/PK
OF-1112 Envelopes, #10 Plain white, 50/PK
OF-1113 Envelopes, plain campus mail, 50/PK
OF-1114 Envelopes, campus window, 25/PK
OF-1115 Padded Envelopes #0, 6x10/EA
OF-1116 Envelopes, 7.5x10.5, 10/PK
OF-1117 Envelopes,10x13,10/PK
OF-1118 Envelopes, 11.5x14.5, 10/PK
OF-1119 Padded Envelope #4, 9.5x14.5/EA
OF-1120 Padded Envelope #6, 12.5x19/EA
OF-1121 Envelopes, Inter-Departmental 10/PK
OF-1122 Envelopes, 9x12, 10/PK
OF-1123 Battery, 1.5V/EA
OF-1124 Batteries, size 9V/EA
OF-1125 Batteries, size AAA/EA
OF-1126 Batteries, size AA/EA
OF-1127 Batteries, Size C/EA
OF-1128 Batteries, size D/EA
OF-1129 Rubber Cement, 4 oz/EA
OF-1130 Epoxy, 5 minute/EA
OF-1131 Glue, Elmers, 4oz/EA
OF-1132 Loctite, Super Glue, .07oz/PK
OF-1133 UHU Glue Sticks,.26 oz/EA
OF-1134 Letter Opener/EA
OF-1135 Ruler, plastic, 12/EA
OF-1136 Chalk, colored, 12 sticks/BX
OF-1137 Calculator Rolls, 2.25 x 150ft/EA
OF-1138 Chalk, white, 12 sticks/BX
OF-1139 Eraser for dry marker/EA
OF-1140 Marker Board Conditioner, 8 oz/EA
OF-1141 Eraser, Arrowhead pencil/cap, 6/PK
OF-1142 Eraser, pink pearl, medium/EA
OF-1143 White-Out, Fine pt correction pen/EA
OF-1144 White-Out, quick dry, Bic/EA
OF-1145 Paper Clip #1, 100/BX
OF-1146 Staples, standard, 5000/BX
OF-1147 Correction film, dryline/EA
OF-1148 Paper Clips, Jumbo, 100/BX
OF-1149 Stapler Remover, Walnut/EA
OF-1150 Calculator Ribbon/EA
OF-1151 Rubber bands, #12/PK 1lb
OF-1152 Rubber bands, #16/PK 1/4lb
OF-1153 Rubber Bands, #32/PK
OF-1154 Rubber bands, #54/PK 1/4lb
OF-1155 Rubber bands, #62 lb pk/PK 1lb
OF-1156 Rubber Bands, #64/PK
OF-1157 Tape, Double sided/EA
OF-1158 Clamps, #1, 12/BX
OF-1159 Clamps, #2, 50/BX
OF-1160 Post It Notes, Small, Colored/EA
OF-1161 Binder Clip, 3/4 Small, 12/BX
OF-1162 Binder Clip, 1-1/4, Medium, 24/BX
OF-1163 Binder Clip, 2, Large, 12/BX
OF-1164 Post-it Notes, 1.5x2,/EA
OF-1165 Post-it Notes, 3x3,/EA
OF-1166 Post-it Notes, 3x5/EA
OF-1167 File Tabs, clear, 25/PK
OF-1168 File tabs, red, 25/PK
OF-1169 Post-It Notes, lined, 3X3/EA
OF-1170 File tabs, yellow, 25/PK
OF-1171 File tabs, orange, 25/PK
OF-1172 Post-it Flags, 2, Yellow/PK2
OF-1174 Post-it Flags, 2, Blue/PK2
OF-1175 Reinforcements, 200/PK
OF-1176 Thumb Tack, 3/8 100/PK
OF-1177 Post-it Flags, 2, Red/PK2
OF-1178 Boston Bulldog Clip, 3/EA
OF-1179 Push pins, assorted, 100/PK
OF-1180 Post-it Flags, 2, Orange/PK2
OF-1181 Labels, Round 5/16, 100/PK
OF-1182 Post-it Flags, 2, Green/PK2
OF-1183 Post-it Flags, 2, White/PK2
OF-1184 Pen, Bic fine pt, black/DZ
OF-1185 Pen, Bic fine pt, red/DZ
OF-1186 Pen, Bic medium pt, black/DZ
OF-1187 Pen, Bic medium pt, blue/DZ
OF-1188 Pen, Bic medium pt, red/DZ
OF-1189 Pen, Ultra fine pt, black/EA
OF-1190 Pen, Uni-Ball Deluxe Micro, black/EA
OF-1191 Pen, Uni-Ball Deluxe Micro, blue/EA
OF-1192 Pen, Ultra fine pt, red/EA
OF-1193 Golf Pencils, 12/PK
OF-1194 Pen, Ultra fine pt, blue/EA
OF-1195 Pencil, Col-Erase, blue/EA
OF-1196 Pencil, Col-Erase, green/EA
OF-1197 Pencil w/eraser, red/EA
OF-1198 Pen,Rb,Uni-Ball Grip,Fn,Blk/EA
OF-1199 Dynagrip pen medium blue/EA
OF-1200 Pencils, #2, 12/PK
OF-1201 Pencil, Automatic/EA
OF-1202 Lead Refill, 7mm, 12/TB
OF-1203 Lead Refill, 5mm, 12/TB
OF-1204 Pencil, Automatic, black, 5mm/EA
OF-1205 HighlighterTurquoise,/EA
OF-1206 Zebra pen fine point/EA
OF-1207 Highlighter, green/EA
OF-1208 Highlighter, pink/EA
OF-1209 Highlighter, yellow/EA
OF-1210 Marker, Vis-A-Vis, black/EA
OF-1211 Marker, Vis-A-Vis, blue/EA
OF-1212 Marker, Vis-A-Vis, green/EA
OF-1214 Marker, Vis-A-Vis, purple/EA
OF-1215 Marker, Vis-A-Vis, red/EA
OF-1216 Expo Chisel Pt Marker, Red/EA
OF-1217 Expo Chiset Pt Marker, Blue/EA
OF-1218 Expo Chisel Pt Marker, Green/EA
OF-1219 Expo Chisel Pt Marker, Black/EA
OF-1221 China Marker, Red/EA
OF-1223 Pen, liquid tip, blue/EA
OF-1224 Marker, Sharpie Industrial, black/EA
OF-1226 Marker, Sharpie fine pt, purple//BOX
OF-1227 Marker, Sharpie, fine pt, black/BOX
OF-1228 Marker, Sharpie extra fine pt, black/BOX
OF-1229 Marker, Sharpie ultra fine pt, black/BOX
OF-1230 Marker, Sharpie fine pt, blue/BOX
OF-1231 Marker, Sharpie extra fine pt, blue/BOX
OF-1232 Marker, Sharpie ultra fine pt, blue/BOX
OF-1233 Marker, Sharpie fine pt, green/BOX
OF-1236 Marker, Sharpie fine pt, red/BOX
OF-1237 Marker, Sharpie extra fine pt, red/EA
OF-1238 Marker, Sharpie ultra fine pt, red/BOX
OF-1239 Power Strip, 6 outlet/EA
OF-1241 Extension Cord 9/EA
OF-1242 Extension cord 15/EA
OF-1243 Extension Cord 25/EA
OF-1244 Tape, masking, 3/4x60/EA
OF-1245 Tape, Duct/RL
OF-1246 Tape, Masking 2x60yds/EA
OF-1248 Tape, sealing 2x55yds/EA
OF-1249 Vinyl Electrical Tape,1/2X200/RL
OF-1250 Ethernet Cable/Wall, 15/EA (special pinout)
OF-1251 Ethernet Cable Wall 30 /EA (special pinout)
OF-1252 Ethernet Cable/Wall, 50/EA (special pinout)
OF-1253 Ethernet Cable/Wall, 75/EA DO NOT ORDER
OF-1254 Ethernet Cable/Wall, 100/EA DO NOT ORDER
OF-1255 Ethernet Cable/Straight Hub, 14
OF-1256 Ethernet Cable/Straight Hub, 25
OF-1257 Ethernet Cable/Straight-Hub, 75
OF-1259 Hub 8 Port FS108 s/EA DO NOT ORDER
OF-1260 Posterboard, White/EA
OF-1261 Posterboard, Black/EA
OF-1262 Posterboard, Red/EA
OF-1263 Posterboard, Yellow/EA
OF-1264 Posterboard, Green/EA
OF-1265 Posterboard, Blue/EA
OF-1266 Labels, multi-purpose, round 1/2/RL
OF-1267 Paper for copier virgin/REAM
OF-1268 Paper,copy,recycle/REAM
OF-1269 Zip Disks 100mb for Mac/EA
OF-1273 White Electrical Tape/EA DO NOT ORDER
OF-1274 Red Electrical Tape/EA DO NOT ORDER
OF-1275 Blue Electrical Tape/EA
OF-1276 Green Electrical Tape/EA
OF-1277 Yellow Electrical Tape/EA
OF-1278 Orange Electrical Tape/EA
OF-1283 Ethernet Cable/Wall 5/EA (special pinout)
OF-1284 Ethernet Cable/Straight Hub 7/EA
OF-1285 Photo paper/BX
OF-1287 DVD-R/EA
OF-1288 Ethernet cable hub 50/EA
OF-1289 Engineerin Computation Pad/EA
OF-1290 Sharpie King Size Black/EA
OF-1291 Post-It Flags/PK
OF-1293 Hub 5Port GS105 10/100/1000Mbps/EA
OF-1294 Hub 8Port GS10810/100/1000Mbps/EA
OF-1295 Lexar Jumpdrive 8GB/EA
OF-1296 Battery AA Rechargeable/PK4
OF-1297 Uni-Ball Roller Micro Black/EA
OF-1298 Uni-Ball Roller Micro Red/EA
OF-1299 Uni-Ball Roller Micro Blue/EA
OF-1300 Uni-Ball Roller Micro Green/EA
OF-1301 9 Volt Battery Rechargeable/EA
OF-1302 Battery Charger/EA
OF-1303 Scientific Calculator/EA
OF-1304 Lexar Jump Drive 16GB/EA
OF-1305 Rite in the Rain Field Notebook 350N/EA
OF-1306 Cable Tie 6 100/PK
OF-1307 Ruler 6/EA
OF-1308 White Cotton String 10 ply 475/ROLL
OF-1309 Twist Tie 7 White/CTN 2000
OF-1310 TUL ballpoint pen black fine point/EA
OF-1311 ENELOOP AA Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery/PK4
OF-1312 ENELOOP AA Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery w/Charger/EA
OF-1313 Jump Drive 32GB
OF-1314 Biohazrd Sticker 2x 3/EA
P6040S Glycogen Synthase Kinase (special order)
P7702S PROTEIN MARKER (special order)
P7703S Protein Ladder (special order)
P7708S Prestained Protein Marker (special order)
P7709S ColorPlus Marker (special order)
P7709V ColorPlus Protein Marker (special order)
P7710S Prestained Protein Ladder (special order)
P7711S ColorPlus Prestain protein ladde /EA(sp ord)
P7712S Color Protein Std. Broad Range/EA (special order)
P8010L Factor XA Protease (special order)
P8010S Factor Xa (special order)
P8070S Enterokinase LC (special order)
P8075S Genenase I 50 ug/EA (special order)
P8077S Furin 50 units/EA (special order)
P8100S Endoproteinase GluC (specail order)
P8101S Trypsin (TPCK treated) (special order)
P8102S Proteinase K 60 mg/EA (special order)
P8107S Proteinase K 60mg/EA (special order)
PH-1003 Film, X-Omat, AR-5, 8x10/EA
PH-1024 X Ray Film,8x10/PK
PH-1025 X Ray Film, 5x7/PK
PO702L Endo H 50,000 units/EA (special order)
PO702S ENDO H (special order)
PO703L Endo HF/EA (special order)
PO703S Endo HF/EA (special order)
PO704S PNGase F 15K units (special order)
PO729S a 1-2,3 Mannosidase 640 units (special order)
PO753S Lambda Protein Phos.(special order)
PO756L ATP 5ml/EA (special order)
PO756S ATP 10mM (special order)
PP-1001 Pipet Tips, universal, 201-1000u, 1000/PK
PP-1002 Pipet Tips, blue, 100-1000ul, 1000/PK
PP-1003 Transax Tips,1000 ul,840/PK
PP-1004 Transax tips,10 ul,960/PK
PP-1005 Transax tips,200 ul,960/PK
PP-1006 Pipet tip, 1-10ul,1152/PK
PP-1007 Microcapillary tips, 200/RK
PP-1008 Microcapillary tips-flat, 200/RK
PP-1009 Pipet Tips, Art 20P, 960/PK
PP-1010 Pipet Tips, Art 200, 960/PK
PP-1011 Pipet Tips, Art 10, 960/PK
PP-1012 Pipet Tips, Art 1000E, 800/PK
PP-1013 Pipet Tips, 960/PK
PP-1014 Pipet Tip,Bevel,1000ul/1000PK
PP-1015 Pipet Tip,Bevel,200 ul/1000PK
PP-1016 Tips,yellow,1-200uL,960/CS DO NOT ORDER
PP-1017 Pipet Tips, universal, 1-200ul, 10 racks/PK
PP-1019 Pipet Jars, 13x46cm/EA DO NOT ORDER
PP-1020 Pipet Tips, 101-1000ul, 1000/PK
PP-1021 Pipet, disposable, 9, 200/PK
PP-1022 Pipet, disposable, 5-3/4, 200/PK
PP-1023 Tips,Costar,1-200uL,1000/PK
PP-1024 Pipet tip, 1-10ul, 1000/PK
PP-1025 Pipet Tips, Universal, 1-200ul, 1000/PK
PP-1026 USA Yellow Tips,1-200 uL,1000/PK
PP-1027 Pipet Sero, 100ml, 25/PK DO NOT ORDER
PP-1028 Pipet Ser Dispo, 2ml, 100/PK DO NOT ORDER
PP-1029 Pipet Sero, 10ml, 25/PK DO NOT ORDER
PP-1030 Pipet, glass 25ml/EA DO NOT ORDER
PP-1032 Pipet, Glass. 1ml/EA DO NOT ORDER
PP-1033 Pipet, Glass, 5ml/EA DO NOT ORDER
PP-1034 Pipet Sero, 5ml, 25/PK DO NOT ORDER
PP-1035 Eptips reloads 0.1-10ul/cs of 96
PP-1036 Eptips reloads, 2-200uL/box of 10
PP-1037 Eptips reloads,50-1000uL,box of 960
PP-1038 Eptips reloads 0.1-20uL/cs of 96
PP-1039 Pipet, Ser, 5ml, 100/PK DO NOT ORDER
PP-1040 Pipet, Ser, 10ml, 100/PK DO NOT ORDER
PP-1045 Pipets, transfer, 5.8ml, 500/BX
PP-1046 Pipet, Transfer, bulb, 7.7ml, 500/BX
PP-1047 Pipet can 7x7x41/EA DO NOT ORDER
PP-1048 Pipet can 6x6x24/EA DO NOT ORDER
PP-1049 Pipet Pan, Sterile/EA DO NOT ORDER
PP-1050 Pipet sterile 1 ml /PK of 50
PP-1051 Pipet sterile 5 ml/PK of 50
PP-1052 Pipet sterile 10 ml/PK of 50
PP-1053 Pipet sterile 25 ml/PK of 25
PP-1054 Gel Loading Tip 1-200ul, 1000/PK
PP-1055 Pipet tip Yellow 1-200ul, 1000/PK
PP-1056 Aerosol filter Pipet tips/PK 96
PP-1057 Aerosol filter Pipet tip/ PK 576
PP-1059 TipOne 0.1-10 ul Natural Tip Reload/PK 960
PP-1060 TipOne 0.1-10 ulNatural Long Tip Reload/PK 960
PP-1061 TipOne 1-200 ul Natural Tip Reload/PK 960
PP-1062 TipOne 101-1250 ul Natural XL Tip Reload/PK 960
PP-1063 TipOne Filter tips 1-20ul Twin Pack/PK 1920
PP-1064 TipOne Filter tips 1-200ul Twin Pack/PK 1920
PP-1065 TipOne Filter tips 101-1000ul Twin Pack/PK 1920
PP-1066 EpTips Filter Tips 20-300ul/PK
PP-1067 TipOne Filter Tips .01-10ul Twin Pack/PK1920
PP-1068 Avant Barrier tip 10ul Long Hinged Rack/PK960
PP-1069 Avant Barrier tip 1250ul Hinged Rack/PK768
PP-1070 Avant Barrier tip 200ul Hinged rack/PK960
PP-1071 Avant Barrier tip 20ul Hinged rack/PK960
QI-1001 Qiagen QIAprep Spin Miniprep/EA
QI-1002 Qiagen RNeasy Mini Plant Kit/EA
QI-1003 Qiagen RNeasy Mini Kit/EA
QI-1004 Qiagen QIAsheredder/EA
QI-1005 Qiagen QIAprep Spin Miniprep Kit/EA
QI-1006 Qiagen QIAEX II Gel Extraction Kit/EA
QI-1007 QIAquick PCR Kit 250
QI-1008 Purification Kit, PCR/EA
QI-1009 Qiagen QIAquick Gel Extraction Kit/EA
QI-1010 Qiagen QIAquick Nucleaotide Removal Kit/EA
QI-1011 Qiagen DyeEx Spin Kit/EA
QI-1012 QIAGEN Maxi Kit/EA
QI-1013 QIAGEN Plasmid Midi Kit/EA
QI-1014 Qiagen DNeasy Plant Mini Kit/EA
QI-1015 MinElute PCR Kit (50)/EA
QI-1016 Hot Star Plus Master Mix (special order)
QI-1017 DNEasy Blood & Tissue kit 250/EA (special order)
QI-1018 Rev.Transcription kit (special order)
QI-1019 Rnase-free Dnase set(special order)
QI-1020 RNA protect bacteria reagent (special order)
QI-1021 RNEasy MinElute Clean (special order)
QI-1022 Nucleotide Removal (special order)
QI-1023 RNeasy Kit (special order)
QI-1024 DNEasy Blood & Tissue (special order)
QI-1025 Gel Extraction Kit 250 (special order)
QI-1026 QiaFilter Plasmid Kit (special order)
QI-1027 OneStep RT-PCR Kit100 (special order)
QI-1028 Ni-NTA Agarose (special order)
QI-1029 MinElute spin kit (special order)
QI-1030 Proteinase K 2ml (special order)
QI-1031 EpiTect Bisulfite Kit (special order)
QI-1032 QiaFilter Midi Cart. (special order)
QI-1033 RNase A (special order)
QI-1034 RNeasy Micro Kit (special order)
QI-1035 Tip 100 (special order)
QI-1036 High Speed Plasmid Midi (special order)
QI-1037 Omniscript RT Kit (special order)
QI-1038 NiNTA Super Low resin (special order)
QI-1039 Rneasy Midi Kit (special order)
QI-1040 QBT Buffer (special order)
QI-1041 Qiaex II Suspension (special order)
QI-1042 SYBR Green PCR Kit (special order)
QI-1043 Tip 500 (special order)
QI-1044 Tip 500 (special order)
QI-1045 PCR Cloning Kit (special order)
QI-1046 Ni-NTA Fast Start Kit (special order)
QI-1047 Transfection reagent (special order)
QI-1048 Hot Start Master mix (special order)
QI-1049 Large Construct kit (special order)
QI-1050 QiaVac Manifold (special order)
QI-1051 DirectPrep 96 miniprep (special order)
QI-1052 Repli-G Mini Kit (special order)
QI-1053 Molecuar grade water (special order)
QI-1054 HiSpeed Plasmid maxi (special order)
QI-1055 Buffer QG (special order)
QI-1056 Buffer PE (special order)
QI-1057 96 UF PCR Plates (special order)
QI-1058 Plasmid Giga Kit (special order)
QI-1059 HiSpeed Plasmid Maxi kit (special order)
QI-1060 Plasmid Maxi Kit (special order)
QI-1061 EasyXpress Insect Kit (special order)
QI-1062 Cell Lysis soln 125ml (special order)
QI-1063 Rnase A soln (special order)
QI-1064 Protein Precip. soln (special order)
QI-1065 DNA Hydration soln (special order)
QI-1066 Puregene proteinase K (special order)
QI-1067 EasyXpress Protein Syns (special order)
QI-1068 Stainless Steel Beads (special order)
QI-1069 Dneasy 96 Plant Kit (specail order)
QI-1070 Epitech Bisulfiton Kit (special order)
QI-1071 One step RT-PCR Kit 25 (special order)
QI-1072 DNeasy Plant Mini Kit 50 (special order)
QI-1073 QIAGEN Multiplex PCR (special order)
QI-1074 Omniscript RT Kit (special order)
QI-1075 Gentra Puregene Yeast (special order)
QI-1076 miRNeasy mini Kit (50) (special order)
QI-1077 Polyfect Transfecrion 1ml (special order)
QI-1078 Buffer PB (special order)
QI-1079 SYBR Green PCR Kit (200) (special order)
QI-1080 MinElute PCR Purification(special order)
QI-1081 QIAfilter Plasmid Maxi (special order)
QI-1082 HotStar Taq DNA Poly (special order)
QI-1083 RNeasy Mini Kit 250 (special order)
QI-1084 Oligotex Direct mRNA Kit (special order)
QI-1085 QIAGEN Plasmid Midi Kit (special order)
QI-1086 PhosphoProtein Purifi Kit (6) (special order)
QI-1087 PhosphoProtein Cartridge (special order)
QI-1088 PhosphoSerine Antibody Q5 (special order)
QI-1090 QIArack (special order)
QI-1091 Buffer P1 500ml (special order)
QI-1092 Buffer P2 500ml (special order)
QI-1093 Buffer N3 500ml (specail order)
QI-1094 LongRange PCR Kit (20) (special order)
QI-1095 QiaFilter Plasmid Midi Kit (25) (special order)
QI-1096 Oligotex suspension 0.5ml (special order)
QI-1097 Genomic Kit 25 column (special order)
QI-1098 Tungsten crabide beads 3mm (special order)
QI-1099 QuantiTect Rev Transcript Kit(10) (special order)
QI-1100 EndoFree Plasmid Maxi Kit (10) (special order)
QI-1101 QIAGEN Plasmid Mini Kit (25) (special order)
QI-1102 QIAfilter Plasmid Midi Kit (100) (special order)
QI-1103 Effectene Transfection reagent (special order)
QI-1104 Strep-Tactin Superflow Plus 10ml (special order)
QI-1105 NeXtal Tubes Classics Suite (special order)
QI-1106 Buffer AW2 (special order)
QI-1107 QIAquick 96 PCR Purification Kit (special order)
QI-1108 WGA Lectin Cartridge (3x1ml) (special order)
QI-1109 Genomic DNA Buffer set (special order)
QI-1110 Qiagen Genomic tip 20/G (special order)
QI-1111 RNAlater RNA Stabilization Reagent (special order)
QI-1112 QIAamp DNA Mini Kit (50) (special order)
QI-1113 Nuclease-Free Water 1000ml/EA (special order)
QI-1114 Qproteome Cell Compart Kit/EA (special order)
QI-1115 RNeasy Plant Mini Kit (20)/EA (special order)
QI-1116 RNeasy Protect Bact Kit (50)/EA (special order)
QI-1117 Repli G Mini Kit (25)/EA (special order)
QI-1119 Proteinase K 10ml/EA (special order)
QI-1120 Ni-NTA HRP Conjugate/EA (special order)
QI-1121 Plasmid Mega Kit (25)/EA (special order)
QI-1122 Qiagen EB Buffer 250ml/EA (special order)
QI-1123 Plasmid Mega Kit (5)/EA (special order)
QI-1124 QIAmp DNA Micro Kit (50)/EA (special order)
QI-1125 AP2 Buffer 90ml/EA (special order)
QI-1126 GST HiCap Matrix 10ml/EA (special order)
QI-1127 QIAvac 96/EA (special order)
QI-1128 Qiagen Multiplex PCR kit (100)/EA (special order)
QI-1129 QIAshredder (250) /EA (special order)
QI-1130 Collection tubes 2ml/EA (special order)
QI-1131 EasyExpress Protein Synts Kit/EA (special order)
QI-1132 Ni-Nta Spin Columns (50)/EA (special order)
QI-1133 EasyExpress Linear Kit (20)/EA (special order)
QI-1134 QIAfilter Plasmid Kit (50)/EA (special order)
QI-1135 MAXtract High Density /EA (special order)
QI-1136 Anti-His Antibody Selector nKit/EA (special order)
QI-1137 Random Hexamers 100ul/EA (special order)
QI-1138 QIAprep Spin Mini Columns (100)/EA (special order)
QI-1139 REPLI-g Mitochondrial DNA Kit/EA (special lorder)
QI-1140 Taq PCR Core Kit 1000 units (special order)
QI-1141 Microsatellite PCR Kit (200)/EA (special order)
QI-1142 QIAprep 96 Plus Mini Kit (4)/EA (special order)
QI-1143 Buffer RPE 55 ml/EA (special order)
QI-1144 Human Xpress Ref Univl RNA/EA (special order)
QI-1145 Reagent DX 1ml/EA (special order)
QI-1146 Buffer P3 500ml (special order)
QI-1147 Plasmid Mini Kit (100)/EA (special order)
QI-1148 DNeasy Plant Maxi Kit (24)/EA (special order)
QI-1149 QIAGEN Protease 7.2AU/EA (special order)
QI-1150 RNAprotectCell Reagent/EA (special order)
QI-1151 Ni-NTA Superflow 100ml/EA
QI-1152 RNeasy Plus Micro Kit/EA (special order)
QI-1153 QiAmp Viral RNA Mini Kit (50)/EA (special order)
QI-1154 Hot Start Taq Master Mix 250u/EA (special order)
QI-1155 Ni-NTA agarose 100ml/EA (special order)
QI-1156 NTA Agarose 25ml/EA (special order)
QI-1157 RNeasy Plus Micro Kit/EA (special order)
QI-1158 RNAprotect Animal Blood Tubes 500 ul/EA (sp order)
QI-1159 GeneReady rNA Depletion Kit/EA (specail order)
QI-1160 REPLI-g UltraFast Mimi Kit (25)/EA (special order)
R3101L ECOR I-HF 50,000 units/EA (special order)
R3101S ECOR I HF 10000 units/EA
R3104S HIND III HF 10000 units/EA
R3131S NHE I HF 1000 units/EA
R3132M SSP I HF (special order)
R3132S SSP I HF 1000 units (special order)
R3133S SPE I HF 500 units (special order)
R3136S BAM HI HF 10000 units/EA
R3136T BAMHI HF, 10,000 units (special order)
R3138S SAL I-HF 2000 units/EA
R3140S PST I HF 10,000 units/EA (special order)
R3142L KPN I- HF/EA (special order)
R3142S KPN I-HF 4000 units/EA (special order)
R3150S PVU I HF 500 units/EA (special order)
R3151S PVU II-HF (special order)
R3156S SAC I HF 2000 units/EA
R3182L SPH I HF 2500units/EA (special order)
R3182S SPH I HF 500 units/EA
R3189L NOT I-HF 2500 units/EA (special order)
R3189S NOT I HF 500 units/EA
R3193S NCO I HF 1000 units/EA
R3195S ECOR V HF (special order)
R3500S STY I HF 3000 units (special order)
R3505L EAG I HF 2500 units/EA (special order)
R3505S EAG I HF (special order)
R3510S DRA III HF 1000 units/EA (special order)
R3552S AGE I HF 300 units/EA (special order)
R3589S MFE I HF (special order)
R3642S SBF I-HF (special order)
R5131S NHE I S Re-Mix 50 rxn/EA (special order)
RO101L ECOR I 50,000 units (special order)
RO101M ECOR I 50,000 units/EA (special order)
RO101S ECOR I(low), 10,000units/EA
RO101T ECO RI 10,000 units (special order)
RO102S BSR BI (special order)
RO103S HINC II, 1,000units/EA (special order)
RO104M HIND III 100,000 units/EA (special order)
RO104S HIND III(low), 10,000units/EA
RO104T HIND III 10,000 units (special order)
RO105S HPA I, 500units/EA (special order)
RO106L MSP I 25K units (special order)
RO106S MSP I (special order)
RO106T MSP I 5000 units (special order)
RO107S HAE II 2000 units (special order)
RO108S HAE III,3,000units/EA
RO111L NDE I 20,000 u/EA(special order)
RO111S NDE I, 4,000units/EA
RO113S BST X1 (special order)
RO114S APA I,5,000units/EA(special order)
RO117L AAT II 2500 units/EA (special order)
RO117S AAT II (special order)
RO118S BAN I 5000 units/EA (Special order)
RO119S BAN II 2000 units (special order)
RO123L SFI I 15000 units/EA (special order)
RO123S SFI I, 3,000units/EA
RO124S HIN P1I 2000 units (special order)
RO125S NLA III 500 units/EA (special order)
RO126S NLA IV 200 units/EA (special order)
RO127S NSI I, 1,000units/EA
RO129S DRA I, 2,000units/EA
RO130S SNA BI (special order)
RO131L NHE I 5000 units (special order)
RO131S NHE I 1000 units
RO132S SSP I 1000 units/EA
RO133L SPE I 2500u (special order)
RO133M SPE I 50,000 units/EA (special order)
RO133S SPE I, 500units/EA
RO134S BSM I 500 units/EA (special order)
RO135S FSP I (special order)
RO136L BAM HI 50,000 units (special order)
RO136M BAM HI 50,000 units/EA (special order)
RO136S BAM HI, 10,000units/EA
RO137L ALU I 5000 units/EA (special order)
RO137S ALU I,1000 units/EA (special order)
RO138S SAL I, 2,000units/EA
RO139L HHA I 10,1000 units/EA (special order)
RO139S HHA I 2,000 units/EA (special order)
RO140S PST I, 10,000units/EA
RO141S SMA I, 2,000units/EA
RO142L KPN I 20,000 units/EA (special order)
RO142S KPN I,4,000units/EA
RO143S BGL I, 2,000units/EA (special order)
RO144L BGL II 10,000 units (special order)
RO144M BGL II 10000 units (special order)
RO144S BGL II, 2,000units/EA
RO145L XBA I (special order)
RO145M XBA I 15,000 units (special order)
RO145S XBA I, 3,000units/EA
RO146L XHO I 25000 units (special order)
RO146S XHO I, 5,000units/EA
RO147S MBO I, 500units/EA (special order)
RO148S MBO II, 250units/EA (special order)
RO149L Taq I 20,000 units/EA (special order)
RO149S TAQ I 4,000units/EA (special order)
RO150L PVU I 2500 units/EA (special order)
RO150S PVU I, 500units/EA
RO151S PVU II,5000 units/EA (special order)
RO152S AVA I, 2,000units/EA (special order)
RO152T AVA I (special order)
RO153S AVA II 2000 units (special order)
RO154S HGA I 100 units/EA (special order)
RO155S HINF I, 5,000units/EA
RO156L SAC I 10,000 units (special order)
RO156S SAC I, 2,000units/EA
RO157L SAC II 10,000 units (special order)
RO157S SAC II, 2,000units/EA
RO158S HPH I (special order)
RO160S BCL I, 3,000units/EA
RO161S ACC I, 1000units/EA
RO162L BSTE II 10,000 units/EA (special order)
RO162S BST E II 2000u (special order)
RO163L MNL I 2500 units (special order)
RO163S MNL I (special order)
RO167L RSA I 5000 units (special order)
RO167S RSA I 1,000 units/EA (special order)
RO168S BST NI 2000 units (special order)
RO169S SAU3A I, 200units/EA (special order)
RO171S HPA II (special order)
RO173S BBV I 300 units (special order)
RO174L AVR II 500 units (special order)
RO174S AVR II, 100 units/EA
RO175S DDE I 1000 units (special order)
RO176L DPN I 5000 units (special order)
RO176S DPN I 1000 units/EA
RO178S FNU 4HI 200 units (special order)
RO180S XMA I 500 0units/EA
RO182M SPH I 2500 units/EA (special order)
RO182S SPH I 500units/EA
RO185S TTH III I 400 units/EA (special order)
RO187S STU I, 1,000units/EA
RO189L NOT I (special order)
RO189M NOT I 5000 units (special order)
RO189S NOT I, 500units/EA
RO190S NAE I/EA, 500 units
RO191L NAR I 1000 u (special order)
RO191S NAR I, 200units/EA (special order)
RO192L NRU I 5000 units/EA (special order)
RO192S NRU I 1000 units (special order)
RO192T NRU I 1000 units (special order)
RO193L NCO I 5000 units/EA (special order)
RO193S NCO I, 1,000units/EA
RO194L XMN I 5000 units (special order)
RO194S XMN I 1000 units (special order)
RO195S ECOR V,4,000units/EA
RO197S CLA I, 1000units/EA
RO198L MLU I 5000 units (special order)
RO198S MLU I (special order)
RO199L BSSH II 2500 units (special order)
RO199S BSSH II 500units/EA (special order)
RO500S STY I 3000units (special order)
RO501L RSR II (special order)
RO501S RSR II (special order)
RO502S BSPM MI (special order)
RO503S ECO 0109 I (special order)
RO505S EAG I , 500 units/EA
RO506S PPU M I (special order)
RO507S APA LI (special order)
RO509S PFL MI (special order)
RO510S DRA III (special order)
RO514S ALW NI 500 units (special order)
RO515S PLE I 250 units (special order)
RO517S BSP HI (special order)
RO518S BST UI 1000 units (special order)
RO519L BST BI 12,500 units (special order)
RO519S BST B1 (special order)
RO520S AFL II (special order)
RO521S ECON I 1000 units (special order)
RO523S BSTY I 1000u (special order)
RO524S BSU36 I, 500units/EA (special order)
RO525L MSE I 2500 units (special order)
RO525S MSE I , 500 units/EA
RO526S ASE I 2000 units/EA (special order)
RO527S BSR I 1000 units (special order)
RO528S EAR I 500 units/EA (special order)
RO529S BSM AI 1000units (special order)
RO530S DRD I 300 units/EA (special order)
RO531S BSA AI 500 units (special order)
RO532S PML I (special order)
RO533S XCM I (special order)
RO534S MSC I 250u (special order)
RO535S BSA I 1000 units
RO537S BSA BI (special order)
RO538L MLU CI 5000 units/EA (special order)
RO538S MluCI, 10,000 Units, (SPECIAL ORDER)
RO539L BBS I 1500u (special order)
RO539S BBS I 300 units/EA (special order)
RO540S BSP E1 (special order)
RO541L AFL III 1250 units (special order)
RO541S AFL III (special order)
RO543L DPN II 5000 units (special order)
RO543S DPN II/EA, 1000 units (special order)
RO544S KAS I 250 units/EA (special order)
RO547L PAC I 1250 units (special order)
RO547S PAC I (special order)
RO551S ACI I (special order)
RO552L AGE I (special order)
RO552S AGE I (special order)
RO553S BSI WI 300 units (special order)
RO556S BSA HI 2000 units/EA (special order)
RO557S BspD I/2000 units/EA (special order)
RO558L ASC I 2500 units (special order)
RO558S ASC I 500 units
RO559L BSG I 250 units (special order)
RO559S BSG I 250u (special order)
RO560L PME I 2500 units/EA (special order)
RO560S PME I 500 units (special order)
RO561S SFC I (special order)
RO562S BSR FI 500 units (special order)
RO564S NGO M IV (special order)
RO565S BPM I 100 units/EA (special order)
RO566S APO I (special order)
RO567S BSA WI 100 units/EA (special order)
RO568L BFA I 2500 units (special order)
RO568S BFA I 500 units (special order)
RO569L SAP I 1250 units/EA (special order)
RO569S SAP I 250 units/EA
RO571L MSL I 1000 units (special order)
RO571S MSL I (special order)
RO572S BSMF 1 100u (special order)
RO573L MWO I 1500 units (special order)
RO574S BSR DI 200 units/EA (special order)
RO575S BSR G I 1000 units (special order)
RO579S CAC 8I 100 units/EA (special order)
RO580S BSM BI 200 units (special order)
RO581S BSER I (special order)
RO582S TSP RI (special order)
RO583S TSP45I 200 units/EA (special order)
RO585S BLP I 500 units/EA (special order)
RO587S BSS SI 200 units (special order)
RO588S FSE I 100 units (special order)
RO589S MFE I (special order)
RO593S PSH AI 1000 units (special order)
RO594L BST Z1I (specail order)
RO594S BST Z17I (special order)
RO599S ACC 65 I (special order)
RO600S BMR I 50 units (special order)
RO601S BBVC I (special order)
RO602S NSP I (special order)
RO603S SGR AI 1000 units (special order)
RO604S SWA I (special order)
RO605S SEX AI (special order)
RO606S SFO I 400 units (special order)
RO610S MLY I 1000 units/EA (special order)
RO611S PSP GI1000 units(special order)
RO614S BTS I 500 units (special order)
RO617S HPY188I (special order)
RO618S HPY CH4 III (special order)
RO619S HpyCH4 IV (special order)
RO620S HPYCH4 100 units/EA (special order)
RO622S HPY188 III 500 units (special order)
RO628S BMG BI (special order)
RO630S ASI S I 500u (special order)
RO631S Nb, BBV CI 1000 units/EA (special order)
RO632S NT BBV CI (special order)
RO634S ALE I 500 units (special order)
RO636L BFU CI (special order)
RO636S BFU CI 400u (special order)
RO637S MME I 100 units/EA (special order)
RO641S ACU I 300 units/EA (special order)
RO642S SBF I 400u (special order)
RO645S CSP CI 500 units (special order)
RO649S BPU10I 5000 units/EA (special order)
RO650S FAT I 50 units/EA (special order)
RO652S AFE I 200u (special order)
RO653S PSP OM I (special order)
RO655L PCI I 1000 units/EA (special order)
RO655S PCI I 200 units/EA (special order)
RO656S PSP XI (special order)
RO657S PSI I 200 units (special order)
RO658L BMT I 1500 units/EA (special order)
RO659S ZRA I 500 units (special order)
RO694S I-SCE I 500 units/EA (special order)
RO712S BSP QI 500 units (special order)
S1230S Random primer 6 (special order)
S1254S Random Primer 9 (special order)
S1402S Ribonucleoside Vanadyl (special order)
S1404S RNA Cap Structure Analog
S1411S RNA Cap Structure Analog/EA
S1506S 6-Tube Magnetic Separation pack (special order)
S1510S 2-Tube Magnetic Separation Pack/EA (special order)
S1550S Magnetic MRNA Isolation Kit (special order)
S1560S polyA Spin mRNA kit (special order)
S6651L Chitin Beads 100ml/EA
S6651S Chitin beads 20ml/EA (special order)
SS-1001 Gloves, latex, flock-lined, 9-9 /12,pair/EA
SS-1002 Gloves, Oak vinyl, large
SS-1003 Gloves, Oak vinyl, MED, 100/PK
SS-1004 Gloves,, Tech-One, LGE.100/PK
SS-1005 Gloves, , Tech-One, MED100/PK
SS-1006 Gloves, Tech-One, SM 100/PK
SS-1007 Gloves, Diamond Grip, LGE,100/PK
SS-1008 Gloves, , Diamond Grip, MED,100/PK
SS-1009 Gloves,, Diamond Grip, SM, 100/PK
SS-1010 Glove,,Luminance, LGE, 100/PK
SS-1011 Glove,Luminance,MED, 100/PK
SS-1012 Glove,Luminance,SM, 100/PK
SS-1013 Gloves, Nitrile, LGE/BX
SS-1014 Gloves, Nitrile, MED/BX
SS-1015 Gloves, Nitrile,SM/BX
SS-1016 Gloves, latex, flock-lined, 10-1 1/2, pair/EA
SS-1017 Gloves, latex, flock-lined, 8-8 1/2,pair/EA
SS-1018 Gloves,HD latex, MED, pair/EA NLA
SS-1020 Gloves,Diamond Grip,XLGE, 100/PK
SS-1021 Glove,Ltx,Evolution,LG,Pk/100
SS-1022 Glove,Ltx,Evolution,MED,Pk/100
SS-1023 Glove,Ltx,Evolution,SM,Pk/100
SS-1024 Monogoggle/EA
SS-1025 Goggles, Safety Astrospec 3000/EA
SS-1026 Ear Plugs/EA PAIR
SS-1027 First Aid Kit 50 people/EA
SS-1028 Mask, respirator and comfort N95, 5/PK
SS-1029 Apron vinyl, 6ml, 45x35,blue/EA
SS-1031 Lab Coats, Large/EA
SS-1032 Lab Coats, medium/EA
SS-1033 Labcoats, white, X-Large/EA
SS-1034 Labcoats, white, large/EA
SS-1035 Labcoats, white, med/EA
SS-1036 Sharps Container 1 gal/EA
SS-1037 Sharp Safety Inner Container, clear/EA
SS-1038 Sharp safety container/EA
SS-1039 Gloves, autoclave, 18, 1pr/PK
SS-1040 Gloves, Autoclave, Zetek Plus, pair/EA
SS-1041 Band-Aid/PK
SS-1049 Nitrile Flocked Glove size10/PR DO NOT REORDER
SS-1050 Lab coat, small/EA
SS-1051 Glove,Diamond Grip XSM, 100/PK
SS-1052 Gloves,Nitrile,XSM/PK
SS-1053 Gloves,Oak Vinyl Glove XLGE 100/pk
SS-1054 Gloves, Xceed,SM 250/PK
SS-1055 Gloves, Xceed,MED,250/PK
SS-1056 Gloves, XceedLGE,250/PK
SS-1057 Gloves,Xceed, XLGE, 230/PK
SS-1058 Glove, Comfort Grip,SM,100/PK
SS-1059 Gloves, Comfort Grip, MED,100/PK
SS-1060 Gloves, Comfort Grip,LGE, 100/PK
SS-1061 Gloves, Comfort Grip, XLGE,100/PK
SS-1062 Glove,Xceed, XSM,250/pk
SS-1063 Glove, Comfort Grip, XSM, 100/pk
SS-1064 Gloves, latex,flock lines size7/PR
SS-1065 Lab Coat extra small/EA
SS-1066 First Aid Kit 10 people/EA
TU-1001 Tygon Tubing, 0.8mm, 1ft/EA
TU-1002 Tygon Tubing, 2.4mm, 1ft/EA
TU-1003 Tygon Tubing, 3.2mm, 1ft/eA
TU-1004 Tygon Tubing, 3.2mm, 1ft/EA
TU-1005 Tygon Tubing, 4.8mm, 1ft/EA
TU-1006 Tygon Tubing, 6.4mm, 1ft/EA
TU-1007 Latex Tubing, 5/16, 1ft/EA
TU-1008 Tubing R-3603, 3/16x3/8, 1ft/EA
TU-1009 Tygon Tubing, 7.9mm, 1ft/EA
TU-1010 Tygon Tubing, 7.9mm, 1ft/EA
TU-1011 Tygon Tubing, 9.5mm, 1ft/EA
TU-1012 Tubing, braided, clear, 1/4, 1ft/EA
TU-1013 Latex Tubing 5/16, 1ft/EA
TU-1014 Tygon Tubing, 6.4mm, 1ft/EA
TU-1015 Tygon Tubing, 12.7mm, 1ft/EA
TU-1016 Tygon Tubing, 12.7mm, 1ft/EA
TU-1017 Tygon Tubing, 15.9mm, 1ft/EA
TU-1018 Tubing, Red, 3/8, 1ft/EA
TU-1019 Tygon Tubing, 19mm, 1ft/EA
TU-1020 Tygon Tubing, 15.9mm, 1ft/EA
TU-1021 Tubing, polyethylene, 1/4, 1ft/EA
VT-1001 Tubes, Centrifuge, 1/2x2/EA
VT-1002 Tubes, Centrifuge, 9/16x3 1/2/EA
VT-1003 Tubes, Centrifuge, , 5/8x2 1/2/EA
VT-1004 Tubes, Centrifuge, 9/16x3 3/4/EA
VT-1005 Tubes, Centrifuge, 1x3-1 1/2/EA
VT-1006 Tubes, Centrifuge, 5/8x3/EA
VT-1007 Tubes, Centrifuge, 1/2x2/EA
VT-1008 Tubes, Centrifuge, 5/8x4/EA
VT-1009 Tubes, Centrifuge, 1x3-12/EA
VT-1012 Tubes, Quick Seal, , EA
VT-1013 Tubes, 50ml, w/round bottoms/EA
VT-1014 Tubes, Nalgene, centrifuge, 30ml/EA
VT-1015 Vials, cryogenic, 2.0ml, 50/PK
VT-1016 Vials, cryogenic, 2.0ml, 50/PK
VT-1017 Vials,Cryrogenic,1.2 ml,50/pack
VT-1018 Bottles, centrifuge, 250ml/EA
VT-1020 Vials w/screw cap, 1/2 dr,144/PK
VT-1021 Vials, glass shell, 1 dr, 144/PK
VT-1022 Vials with closures, 1dr, 144/PK
VT-1023 Vial, scintillation, 20ml plastic, 100/PK
VT-1024 Vial, scintillation, 20ml glass,100/PK
VT-1025 Vial, scintillation, 7ml, 250/PK
VT-1026 Vial, scintillation, 7ml, 200/PK
VT-1027 Vial, scintillation, 20ml, 1000/PK
VT-1028 Culture Tubes w/Screw Cap, 144/PK
VT-1029 Culture Tubes, 250/PK
VT-1031 Test Tube w/Cap, 20x150mm, 12/PK
VT-1032 Culture Tubes, 10x75mm, 250/PK
VT-1033 Tube, round-bottom, 12x75mm, 125/PK
VT-1034 Tubes, round-bottom, 12x75mm/PK25
VT-1035 Culture Tubes, 13x100mm, 250/PK
VT-1036 Culture Tubes, 12x75mm, 250/PK
VT-1037 Tube Round Bottom 17x100mm, 25/PK
VT-1038 Culture Tubes, 18x150mm, 125/PK
VT-1039 Culture Tubes, 16x125mm, 250/PK
VT-1040 Amicon 100,000 Ultra-0.5 Filter Units, 8/PK
VT-1041 Amicon 30,000 Ultra-0.5 Filter Units 8/PK
VT-1042 Amicon 10,000 Ultra-0.5 Filter Units 8/PK
VT-1043 Amicon 100,000; Ultra-0.5 Filter Units/PK
VT-1044 Tube round bottom w-cap 12x75mm, 125/PK
VT-1045 Culture Tube 16x125mm,125/PK
VT-1046 Tube w/out cap 17x100mm, 25/PK
VT-1047 Tubes, polystyrene, 12x75mm, 25/PK
VT-1048 Tubes, round-bottom/PK 10
VT-1049 Tube round bottom w-cap 12X75mm/PK 10
VT-1050 Culture Tubes, 16x100mm, 250/PK
VT-1051 Culture Tubes, 16x150mm, 250/PK
VT-1052 Tube, with Cap, 17x100mm/PK 10
VT-1053 Microcentrifuge tubes .65ml, 1000/PK
VT-1056 Tubes, polystyrene, 17x100mm, 125/PK
VT-1057 Tubes, Sarstedt, 1.5ml, 500/PK
VT-1058 Microcentrifuge tubes, 2.0ml, 500/PK
VT-1059 Microcentrifuge tubes 1.7ml, 500/PK
VT-1060 PCR strip tube caps 80/PK
VT-1061 Avant Strip tubes 0.2ml/125 PK
VT-1062 PCR Strip w/ cap,125/PK
VT-1063 Uvette 50-200uL, 80/BOX
VT-1064 Cuvette 1.5ml, 100/PK
VT-1066 Cuvettes, disposable,1.5-3.0ml, 100/PK
VT-1068 Tube .2ml PCR 8 strip/PK
VT-1069 PCR strip tube flat cap/PK
VT-1070 Cuvette 90uL /PK
VT-1072 Centrifuge tube 15ml/PK of 50 BD
VT-1073 Tube 1.5ml VWR PK/500
VT-1076 Cuvette 1.5ml/PK 100
VT-1077 Cell Strainer/EA
VT-1079 Centrifuge Tube 15m rack/PK
VT-1080 Centrifube tube 15ml bulk pk 50/PK
VT-1081 Centrifuge tube 50ml rack/PK
VT-1082 Centrifuge tube 50ml bulk pk 50 /PK
VT-1083 Partec Filter 30um/EA
VT-1084 Partec Filter 50um/EA
VT-1085 Centrifuge tube 50ml bulk BD/PK 25
VT-1086 Centrifuge tube 50ml rack BD/PK 25
VT-1087 Cryogenic Vials, 1 ml, self standing/PK 100
VT-1088 Cryogenic Vials, 2ml, self standing/PK100
VT-1089 Cryogenic Vials, 2 ml, /PK 100
VT-1090 Culture Tubes,12.4 x 75, vented/PK 25
VT-1091 Culture Tube,18 x 95 , vented/PK 25
VT-1092 Centrifuge Tube, 50ml, BULK/PK 20
VT-1093 Centrifuge Tube, 15ml, rack/PK 50
VT-1094 Centrifuge Tube, 50ml, rack/PK 25
VT-1095 Culture tube 17x100mm, VWR/PK25
VT-1096 0.2ml PCR single tube, flat cap, sterile/PK 1000
VT-1097 Electro Cuvette 90 uL/PK