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Department of Biology

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Research Strengths


At Indiana University we have assembled a group of behavioral scientists whose cutting-edge research programs and commitment to training in animal behavior span multiple disciplines. Faculty are active in a broad range of exciting research areas, with major emphases on behavioral endocrinology, neuroethology, sensory processes, evolution and development, behavioral, ecology, social behavior and communication, and behavioral genetics. Students can explore a wide variety of research opportunities in both field and laboratory environments and employ a diverse array of vertebrate and invertebrate study systems. The strength of our group is our integrative, synthetic approach to the study of behavior. We believe that a complete understanding of behavior requires knowledge of the both the “why” and” how” of species-typical behavior, the means by which the environment influences the expression of behavior, and the physiological processes underlying behavior. Students and faculty are part of an interdepartmental network of resources, including the IU Research and Teaching Preserve, the Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics, and the Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior (CISAB). CISAB maintains a common-use Animal Behavior Laboratory within the biology department where students have access to state-of-the-art training in molecular, genetic, and endocrine techniques. Students with strong research interests in the ultimate and proximate mechanisms of behavior are especially encouraged to apply for admission.

Prospective students please note:  Emeritus faculty generally do not accept new graduate students.

Faculty Member Contact Description
Thumbnail photo for Greg Demas Greg Demas
Professor, Associate Chair for Research

Evolution, Ecology & Behavior
gdemas [at]
JH 265 / JH 267 (lab)
Behavioral endocrinology; neuroendocrine-immune interactions; aggression; biological rhythms; seasonality.
Thumbnail photo for Laura Hurley Laura Hurley
Associate Professor of Biology, Director CISAB-REU

Evolution, Ecology & Behavior
lhurley [at]
JH 243
Serotonin as a social neuromodulator of auditory processing
Thumbnail photo for Ellen Ketterson Ellen Ketterson
Distinguished Professor of Biology and Gender Studies

Evolution, Ecology & Behavior
ketterso [at]
JH 033
Behavioral, physiological, and evolutionary ecology; hormones and behavior; avian biology, mating systems and parental care; physiological basis of trade-offs in life histories; adaptation and constraint; avian migration.
Thumbnail photo for Marcy Kingsbury Marcy Kingsbury
Senior Scientist

mk24 [at]
JH A013
Neural and neuroendocrine mechanisms of social behavior, comparative neuroanatomy
Thumbnail photo for Curt Lively Curt Lively
Distinguished Professor of Biology

Evolution, Ecology & Behavior
clively [at]
JH 117B / JH 116/117 (lab)
Evolution and coevolution; sex, virulence and genetic diversity in host-parasite interactions.
Thumbnail photo for Emília Martins Emília Martins
Professor of Biology

Evolution, Ecology & Behavior
emartins [at]
JH 133B / JH 133 (lab)
Behavioral evolution, phylogenetics and informatics.
Thumbnail photo for Stephanie Mauthner Stephanie Mauthner
Assistant Scientist, Tracey Lab

mauthner [at]
(812) 856-2681
Thumbnail photo for Ronald Pearson Ronald Pearson
Research Associate/Raff Lab

rolepear [at]
Microbial ecology, evolution and behavior.
Thumbnail photo for  Kimberly Rosvall Kimberly Rosvall
Assistant Professor of Biology

Evolution, Ecology & Behavior
krosvall [at]
Ofc: JH A318A, Lab: JH A318
Evolution of behavior; neuroendocrine mechanisms of behavior; physiological mechanisms of phenotypic plasticity and adaptation; sexual selection; behavioral genomics; behavioral ecology
Thumbnail photo for Whitney Schlegel Whitney Schlegel
Associate Professor of Biology Part Time and Founding Director Human Biology

wreilly [at]
MO 117C
Integrative Biology and Human Physiology
Thumbnail photo for G. Troy Smith G. Troy Smith
Associate Professor of Biology, Director CISAB

Evolution, Ecology & Behavior
getsmith [at]
JH 270E / JH 270 (lab)
Neural and hormonal control of sexually dimorphic behavior.
Thumbnail photo for Nicholas Sokol Nicholas Sokol
Associate Professor of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
nsokol [at]
JH A504/JH A502A(lab)
Regulatory RNA pathways in stem cells and differentiation.
Thumbnail photo for W. Dan Tracey W. Dan Tracey
Linda and Jack Gill Chair and Associate Professor of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
dtracey [at]
ofc 856-2574 / lab 6-2876
ofc MSBII 204 / lab MSBII 250
Molecular and cellular mechanisms of nociception (pain) and of touch sensation; development of neuroscience research tools; high throughput methods for behavioral analysis; molecular genetics, confocal microscopy, electrophysiology
Thumbnail photo for Michael Wade Michael Wade
Distinguished Professor of Biology

Evolution, Ecology & Behavior
mjwade [at]
JH 131C / JH 131/145 (lab)
Evolution in Metapopulations; Genetic basis of speciation in Tribolium; Epistasis; Evolutionary genetics of maternal effects; Sexual selection and alternative male mating strategies; Coevolution of arthropod hosts and Wolbachia endosymbionts.
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