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Department of Biology

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Research Strengths

Chromatin, Chromosomes, and Genome Integrity

We have a strong community of labs in the Department of Biology that focus on various aspects of chromosome biology, including gene function, chromosome replication, chromosome transmission, chromosome structure, and the maintenance of genome integrity. Errors in these processes are associated with developmental abnormalities from plants to humans and can promote cancer. We use a variety of model systems to study these questions including yeast, plants, fruit flies, frogs, mice, and human cells. Interests include defining the mechanisms by which chromosomes are duplicated during S phase of the cell cycle (Calvi, Michaels, Ellison), and how these chromosomes are faithfully segregated to daughter cells during M phase (Zolan, Lacefield, Kaufman, Walczak, Pomerening, Ellison, Mazumdar). Two of our groups study how chromosome segregation is modified and regulated during meiosis (Zolan, Lacefield), an important question relevant to birth defects. We also have a major focus on how “epigenetic” modifications of chromatin regulates the cell cycle (Calvi, Michaels), gene silencing (Pikaard, Michaels, Calvi), and cancer (Mazumdar, Calvi, Nephew). There is significant interaction and exchange of ideas among the labs studying chromosome biology. We also have excellent core facilities to support our research, including state-of-the-art facilities for microscopy, genomics, genetics, and biochemistry. The collaborative community and wonderful facilities make IU Biology a great place to study chromatin, chromosomes, and genome integrity.

Prospective students please note:  Emeritus faculty generally do not accept new graduate students.

Faculty Member Contact Description
Thumbnail photo for Carol Anderson Carol Anderson
Assistant Professor of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
carola [at]
812-856-5603, 6-9901(lab)
JH 333
Meiosis, recombination, and DNA damage signaling
Thumbnail photo for Stephen Bell Stephen Bell
Professor of Biology and of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
stedbell [at]
812 856 2331
405A Simon Hall
Molecular Biology of the Archaea
Thumbnail photo for Brian Calvi Brian Calvi
Associate Professor of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
bcalvi [at]
JH 361B
Cell cycle control of DNA replication and genome stability.
Thumbnail photo for Peter Cherbas Peter Cherbas
Professor Emeritus of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
cherbas [at]
JH A317
Drosophila development and genomics; Nuclear receptors.
Thumbnail photo for Patricia Foster Patricia Foster
Professor Emerita of Biology

plfoster [at]
JH 447E / JH 447A(lab)
Mutagenesis, DNA repair, replication, and recombination.
Thumbnail photo for Peter Hollenhorst Peter Hollenhorst
Adjunct: Associate Professor, Medical Sciences

pchollen [at]
JH 209
Mechanisms of transcription factor specificity in cancer.
Thumbnail photo for Heather Hundley Heather Hundley
Adjunct: Assistant Professor, Medical Sciences

hahundle [at]
JH 213C
Post-transcriptional mechanisms of regulating gene expression.
Thumbnail photo for Thom Kaufman Thom Kaufman
Distinguished Professor of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
kaufman [at]
JH A508 / JH A505 (lab)
Cytogenetics, developmental genetics, and molecular genetics of Drosophila.
Thumbnail photo for Justin Kumar Justin Kumar
Professor of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
jkumar [at]
MY 202A
Regulation of Tissue/Organ Specification and Patterning
Thumbnail photo for Soni Lacefield Soni Lacefield
Associate Professor of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
sonil [at]
JH A315B
Mitotic and Meiotic Cell Cycle Regulation
Thumbnail photo for Jun Liu [missing] Jun Liu
Assistant Scientist, Hu Lab

liuju [at]
MY 240
Thumbnail photo for Michael Lynch Michael Lynch
Distinguished Professor of Biology, Class of 1954 Professor

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
milynch [at]
JH 324C / JH 327 (lab)
Evolution; population genetics and genomics; cell biology.
Thumbnail photo for Scott Michaels Scott Michaels
Professor of Biology and Director, Center for Genomics & Bioinformatics

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
michaels [at]
MY 316C / MY 359
Regulation of chromatin structure and gene expression by epigenetic modifications.
Thumbnail photo for Anirban Mitra Anirban Mitra
Affiliate Assistant Professor of Biology, Assistant Professor of Medical and Molecular Genetics

anmitra [at]
MY 200C
The role of microenvironment regulated microRNAs in promoting ovarian cancer metastasis.
Thumbnail photo for Heather O\'Hagan Heather O'Hagan
Affiliate Assistant Professor of Biology, Assistant Professor of Medical and Molecular Genetics

hmohagan [at]
JH 108
Mechanisms by which inflammation initiates cancer-specific epigenetic changes.
Thumbnail photo for Craig Pikaard Craig Pikaard
HHMI-GBMF Investigator, Carlos O. Miller Professor, and Distinguished Professor of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
cpikaard [at]
MY 300
Mechanisms of RNA-mediated gene silencing and large-scale epigenetic control.
Thumbnail photo for Jason Tennessen Jason Tennessen
Assistant Professor

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
jtenness [at]
855-9803 / 856-3616 (lab)
JH 343B / JH 341 (lab)
Studies of cancer metabolism using Drosophila as a model system
Thumbnail photo for Claire Walczak Claire Walczak
Adjunct: Professor, Medical Sciences

cwalczak [at]
MY 262 / MY 260 (lab)
Mechanisms of chromosome segregation and aneuploidy; identification of new targets for therapeutic development.
Thumbnail photo for Xindan Wang Xindan Wang
Assistant Professor of Biology

xindan [at]
JH 221C / JH 225 (lab)
Chromosome organization and segregation
Thumbnail photo for Gabriel Zentner Gabriel Zentner
Assistant Professor of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
gzentner [at]
812-856-7377 / 5-0221
MY 216B (office) / MY 230 (lab)
Epigenomic analysis of transcriptional regulation
Thumbnail photo for Miriam Zolan Miriam Zolan
Professor of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
mzolan [at]
JH A400B
Meiosis and DNA Repair
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