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Developmental Mechanisms and Regulation in Eukaryotic Systems

Developmental geneticists are fascinated by the question of how genetic instructions specify the morphological characteristics that make each species unique. Multicellular eukaryotes as diverse as humans, fruit flies or plants have in common their development from single cells that divide repeatedly in a highly regulated fashion to produce three-dimensional organisms displaying polarity (up versus down; front versus back) and symmetry. Neighboring cells can make differential use of their identical genomic information to form myriad cell types, tissues and organs with complex functions. For cells to achieve their specific fates, thousand of genes must be selectively activated and others must be repressed, with epigenetic chromatin modifications helping maintain the on or off states, depending on developmental and environmental cues. Molecules mediating intercellular signaling, cell-to-cell communication and long-distance transmission of growth signals (e.g. hormones) are also critical for orchestrating developmental processes. The GCDB Program at Indiana University is known for its breadth and depth of expertise in these aspects of modern developmental biology. Using numerous model organisms, and state-of-the art instruments for microscopy, cell sorting, and high-throughput analyses of whole genomes, regulatory RNAs and proteins, researchers within the GCDB program are pursuing answers to some of Biology’s most burning questions.

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Prospective students please note: Emeritus faculty generally do not accept new graduate students.

Faculty Member Contact Description
Thumbnail photo for Brian Calvi Brian Calvi
Associate Professor of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
bcalvi [at]
JH 361B
Cell cycle control of DNA replication and genome stability.
Thumbnail photo for Peter Cherbas Peter Cherbas
Professor Emeritus of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
cherbas [at]
JH A317
Drosophila development and genomics; Nuclear receptors.
Thumbnail photo for Christina Dann Christina Dann
Affiliate Asst. Scientist Biology, Asst. Scientist Chemistry Dept.

ctdann [at]
Myers 216B
Genetic and cellular studies of mouse spermatogonial stem cells.
Thumbnail photo for Roger Hangarter Roger Hangarter
Distinguished Professor of Biology, Class of 1968 Chancellor's Professor of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
rhangart [at]
MY 352 / MY 330 (lab)
Plant physiology: environmental sensory-response systems and plant development.
Thumbnail photo for Thom Kaufman Thom Kaufman
Distinguished Professor of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
kaufman [at]
JH A508 / JH A505 (lab)
Cytogenetics, developmental genetics, and molecular genetics of Drosophila.
Thumbnail photo for Justin Kumar Justin Kumar
Professor of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
jkumar [at]
MY 202A
Regulation of Tissue/Organ Specification and Patterning
Thumbnail photo for Ken Locey Ken Locey
Postdoctoral Fellow, Lennon Lab

kjlocey [at]

Biodiversity, macroecology, microbial ecology, commonness and rarity, dormancy and seed banks, ecological theory and modeling.
Thumbnail photo for Stephanie Mauthner Stephanie Mauthner
Assistant Scientist, Tracey Lab

mauthner [at]
(812) 856-2681
Thumbnail photo for Scott Michaels Scott Michaels
Professor of Biology and Director, Center for Genomics & Bioinformatics

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
michaels [at]
MY 316C / MY 359
Regulation of chromatin structure and gene expression by epigenetic modifications.
Thumbnail photo for Keithanne Mockaitis Keithanne Mockaitis
Associate Scientist

kmockait [at]
Lab MY 100
Thumbnail photo for Armin Moczek Armin Moczek
Professor of Biology

Evolution, Ecology & Behavior
armin [at]
MY 102D / MY 102 (lab)
Evolution and Development; Insect Genomics; Developmental Plasticity; Behavioral Ecology and Sexual Selection; Insect Endocrinology; Invasive Species and post-invasion Evolution; Natural History of Onthophagus beetles.
Thumbnail photo for John Murray John Murray
Senior Scientist, Hu Lab

murrayjo [at]
MY 230
Thumbnail photo for Craig Pikaard Craig Pikaard
HHMI-GBMF Investigator, Carlos O. Miller Professor, and Distinguished Professor of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
cpikaard [at]
MY 300
Mechanisms of RNA-mediated gene silencing and large-scale epigenetic control.
Thumbnail photo for Elizabeth Raff Elizabeth Raff
Professor of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
raff [at]
MY 100A
Specification of three-dimensional biological form.
Thumbnail photo for Erik Ragsdale Erik Ragsdale
Assistant Professor of Biology

Evolution, Ecology & Behavior
ragsdale [at]
(812) 856-1946
Myers Hall 100C
Genetic regulation and evolution of developmental plasticity; nematode systematics and natural history.
Thumbnail photo for Nicholas Sokol Nicholas Sokol
Associate Professor of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
nsokol [at]
JH A504/JH A502A(lab)
Regulatory RNA pathways in stem cells and differentiation.
Thumbnail photo for Jason Tennessen Jason Tennessen
Assistant Professor

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
jtenness [at]
855-9803 / 856-3616 (lab)
JH 343B / JH 341 (lab)
Studies of cancer metabolism using Drosophila as a model system
Thumbnail photo for W. Dan Tracey W. Dan Tracey
Linda and Jack Gill Chair and Associate Professor of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
dtracey [at]
ofc 856-2574 / lab 6-2876
ofc MSBII 204 / lab MSBII 250
Molecular and cellular mechanisms of nociception (pain) and of touch sensation; development of neuroscience research tools; high throughput methods for behavioral analysis; molecular genetics, confocal microscopy, electrophysiology
Thumbnail photo for Andrew Zelhof Andrew Zelhof
Associate Professor of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
azelhof [at]
JH 357A
Photoreceptor cell morphogenesis
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