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Genomics and Bioinformatics

Inexpensive whole genome sequencing and other high-throughput technologies are revolutionizing the ways that we address fundamental questions in biology from how organisms evolve to how cells become cancerous. Because of the unprecedented amounts of data these technologies make available, we can begin to address biological questions in their full complexity.  Long recognized as a leader in the field of evolutionary biology, Indiana University is now leading the way in applying genome-level analyses to diverse biological questions.  Answering those questions is most often an interdisciplinary activity, requiring the skills of statisticians, computer scientists, and bioinformaticians as well as biologists.  The Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics supports our efforts by providing next generation DNA sequencing and by helping to create and support these necessary–and exciting–interdisciplinary collaborations.  The faculty listed below use genomic and bioinformatic approaches to study diverse problems, including: genome evolution, gene regulatory networks, environmental adaptation, the impact of horizontal gene transfer between organisms, speciation, the evolution of behavior, the human microbiome, and many other aspects of biology.  Please check out the web pages of the individual investigators below for more details on the exciting ways IU scientists are applying genomics and bioinformatics to understand life on earth.

Prospective students please note:  Emeritus faculty generally do not accept new graduate students.

Faculty Member Contact Description
Thumbnail photo for Carol Anderson Carol Anderson
Assistant Professor of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
carola [at]
812-856-5603, 6-9901(lab)
JH 333
Meiosis, recombination, and DNA damage signaling
Thumbnail photo for Volker Brendel Volker Brendel
Professor of Biology and Computer Science

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
vbrendel [at]
SI 205C
Thumbnail photo for Yves Brun Yves Brun
Distinguished Professor of Biology, Clyde Culbertson Professor of Biology

ybrun [at]
JH 447G / JH 447F (lab)
Mechanism, regulation, and evolution of bacterial shape, differentiation, and biofilm formation.
Thumbnail photo for Peter Cherbas Peter Cherbas
Professor Emeritus of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
cherbas [at]
JH A317
Drosophila development and genomics; Nuclear receptors.
Thumbnail photo for Ankur Dalia Ankur Dalia
Assistant Professor of Biology

ankdalia [at]
812-856-1895 (office)
JH 469A (ofc), JH 455 (lab)
Mechanisms and regulation of biofilm formation, natural transformation, and metabolism in Vibrio cholerae. Using and developing novel genetic tools to dissect the biology of bacterial pathogens and to develop naturally competent microbes for novel biotechnology applications.
Thumbnail photo for Patricia Foster Patricia Foster
Professor Emerita of Biology

plfoster [at]
JH 447E / JH 447A(lab)
Mutagenesis, DNA repair, replication, and recombination.
Thumbnail photo for Don Gilbert Don Gilbert
Senior Scientist

gilbertd [at]
unlisted phone
JH 336A
Genome informatics and biology public digital libraries.
Thumbnail photo for Matthew Hahn Matthew Hahn
Professor of Biology and Informatics

Evolution, Ecology & Behavior
mwh [at]
JH 249B / JH 249 (lab)
Computational and evolutionary genomics; evolution of transcriptional regulation; molecular population genetics.
Thumbnail photo for Peter Hollenhorst Peter Hollenhorst
Adjunct: Associate Professor, Medical Sciences

pchollen [at]
JH 209
Mechanisms of transcription factor specificity in cancer.
Thumbnail photo for David Kehoe David Kehoe
Professor of Biology

dkehoe [at]
JH A413A
Environmental regulation of gene expression in bacteria.
Thumbnail photo for Eric Knox Eric Knox
Director, IU Herbarium; Senior Scientist

Evolution, Ecology & Behavior
eknox [at]
JH A313
Plant evolution, speciation, phylogenetic systematics, chloroplast genome evolution; horizontal gene transfer; flora of Indiana.
Thumbnail photo for Jay T. Lennon Jay T. Lennon
Associate Professor

Evolution, Ecology & Behavior
lennonj [at]
856-0962 / 6-7235 (lab)
JH 261B / JH 261 (lab)
Microbial Ecology and Evolution
Thumbnail photo for Michael Lynch Michael Lynch
Distinguished Professor of Biology, Class of 1954 Professor

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
milynch [at]
JH 324C / JH 327 (lab)
Evolution; population genetics and genomics; cell biology.
Thumbnail photo for Emília Martins Emília Martins
Professor of Biology

Evolution, Ecology & Behavior
emartins [at]
JH 133B / JH 133 (lab)
Behavioral evolution, phylogenetics and informatics.
Thumbnail photo for Jake McKinlay Jake McKinlay
Assistant Professor of Biology

jmckinla [at]
JH A309 / A308 (lab)
Microbial metabolism and its role in cell physiology, the environment, and biotechnology.
Thumbnail photo for Anirban Mitra Anirban Mitra
Affiliate Assistant Professor of Biology, Assistant Professor of Medical and Molecular Genetics

anmitra [at]
MY 200C
The role of microenvironment regulated microRNAs in promoting ovarian cancer metastasis.
Thumbnail photo for Keithanne Mockaitis Keithanne Mockaitis
Associate Scientist

kmockait [at]
Lab MY 100
Thumbnail photo for Armin Moczek Armin Moczek
Professor of Biology

Evolution, Ecology & Behavior
armin [at]
MY 102D / MY 102 (lab)
Evolution and Development; Insect Genomics; Developmental Plasticity; Behavioral Ecology and Sexual Selection; Insect Endocrinology; Invasive Species and post-invasion Evolution; Natural History of Onthophagus beetles.
Thumbnail photo for Leonie Moyle Leonie Moyle
Professor of Biology

Evolution, Ecology & Behavior
lmoyle [at]
JH 325C / JH 325 (lab)
Genetics of speciation and adaptation, Comparative genomics, Evolutionary ecology, Plant reproduction.
Thumbnail photo for Irene Garcia Newton Irene Garcia Newton
Assistant Professor of Biology

irnewton [at]
JH 217
Functional and evolutionary genomics of symbiosis
Thumbnail photo for Heather O\'Hagan Heather O'Hagan
Affiliate Assistant Professor of Biology, Assistant Professor of Medical and Molecular Genetics

hmohagan [at]
JH 108
Mechanisms by which inflammation initiates cancer-specific epigenetic changes.
Thumbnail photo for Jeffrey Palmer Jeffrey Palmer
Distinguished Professor and Class of 1955 Professor

Evolution, Ecology & Behavior
jpalmer [at]
JH 235C / JH 229/235 (lab)
Horizontal gene transfer in plants and fungi. Evolution of plant mitochondrial genomes. Intracellular transfer of organellar genes to the nucleus. Evolution of mutation rates.
Thumbnail photo for Erik Ragsdale Erik Ragsdale
Assistant Professor of Biology

Evolution, Ecology & Behavior
ragsdale [at]
(812) 856-1946
Myers Hall 100C
Genetic regulation and evolution of developmental plasticity; nematode systematics and natural history.
Thumbnail photo for Loren Rieseberg Loren Rieseberg
Distinguished Professor of Biology

Evolution, Ecology & Behavior
lriesebe [at]
unlisted phone
MY 330
Plant evolutionary genomics; speciation; domestication; invasiveness; Compositae genomics; conservation.
Thumbnail photo for Dean Rowe-Magnus Dean Rowe-Magnus
Associate Professor of Biology

drowemag [at]
JH 451(lab)
Integrons and Super-Integrons; biofilm formation; c-di-GMP signalling pathways; natural competence; ecology and pathogenesis in the Vibrionaceae.
Thumbnail photo for Milton Taylor Milton Taylor
Professor Emeritus of Biology

taymil [at]
JH 336A
The interferon response in hepatitis C patients. A study using DNA array technology to explain the differences in response to treatment and decrease in viral titer.
Thumbnail photo for Ho-Ching Tiffany Tsui Ho-Ching Tiffany Tsui
Senior Scientist, Winkler Lab

tttsui [at]
856-1781 / 6-1184
JHA410 / JHA403 (lab)
Dynamics and mechanisms of peptidoglycan (PG) biosynthesis in S. pneumoniae
Thumbnail photo for Julia van Kessel Julia Van Kessel
Assistant Professor of Biology

jcvk [at]
812-856-2235/lab 6-7507
JH A317/lab JH A316
Bacterial cell-cell communication (quorum sensing); gene regulation; bacterial development; microbial genetics and biochemistry
Thumbnail photo for Malcolm Winkler Malcolm Winkler
Professor of Biology; Microbiology Section Associate Chair

mwinkler [at]
JH A414 / JH A410 (lab)
Physiology, molecular genetics, and pathogenesis of the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumococcus).
Thumbnail photo for Gabriel Zentner Gabriel Zentner
Assistant Professor of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
gzentner [at]
812-856-7377 / 5-0221
MY 216B (office) / MY 230 (lab)
Epigenomic analysis of transcriptional regulation
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