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Department of Biology

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Plant Molecular Biology

At Indiana University we have a world-class group of researchers interested in diverse aspects of Plant Molecular Biology. Our common goal is to understand the molecular mechanisms by which plants grow, differentiate, evolve, and interact with the biotic and abiotic environments. We have particular strengths in plant development, epigenetics, host/pathogen interactions, environmental sensory-response systems, cytoskeletal dynamics, and genome evolution. Many of our laboratories use Arabidopsis as their primary model system; however, we make use of other plant models as well. The Department of Biology provides an excellent setting for research in Plant Molecular Biology. A core group of five Arabidopsis laboratories are located in modern, open, and contiguous space on the third floor of Myers Hall, providing students with a scientific environment in which they can readily seek advice, discuss new ideas, and learn new techniques from an extended community of researchers. In addition to excellent laboratory space, we have abundant greenhouse space and numerous environmentally controlled growth chambers. If you are interested in Plant Molecular Biology at Indiana University, please feel free to contact any of our affiliated faculty.

Prospective students please note:  Emeritus faculty generally do not accept new graduate students.

Faculty Member Contact Description
Thumbnail photo for Volker Brendel Volker Brendel
Professor of Biology and Computer Science

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
vbrendel [at]
SI 205C
Thumbnail photo for Lynda Delph Lynda Delph
Professor of Biology; Evolution, Ecology & Behavior Section Associate Chair

Evolution, Ecology & Behavior
ldelph [at]
JH 119B / JH 116/121 (lab)
Evolutionary genetics and ecology; plant reproductive biology.
Thumbnail photo for Roger Hangarter Roger Hangarter
Distinguished Professor of Biology, Class of 1968 Chancellor's Professor of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
rhangart [at]
MY 352 / MY 330 (lab)
Plant physiology: environmental sensory-response systems and plant development.
Thumbnail photo for Roger Innes Roger Innes
Professor of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
rinnes [at]
MY 316B / MY 302 (lab)
Molecular genetics of plant/pathogen interactions.
Thumbnail photo for David Kehoe David Kehoe
Professor of Biology

dkehoe [at]
JH A413A
Environmental regulation of gene expression in bacteria.
Thumbnail photo for Eric Knox Eric Knox
Director, IU Herbarium; Senior Scientist

Evolution, Ecology & Behavior
eknox [at]
JH A313
Plant evolution, speciation, phylogenetic systematics, chloroplast genome evolution; horizontal gene transfer; flora of Indiana.
Thumbnail photo for Scott Michaels Scott Michaels
Professor of Biology and Director, Center for Genomics & Bioinformatics

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
michaels [at]
MY 316C / MY 359
Regulation of chromatin structure and gene expression by epigenetic modifications.
Thumbnail photo for Keithanne Mockaitis Keithanne Mockaitis
Associate Scientist

kmockait [at]
Lab MY 100
Thumbnail photo for Jeffrey Palmer Jeffrey Palmer
Distinguished Professor and Class of 1955 Professor

Evolution, Ecology & Behavior
jpalmer [at]
JH 235C / JH 229/235 (lab)
Horizontal gene transfer in plants and fungi. Evolution of plant mitochondrial genomes. Intracellular transfer of organellar genes to the nucleus. Evolution of mutation rates.
Thumbnail photo for Craig Pikaard Craig Pikaard
HHMI-GBMF Investigator, Carlos O. Miller Professor, and Distinguished Professor of Biology

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
cpikaard [at]
MY 300
Mechanisms of RNA-mediated gene silencing and large-scale epigenetic control.
Thumbnail photo for Sidney Shaw Sidney Shaw
Associate Professor of Biology and Technical Director, Light Microscopy Imaging Center

Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
sishaw [at]
MY 354
Microtubule dynamics and cellular morphogenesis in Arabidopsis.
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