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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Graduate Studies

Floyd Microbiology Summer Fellowship


The Floyd Microbiology Summer Fellowship is available for PhD students performing research in microbiology, who are in good standing, and in years 2-5 of their graduate studies. 

First preference will be given to students in the Microbiology program. Second preference will go to students in other PhD programs as long as they are in a Microbiology-affiliated lab.

Note: Students whose research deals with plant- or fungus-microbe interactions and focuses mostly on the plant/fungus side should apply for the Floyd Plant & Fungal Biology Summer Fellowship.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • To be eligible, students must be making progress towards their degree and be engaged full-time in dissertation or thesis-related activities (research and/or classwork) during the summer.
  • Students must provide a cohesive and feasible summer research plan, which will contribute to the overall dissertation project.
  • To be eligible for future Floyd Microbiology Summer Fellowships, awardees must show that they have completed previous goals and have continued on a positive trajectory in their dissertation project.


(to be determined)

Limited to a maximum of three per lab.

Special Application Materials:

Submit all materials listed on the Floyd Microbiology Summer Fellowship application form

The student’s faculty advisor must submit a letter of endorsement separately. The letter should assess the following attributes of the applicant:

  • Intellectual prowess
  • Independence as a researcher
  • Ownership of the project
  • Productivity on project
  • Committee meetings (has the student met with the thesis committee, is the committee supportive of the current research plan?)
  • Progress toward degree and the projected completion date

Learn More:

Contact Dean Rowe-Magnus if you have questions about this award or the application procedure.

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