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Department of Biology

Graduate Studies

Evolution, Ecology & Behavior Graduate Program

Core Training Faculty

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Prospective Graduate Students:  Please note that Professors Jim Bever, Sue Carter, Keith Clay, Jeff Palmer, Rudy Raff, Loren Rieseberg, and Maxine Watson are not accepting new students.

Core Faculty Contact Description
Thumbnail photo for Farrah Bashey-Visser Farrah Bashey-Visser
Assistant Scientist
fbasheyv [at]
Sycamore Hall 039
Evolutionary ecology of life-history and social strategies, evolution of virulence.
Thumbnail photo for Sue Carter Sue Carter
Rudy Professor of Biology, Director of The Kinsey Institute
cscarter [at]
(812) 855-7686
Morrison Hall 313
Social bonding, the role of Oxytocin in mental disorders, traits of monogamy and pair-bond formation.
Thumbnail photo for Keith Clay Keith Clay
Distinguished Professor of Biology
clay [at]
JH 159B / JH 159 (lab)
Microbial interactions: ecology, symbiosis, disease.
Thumbnail photo for Lynda Delph Lynda Delph
Distinguished Professor of Biology; Evolution, Ecology & Behavior Section Associate Chair
ldelph [at]
JH 119B / JH 116/121 (lab)
Evolutionary genetics and ecology; plant reproductive biology.
Thumbnail photo for Greg Demas Greg Demas
Professor, Associate Chair for Research
gdemas [at]
JH 265 / JH 267 (lab)
Behavioral endocrinology; neuroendocrine-immune interactions; aggression; biological rhythms; seasonality.
Thumbnail photo for Matthew Hahn Matthew Hahn
Professor of Biology and Informatics
mwh [at]
JH 249B / JH 249 (lab)
Computational and evolutionary genomics; evolution of transcriptional regulation; molecular population genetics.
Thumbnail photo for Spencer Hall Spencer Hall
Professor of Biology
sprhall [at]
JH 239B/239(Lab)
Ecology of infectious disease and food web interactions in freshwater environments.
Thumbnail photo for Laura Hurley Laura Hurley
Associate Professor of Biology, Director CISAB-REU
lhurley [at]
JH 243
Serotonin as a social neuromodulator of auditory processing
Thumbnail photo for Ellen Ketterson Ellen Ketterson
Distinguished Professor of Biology and Gender Studies
ketterso [at]
JH 033
Behavioral, physiological, and evolutionary ecology; hormones and behavior; avian biology, mating systems and parental care; physiological basis of trade-offs in life histories; adaptation and constraint; avian migration.
Thumbnail photo for Eric Knox Eric Knox
Director, IU Herbarium; Senior Scientist
eknox [at]
JH A313
Plant evolution, speciation, phylogenetic systematics, chloroplast genome evolution; horizontal gene transfer; flora of Indiana.
Thumbnail photo for Jay T. Lennon Jay T. Lennon
Associate Professor
lennonj [at]
856-0962 / 6-7235 (lab)
JH 261B / JH 261 (lab)
Microbial Ecology and Evolution
Thumbnail photo for Curt Lively Curt Lively
Distinguished Professor of Biology
clively [at]
JH 117B / JH 116/117 (lab)
Evolution and coevolution; sex, virulence and genetic diversity in host-parasite interactions.
Thumbnail photo for Michael Lynch Michael Lynch
Distinguished Professor of Biology, Class of 1954 Professor
lynchlab [at]
JH 324C / JH 327 (lab)
Evolution; population genetics and genomics; cell biology.
Thumbnail photo for Emília Martins Emília Martins
Professor of Biology
emartins [at]
JH 133B / JH 133 (lab)
Behavioral evolution, phylogenetics and informatics.
Thumbnail photo for Armin Moczek Armin Moczek
Professor of Biology
armin [at]
MY 102D / MY 102 (lab)
Evolution and Development; Insect Genomics; Developmental Plasticity; Behavioral Ecology and Sexual Selection; Insect Endocrinology; Invasive Species and post-invasion Evolution; Natural History of Onthophagus beetles.
Thumbnail photo for Leonie Moyle Leonie Moyle
Professor of Biology
lmoyle [at]
JH 325C / JH 325 (lab)
Genetics of speciation and adaptation, Comparative genomics, Evolutionary ecology, Plant reproduction.
Thumbnail photo for Jeffrey Palmer Jeffrey Palmer
Distinguished Professor and Class of 1955 Professor
jpalmer [at]
JH 235C / JH 229/235 (lab)
Horizontal gene transfer in plants and fungi. Evolution of plant mitochondrial genomes. Intracellular transfer of organellar genes to the nucleus. Evolution of mutation rates.
Thumbnail photo for Richard Phillips Richard Phillips
Associate Professor of Biology, Director of Research (RTP)
rpp6 [at]
Jordan Hall 247
Ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry: Consequences of human-accelerated environmental change on plant-soil-microbial Interactions.
Thumbnail photo for Rudolf Raff Rudolf Raff
Distinguished Professor and James H. Rudy Professor of Biology
raffr [at]
MY 102A
Evolutionary developmental biology; Evolution of early development; Larval origins; How embryos fossilize.
Thumbnail photo for Erik Ragsdale Erik Ragsdale
Assistant Professor of Biology
ragsdale [at]
(812) 856-1946
Myers Hall 100C
Genetic regulation and evolution of developmental plasticity; nematode systematics and natural history.
Thumbnail photo for Heather Reynolds Heather Reynolds
Associate Professor of Biology
hlreynol [at]
JH 155A
Plant community ecology; plant-soil-microbial interactions.
Thumbnail photo for Loren Rieseberg Loren Rieseberg
Distinguished Professor of Biology
lriesebe [at]
unlisted phone
MY 330
Plant evolutionary genomics; speciation; domestication; invasiveness; Compositae genomics; conservation.
Thumbnail photo for  Kimberly Rosvall Kimberly Rosvall
Assistant Professor of Biology
krosvall [at]
Ofc: JH A318A, Lab: JH A318
Evolution of behavior; neuroendocrine mechanisms of behavior; physiological mechanisms of phenotypic plasticity and adaptation; sexual selection; behavioral genomics; behavioral ecology
Thumbnail photo for G. Troy Smith G. Troy Smith
Associate Professor of Biology, Director CISAB
getsmith [at]
JH 270E / JH 270 (lab)
Neural and hormonal control of sexually dimorphic behavior.
Thumbnail photo for Michael Wade Michael Wade
Distinguished Professor of Biology
mjwade [at]
JH 131C / JH 131/145 (lab)
Evolution in Metapopulations; Genetic basis of speciation in Tribolium; Epistasis; Evolutionary genetics of maternal effects; Sexual selection and alternative male mating strategies; Coevolution of arthropod hosts and Wolbachia endosymbionts.
Thumbnail photo for Maxine Watson Maxine Watson
Professor Emerita of Biology
watsonm [at]
855-5591 / 855-7804 (lab)
JH A303 / JHA302C (lab)
Plant developmental ecology.
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