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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Graduate Studies

Evolution, Ecology & Behavior Graduate Program

Affiliated Training Faculty

Prospective Graduate Students:  Please note that Professor Jim Bever is not accepting new students at IU.

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Affiliated Faculty Contact Description
Thumbnail photo for James Bever James Bever
Professor of Biology
Evolution, Ecology & Behavior
jbever [at]

Ecology and evolution of plants and fungi.
Thumbnail photo for Yves Brun Yves Brun
Clyde Culbertson Professor of Biology
ybrun [at]
JH 447G / JH 447F (lab)
Mechanism, regulation, and evolution of bacterial shape, differentiation, and biofilm formation.
Thumbnail photo for Clay Fuqua Clay Fuqua
Professor and Chair of Biology
cfuqua [at]
JH 425E /JH 425 (lab)
Attachment, biofilm formation, multicellularity and disease ecology of Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Thumbnail photo for Roger Hangarter Roger Hangarter
Distinguished Professor of Biology, Class of 1968 Chancellor's Professor of Biology
Genome, Cell & Developmental Biology
rhangart [at]
MY 352 / MY 330 (lab)
Plant physiology: environmental sensory-response systems and plant development.
Thumbnail photo for Elizabeth Housworth Elizabeth Housworth
Adjunct: Professor of Mathematics
ehouswor [at]
RH 371
Statistical genetics and phylogenetics.
Thumbnail photo for Lisa Lloyd Lisa Lloyd
Adjunct: Professor of History and Philosophy of Science
ealloyd [at]
Goodbody 130
Units and levels of selection; the evolution of female orgasm; history and philosophy of biology.
Thumbnail photo for Dale Sengelaub Dale Sengelaub
Adjunct: Professor of Psychology
sengelau [at]
PSY 372
Neural development; neural plasticity; hormones and behavior.
Thumbnail photo for Roderick Suthers [missing] Roderick Suthers
Adjunct: Professor, Medical Sciences
suthers [at]
812-855-8353/ 5-8709 (lab
JH 308 / JH 31/315 (lab)
Neuroethology of acoustic communication.
Thumbnail photo for William Timberlake William Timberlake
Adjunct: Professor of Psychology
timberla [at]
PSY 324
Analysis of the perceptual-motor, regulatory, rhythmic, and neurophysiological structures and processes that underlie behavior.
Thumbnail photo for Meredith West Meredith West
Adjunct: Class of 1971 Chancellor's Professor of Psychology
mewest [at]
PY 348
Development of communicative behavior.
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