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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Graduate Studies

Evolution, Ecology & Behavior Graduate Program

Our interdisciplinary program provides a large number of potential research advisors, including adjunct faculty in Medical Sciences, Psychology, and SPEA.  New students are encouraged to participate in "lab rotations" to sample the interests, approaches, and styles of different laboratories.  This allows informed decisions about what area of research to pursue and which laboratory to join.  Students in the program may graduate with a Ph.D. in Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior or in Plant Sciences and may also earn a Certificate in Animal Behavior.

Why Come to Indiana University's EEB Program?

  • Long and illustrious history of evolutionary research at the university.
  • Widely recognized as one of the top EEB graduate programs anywhere.
  • Individually tailored training programs allow students to develop their own interests and excel creatively.
  • Exceptionally collegial, cooperative, and rigorous research environment.
  • Our large and active faculty provides unrivaled opportunities for training in a range of specializations within EEB.
  • Our outstanding graduate students provide an unparalleled set of colleagues that greatly enhance our training mission.
  • Generous financial support that is guaranteed for five years.
  • Bloomington is a beautiful, easy-to-commute, affordable community that is often ranked in "most-desirable places to live" lists.
  • Bloomington's musical and other arts offerings are world-class.
  • Bloomington offers a wealth of outdoor recreation opportunities in beautiful surroundings. We are located in one of the largest hardwood forest areas in the United States with hills, hollows, lakes, rivers, and many "blue highways."

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