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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Graduate Studies

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Graduate Studies in Biology

We are a large unified department with world-class research spanning the breadth of biological questions and experimental systems — from ecosystems to nanobiology, from evolution to cell and molecular biology to systems biology and bioinformatics.  This is an exciting time for Biology — enormous advances in global genome analysis coupled with unprecedented developments in interdisciplinary research have made the 21st century the Century of Biology.  We invite you to join us in these exciting times.

Indiana University and the state of Indiana are undertaking key initiatives in the life sciences.  The biology department is in an exciting period of growth, including recruitment of many new faculty researchers.  A major new research building adjacent to the current biology buildings opened in 2008, completing a major science corridor including biology, biochemistry and structural biology, medical sciences, chemistry, and physics.

Biology graduate programs offer opportunities for cutting edge research training in key areas of behavior, biochemistry, cell and developmental biology, ecology, evo-devo, evolution, genetics, genomics, microbiology, molecular biology, and plant biology.  First and foremost, our graduate students have the opportunity to become superb researchers in their chosen area of specialization.  Our students learn how to plan and critically analyze scientific research, give seminars, write high-quality research papers, and get grants funded.  Our degree programs are designed to allow maximum intellectual development and training for a multitude of futures, from university-level research and teaching, to the biotechnology industry, to non-profit environmental work.

Please explore our website for a closer look at the exciting possibilities we have to offer.  This is a terrific place to do science — come join us.

Roger Hangarter

Director of Graduate Studies

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