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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Graduate Studies

Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology Graduate Program

Core Training Faculty

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Core Faculty Contact Description
Thumbnail photo for Stephen Bell Stephen Bell
stedbell [at]
812 856 2331
405A Simon Hall
Molecular Biology of the Archaea
Thumbnail photo for Volker Brendel Volker Brendel
Professor of Biology and Computer Science
vbrendel [at]
SI 205C
Thumbnail photo for Brian Calvi Brian Calvi
Associate Professor of Biology
bcalvi [at]
JH 361B
Cell cycle control of DNA replication and genome stability.
Thumbnail photo for Peter Cherbas Peter Cherbas
Emeritus Professor of Biology
cherbas [at]
JH A317
Drosophila development and genomics; Nuclear receptors.
Thumbnail photo for Roger Hangarter Roger Hangarter
Class of 1968 Chancellor's Professor
rhangart [at]
MY 352 / MY 330 (lab)
Plant physiology: environmental sensory-response systems and plant development.
Thumbnail photo for Ke Hu Ke Hu
Associate Professor of Biology
kehu [at]
MY 216A / MY 230 (lab)
The Cytoskeletal Biogenesis of Apicomplexan Parasites
Thumbnail photo for Roger Innes Roger Innes
Professor of Biology
rinnes [at]
MY 316B / MY 302 (lab)
Molecular genetics of plant/pathogen interactions.
Thumbnail photo for Thom Kaufman Thom Kaufman
Distinguished Professor of Biology
kaufman [at]
JH A508 / JH A505 (lab)
Cytogenetics, developmental genetics, and molecular genetics of Drosophila.
Thumbnail photo for Justin Kumar Justin Kumar
Associate Professor of Biology
jkumar [at]
MY 202A / MY 202 (lab)
Tissue Specification and Patterning in Drosophila.
Thumbnail photo for Soni Lacefield Soni Lacefield
Assistant Professor of Biology
sonil [at]
JH A315B
Mitotic and Meiotic Cell Cycle Regulation
Thumbnail photo for Michael Lynch Michael Lynch
Distinguished Professor of Biology, Class of 1954 Professor
milynch [at]
JH 324C / JH 327 (lab)
Evolution; population genetics and genomics; cell biology.
Thumbnail photo for Scott Michaels Scott Michaels
Professor and Director Center for Genomics & Bioinformatics
michaels [at]
MY 316C / MY 359
Regulation of chromatin structure and gene expression by epigenetic modifications.
Thumbnail photo for Craig Pikaard Craig Pikaard
HHMI-GBMF Investigator, Carlos O. Miller Professor, and Distinguished Professor of Biology
cpikaard [at]
MY 300
Mechanisms of RNA-mediated gene silencing and large-scale epigenetic control.
Thumbnail photo for Elizabeth Raff Elizabeth Raff
Professor of Biology
raff [at]
MY 100A
Specification of three-dimensional biological form.
Thumbnail photo for Sidney Shaw Sidney Shaw
Associate Professor of Biology
sishaw [at]
MY 354
Microtubule dynamics and cellular morphogenesis in Arabidopsis.
Thumbnail photo for Nicholas Sokol Nicholas Sokol
Assistant Professor of Biology
nsokol [at]
JH A504/JH A502A(lab)
MicroRNA Function in Drosophila.
Thumbnail photo for Jason Tennessen Jason Tennessen
Assistant Professor
jtenness [at]
855-9803 / 856-3616 (lab)
JH 343B / JH 341 (lab)
Studies of cancer metabolism using Drosophila as a model system
Thumbnail photo for W. Dan Tracey W. Dan Tracey
Associate Professor of Biology
dtracey [at]
ofc 856-2574 / lab 6-2876
ofc MSBII 204 / lab MSBII 250
Molecular and cellular mechanisms of nociception (pain) and of touch sensation; development of neuroscience research tools; high throughput methods for behavioral analysis; molecular genetics, confocal microscopy, electrophysiology
Thumbnail photo for Andrew Zelhof Andrew Zelhof
Assistant Professor of Biology
azelhof [at]
JH 357A
Photoreceptor cell morphogenesis
Thumbnail photo for Miriam Zolan Miriam Zolan
Professor of Biology
mzolan [at]
JH 217 / 219/221 (lab)
Meiosis and DNA Repair
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