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Department of Biology

Graduate Studies

Microbiology Graduate Program

Core Training Faculty

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Prospective Graduate Students:  Please note that Patricia Foster and Ho-Ching Tiffany Tsui are not accepting students.

Core Faculty Contact Description
Thumbnail photo for Yves Brun Yves Brun
Clyde Culbertson Professor of Biology
ybrun [at]
JH 447G / JH 447F (lab)
Mechanism, regulation, and evolution of bacterial shape, differentiation, and biofilm formation.
Thumbnail photo for Ankur Dalia Ankur Dalia
Assistant Professor of Biology
ankdalia [at]
JH 469A (ofc)
JH 455 (lab)
Dissecting natural transformation, biofilm formation, and metabolism in Vibrio cholerae. Genome engineering for biotechnology.
Thumbnail photo for Pranav Danthi Pranav Danthi
Associate Professor of Biology
pdanthi [at]
SI 220B
Reovirus-host interactions.
Thumbnail photo for Patricia Foster Patricia Foster
Professor of Biology
plfoster [at]
JH 447E / JH 447A(lab)
Mutagenesis, DNA repair, replication, and recombination.
Thumbnail photo for Clay Fuqua Clay Fuqua
Professor and Chair of Biology
cfuqua [at]
JH 425E /JH 425 (lab)
Attachment, biofilm formation, multicellularity and disease ecology of Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Thumbnail photo for Richard Hardy Richard Hardy
Professor of Biology, Associate Chair of Teaching
rwhardy [at]
SI 220E / SI 015 (lab)
Genome functions of RNA viruses and the roles of trans-acting factors.
Thumbnail photo for Daniel Kearns Daniel Kearns
Professor of Biology
dbkearns [at]
JH 469/JH 432 (lab)
Bacterial motility and multicellular behavior.
Thumbnail photo for David Kehoe David Kehoe
Professor of Biology
dkehoe [at]
JH A413A
Environmental regulation of gene expression in bacteria.
Thumbnail photo for Jake McKinlay Jake McKinlay
Assistant Professor of Biology
jmckinla [at]
JH A309 / A308 (lab)
Microbial metabolism and its role in cell physiology, the environment, and biotechnology.
Thumbnail photo for Tuli Mukhopadhyay Tuli Mukhopadhyay
Associate Professor of Biology
sumukhop [at]
SI 220C / SI 019 (lab)
Structure and assembly of enveloped, RNA viruses.
Thumbnail photo for Irene Garcia Newton Irene Garcia Newton
Assistant Professor of Biology
irnewton [at]
JH 221C
Functional genomics of environmental microbes and symbiosis.
Thumbnail photo for Dean Rowe-Magnus Dean Rowe-Magnus
Associate Professor of Biology
drowemag [at]
JH 451(lab)
Integrons and Super-Integrons; biofilm formation; c-di-GMP signalling pathways; natural competence; ecology and pathogenesis in the Vibrionaceae.
Thumbnail photo for Ho-Ching Tiffany Tsui Ho-Ching Tiffany Tsui
Senior Scientist, Winkler Lab
tttsui [at]
856-1781 / 6-1184
JHA410 / JHA403 (lab)
Dynamics and mechanisms of peptidoglycan (PG) biosynthesis in S. pneumoniae
Thumbnail photo for Malcolm Winkler Malcolm Winkler
Professor of Biology; Microbiology Section Associate Chair
mwinkler [at]
JH A414 / JH A410 (lab)
Physiology, molecular genetics, and pathogenesis of the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumococcus).
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