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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Graduate Studies

Genetics, Cellular & Molecular Sciences Training Grant


All trainees who are supported by the GCMS-TG program must enroll within the courses that are required of their respective graduate Ph.D. program. Please visit the websites of the Biochemistry, GCDB, Micro, EEB, and Medical Sciences Programs for a complete listing of the core curriculum courses.

In addition to the core curriculum, trainees must enroll in at least two of the following graduate level courses: Biochemistry (B511), Molecular Genetics (L585), Cell Biology (L586), Developmental Biology (L587), and Molecular Biology of Prokaryotes (M511).

Lastly, trainees must enroll (on an annual basis) in the Genetics, Cellular, and Molecular Sciences Seminar Series and in the Frontiers in Genetics, Cellular, and Molecular Sciences course.

Following is a list of courses available to all GCMS-TG students.

Number Name Credit(s)
B501 Integrated Biochemistry I 3
B502 Analysis of Biochemical Literature 1.5
B506 Integrated Biochemistry II 3
B507 Biophysical Analysis of Macromolecules 3
B511 Duplicating/Expressing Genome 3
B530 Macromolecular Structure/Function 3
B531 Biomolecular Analysis/Interactions 3
B540 Fundamentals of Biochemical Catalysis 3
B541 Enzyme Mechanisms 3
B580 Introduction to Biomedial Research 3
B600 Seminar in Biochemistry 1
B680 Foundations in Chemical Biology 3
I590 SNP Discovery and Population Genetics 3
L504 Genome Biology for Physical Scientists 3
L523 Critical Analysis of Scientific Literature 1.5
L567 Evolution 3
L570 Seminar in Ecology and Environmental Biology 1
L585 Molecular Genetics 3
L586 Cell Biology 3
L587 Developmental Biology 3
M430 Virology 3
M460 Biology of Prokaryotes 3
M505 Human Genetics and Development 3
M511 Molecular Biology of Prokaryotes 3
M525 Topics in Microbial Biochemistry and Physiology 3
M541 Microbial Pathogenesis and Virology 3
M550 Microbiology 3
M580 Molecular Biology of Cancer 3
P467 Diseases of the Nervous System 3
P526 Neurobiology of Learning and Memory 3
P566 Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology 3
T501 Biochemistry Instrumentation 2
T502 Topics in Biotechnology 2
T508 Theory and Application of Biotechnology 3
T515 Theory and Application of Biotechnology Lab 3
T521 Research Design and Ethics 2
T525 Protein Expression, Purification and Characterization Lab 3
T540 Structure, Function, and Regulation of Biomolecules 3
T680 Regulatory Affairs/Drug Development 1.5
T680 Research and Entrepreneurship 1.5
Z620 Bioinformatics2Go 1.5
Z620 Biostatistics 3
Z620 Grant Writing 1.5
Z620 Chromosomal Biology Journal Club 1.5
Z620 Cell Biology Journal Club 1.5
Z620 Physiology of Cancer Journal Club 1.5
Z620 Microbiomes 1.5
Z620 Evolution of Proteins and Cells 3
Z620 Research Ethics and Career Development 1.5
Z620 Introduction to Flow Cytometry 1.5
Z620 Digital Imaging: Light and Electron Microscopy 3
Z620 Evolution of Genes and Genomes 3
Z620 Introduction to Computational Data Processing in Biology 1.5
Z620 Introduction to Computational Workflow Design in Biology 1.5
Z620 Cyberinfrastructure-enabled Computational Genome Science 3
Z620 Phylogenetics 3
Z620 Speciation 1.5
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