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Department of Biology

Graduate Studies

Genetics, Cellular, and Molecular Sciences Training Grant

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The NIH-funded Genetics, Cellular, and Molecular Sciences (GCMS) Training Grant program has a long history of mentoring outstanding graduate students dating back to its founding in the 1950s by the renowned geneticists H.J. Muller, Salvador Luria, Tracy Sonneborn, Ralph Cleland, Robert Briggs, and Marcus Rhoades, that continues through its outstanding faculty of today. Training faculty have strengths in molecular genetics, development, cell biology, microbiology, virology, biochemistry, structural biology, molecular evolution, and genomics. Graduate trainees are immersed in an inherently multidisciplinary environment with a tradition of excellence that promotes problem-directed approaches to biology. The GCMS training grant is comprised of over 55 faculty members and supports 16 graduate trainees in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Medical Sciences each year.

GCMS Training Grant Committee

Justin P. Kumar (Chair), Dan Kearns, Armin Moczek, Jim Drummond, and Roger Hangarter.

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