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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Graduate Studies

2009 GCMS Symposium

The IUB Genetics, Cellular and Molecular Sciences (GCMS) Training Grant hosted a research symposium May 14th, 2009, from 9:00am to 4:30pm in Simon Hall 001.

Invited Speakers

Ilya Ruvinsky (University of Chicago, Department of Ecology and Evolution): "A nematode perspective on the evolution of gene regulation"

Valentin V. Rybenkov (Oklahoma University, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry): "DNA organization by bacterial condensin MukBEF"

Trainee Talks

Matthew Stansbury (Moczek Lab): "The firefly lantern: Developmental genetics of an evolutionary novelty"

Smirla Ramos-Montanez, Kristy L. Hentchel, Krystyna Kazmierczak and Malcolm E. Winkler (Winkler Lab): "Impact of acetyl phosphate, ATP and hydrogen peroxide on pneumococcal metabolism"

Claire Salzer (Kumar Lab): "The retinal determination gene eyes absent is regulated by the EGFR pathway throughout development"

Andy Burnham, Jon Rupp, Richard Hardy (Hardy Lab): "Mutations in Sindbis Virus subgenome 5’UTR affect host shut off of translation and viral genome translation"

Poster Session

All other trainees participated in the poster session.

Attendance was requested for current trainees as well as for all former trainees still in training at IU. Current trainees were required to make either an oral or poster presentation (decided upon abstract evaluation), and past trainees were also welcome, but not obligated to present. Other students, faculty and staff were welcome and encouraged to attend.

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