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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Graduate Studies

Genetics, Cellular & Molecular Sciences Training Grant

Trainees Currently Supported (2011-2012)

Trainee, Year of Entry (Mentor) Research Topic
Charles, K. 2007 (Lively) Mechanisms maintaining genome reassembly on evolutionary timescales.
Jones, L. 2007 (Kehoe)  Regulation of phycobilisome protein content in response to low sulfate conditions in Fremyella diplosiphon.
Schrider, D. 2007 (Hahn) Genomic copy number variation in humans and Drosophila.
Zee, P. 2007 (Velicer/Bever) Causes and consequences of social incompatibilities in ocial incompatibilities in Myxococcus xanthus.
Snyder, A. 2008 (Mukhopadhyay) Alphavirus structure and assembly.
Spratford, C. 2008 (Kumar) Role of a helix-loop-helix protein in developmental order in the Drosophila eye.
Calvo, R. 2009 (Kearns) Regulation of genes involved in motility and flagellar assembly in Bacillus subtilis.
Heckel, B. 2009 (Fuqua) Differences between pathways that mediate cell-to-cell adhesion versus surface adhesion in Agrobacterium tumefaciens.
Kobey, R. 2009 (Montooth) Genetics and physiology of cold tolerance in Drosophila.
Morton III, R. 2009 (Brun) Interactions of PodJ and the hybrid hisitidine kinase CC3219 in Caulobacter crescentus and their role in the motility pathway
Niescier, R. 2009 (Min) The role of dysfunction on long-distance mitochondrial dynamics in axons
Velasquez, A. 2009 (Forrester) Cell migration and polarity in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Brothwell, J. 2010 (Nelson) Investigation of the function of CK17 in chlamydial survival and development
Mascaro, J. 2010 (Pikaard) Function of plant-specific DNA-dependent, RNA polymerases, Pol IV and Pol V
Pease, J. 2010 (Hahn) Correlated nucleotide substitution in non-coding RNA molecules
Steward, M. 2010 (Hangarter) Genetic analysis of chloroplast movement in Arabidopsis thaliana

Trainees Previously Supported

Trainee, Year of Entry (Mentor) Research Topic
Javens, J. 2004 (Brun) Mechanism and regulation of holdfast synthesis in Caulobacter crescentus.
Rupp, J. 2005 (Hardy) Genome functions of RNA viruses and the roles of trans-acting factors.
Waldman, V. 2005 (Oakley) Bacterial chemotaxis signal trasnduction pathway.
Wayne, K. 2005 (Winkler) Signal transduction by two component systems.
Hetrick, K. 2006 (Foster) Mutagenesis, DNA repair, replication and recombination.
Berger, A. 2007 (Danthi) Lateral gene transfer in Chlamydia, affects of early Chlamydia proteins on host cytoskeleton.
DeWoody, R. 2007 (Marketon) Interaction between Yersinia pestis and the mammalian host.
McGrath, C. 2007 (Lynch) Effects of whole genome duplication on speciation and genome evolution.
Redditt T. 2007 (Innes) Host/pathogen interactions and disease resistance in soybean.
Vineyard, L. 2007 (Shaw) The relationship between plant cortical microtubulaes and cell shape formation in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Konkol, M. 2008 (Kearns) Motility and competence inhibition in B. subtilis.

Graduated Trainees

Trainee (Mentor, Year of PhD) Title of Dissertation Current Position and Institution
Ungerer, M. (Rieseberg, 2000) Selection, Genetic Environment, and Adaptive Evolution: An Analysis of Microevolutionary Dynamics in Experimental Plant Populations Asst. Prof. Kansas State U.
Villinski, J. (R. Raff, 2000) Maternal provisioning in the evolution of direct development in a sea urchin Naval Med. Unit, Cairo
Larson, E. (Drummond, 2001) The response of the human mismatch repair pathway in vitro to DNA interacting and modifying agents Asst. Prof., Illinois State U.
Welch, M. (Rieseberg, 2002) Origin of a hybrid sunflower species Asst. Prof. Mississippi State U.
Acharya, S. (Zolan, 2003) Structural and functional analysis of the Coprinus cinereus Rad50 protein Researcher, Frame Research
Martin, M. (Brun, 2003) The roles and regulation of ftsA and ftsQ in Caulobacter crescentus cell division Postdoc, Center for Comparative Medecine, UC Davis
Wilson, K. (R. Raff, 2003) Major effect genes in the the evolution of development: changes of regulatory gene functions in the transition of developmental mode in sea urchins of the genus Heliocidaris Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati - RWC
Alvarado, D. (Duffy, 2004) Functional Analysis of Kekkon 1, A Transmembrane Inhibitor of the Drosophila Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Postdoc at U. Pennsylvania
Amick, J. (Brun, 2004) The response of Caulobacter crescentus to DNA replication stress Research Scientist, Immpheron Biotech, Lexington, KY
Berleman, J. (Bauer, 2004) Molecular biology of photosynthetic bacteria Postdoc, U. Iowa
Ramey, B. (Fuqua, 2004) Biofilm Formation by Agrobacterium tumefaciens and Its Role in Plant Interactions Industry Postdoc, PGXL Laboratories
Rice-Doetsch, A. (Duffy, 2004) Characterization of Two Targets of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Activity, kekkonl and baldspot Asst. prof., So. Idaho State U.
Sly, B. (R. Raff, 2004) Comparative Developmental Genetics of Appendages and Other Structures of the Milkweed Bug, Oncopeltus fasciatus Asst. prof., Transylvania U.
Angelini, D. (Kaufman, 2005) The sex combs reduced gene of D. melanogaster Assistant Professor, American College
Liu, P. (Kaufman, 2005) The Evolution of a Developmental Mode: Segmentation i9n the Intermediate Germband Insect, Oncopeltus fasciatus (Hemiptera) Postdoc, UCLA
Mikulecky, P. (Feig, 2005) Thermodynamics of RNA folding and RNA structural rearrangements Postdoc at Scripps Inst.
Moon, J. (Estelle, 2005) Characterization of CUL1 and CUL2: Subunits of SCF E3 Ubiquitin Ligases in Arabidopsis thaliana Postdoc, U. Texas Austin
Serbus, L. (Saxton, 2005) Functions of kinesin-1 in early development of Drosophila melanogaster Postdoc, UC Santa Cruz
Smith, C. (Brun, 2005) Polar determinants of holdfast biosynthesis in Caulobacter crescentus Postdoc, Department of Molecular Biology and Microbiology, Case Western Reserve U.
Wagner, J. (Brun, 2005) Investigations into the structure and function of the Caulobacter crescentus stalk Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University
Evans, T. (Duffy, 2006) Characterization Of Kekkon5, A Drosophila Lig Protein That Modulates Bmp And Integrin Function Postdoc, U. Pennsylvania
Held, D. (Burke, 2006) RNA Aptamer Inhibitors Of Hiv Reverse Transcriptase - Molecular Evolution And Determinants Of Target Specificity In industry.
Moved to U. Missouri with Burke
Mower, J. (Palmer, 2006) The weird world of plant mitochondria: transient mutators, horizontal gene transfer, and RNA editing Assistant prof., U. Nebraska
Niedowicz, D. (Daleke, 2006) The mechanism of hyperglycemia-induced oxidative stress in human erythrocytes Postdoc, U. Kentucky, College of Medicine
Ng, NW-L. (Winkler, 2006) Identification Of The Putative Pcsb Murein Hydrolase As The Essential Target Of The Vicrk (Yycfg) Signal Transduction Pathway And Characterization Of The Roles Of Pcsb In Cell Wall Biosynthesis In Streptococcus pneumoniae NIH Postdoc, Princeton U.
Lawler, M. (Brun, 2007) Identification of critical regions of the Caulobacter crescentus polarity determining factor PodJ involved in function and degradation Clinical Manager, cme2, Advanstar Communications, Inc., New York
Pierce, D. (Brun, 2007) Genetic and biochemical analysis of a signal transduction pathway coordinating polar development and cell division in Caulobacter crescentus Postdoc, Center for Oral Health & Systemic Disease, Univ. of Louisville, KY
Stumpf, J. (Foster, 2007) Polyphosphate Kinase Regulates DNA Polymerase IV In Escherichia coli NIEHS IRTA Postdoctoral Fellow
Christiansen, K. (Innes, 2008) Characterization of defense responses in the Arabidopsis thaliana mutant enhanced disease resistance 1 Postdoc, Joint BioEnergy Institute, Berkeley, CA
Koskella, B. (Lively, 2008) An examination of host-parasite coevolution and negative frequency-dependent selection in a snail-trematode system. Postdoc, University of Oxford, UK
Hertzer, K. (Walczak, 2009) Mechanistic Analysis of the Microtubule Depolymerizing Kinesin MCAK. MD/PhD, Residency, Surgery, UCLA
Barker, M. (Rieseberg, 2009) Genomic analyses of paleopolyploidy. Assistant Professor, University of Arizona, Tucson
Klein, D. (Brun, 2009) Analysis of the Role of the Polar Development Protein PodJ in Caulobacter crescentus Senior Information Systems Engineer, The MITRE Corporation, Washington DC
Salzer, C. (Kumar, 2009) Compound eye development in the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster. Project Scientist, Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics, Indiana University - Bloomington
Veley, K. (Michaels, 2009) Genetic And Molecular Interactions Of The Autonomous Floral-Promotion Pathway In Arabidopsis thaliana Postdoc, Washington University - St. Louis, Department of Biology
Williams, A. (Foster, 2009) Mechanisms Of Stress-Induced Mutagenesis and DNA Damage Tolerance in Escherichia coli Postdoc, Molecular and Computational Biology, University of Southern California
Bezy, R. (Kehoe, 2010) Transcriptional and Post-Transcriptional Light Color Regulation of the cpeC Operon by Two Separate Sensory Systems in Fremyella diplosiphon Assistant Professor, Mount Mercy University, Cedar Rapids, IA
Burnham, A. (Hardy, 2010) The Role of Host Protein hnRNP K and 5' Untranslated Region of Sindbis Virus Subgenomic RNA in Efficient Sindbis Virus Gene Expression Postdoc, Saint Jude Children's Hospital
Platt, T. (Fuqua/Bever, 2010) Resource Competition, Cooperation and Population Dynamics of the Ti Plasmid Postdoc, Indiana University
Ramos-Montanez, S. (Winkler, 2010) Impact of Acetyl Phosphate, ATP and Hydrogen Peroxide on Streptococcus pneumoniae Metabolism and Virulence Postdoc, University of Washington
Cozy, L. (Kearns, 2011) Bistable Motility Gene Expression in Bacillus subtillis Postdoc, University of Hawai'i
Kesselring Wasik, B. (Moczek, 2010) Expression of Function of Patterning Genes in the Evolution and Development of Beetle Horns. Postdoc, Yale University
Tomlinson, A. (Fuqua, 2010) ExoR, a novel genetic regulator in Agrobacterium tumefaciens, influences diverse processes including biofilm formation, cell surface functions, motility and virulence. Postdoc, Indiana University, Department of Biology - Kaufman Lab
Wasik, B. (Hardy, 2010) Function of viral protein nsP4 during viral genome replication. Postdoc, Yale University
Crown Coffey, N. (Zolan, 2011) Characterization of nsP4 activity in Sindbis virus replication Postdoc, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Sekelsky Lab
Hibbing, M. (Fuqua, 2011) Homeostatic Control of Iron- and Manganese-Dependent Bacterial Physiology and the Impact of These Metals on Multicellular Interactions of Agrobacterium tumefaciens Postdoc, Washington University in St. Louis, Microbiology Department
Land, A. (Winkler, 2011) The Role of MreCD in Pneumococcal Peptidoglycan Synthesis. Postdoc, Washington University in St. Louis, Biology Department
Stansbury, M. (Moczek, 2011) Evolution and development of the bioluminescent organ in fireflies. Postdoc, University of Arizona
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