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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Graduate Studies

Resources for Graduate Students

In addition to our excellent graduate office staff, many resources exist to help navigate the various aspects of the journey from an entering graduate student to an employed alumnus.

Also listed in the links to the left, this section is divided into several pages:

  • Being a Graduate Student includes links to general advice, useful forms, and graduate student organizations.
  • Funding includes links for finding grant opportunities as well as for information on how to apply for grants.
  • Teaching has resources available to IU instructors.
  • Assorted Dissertation Guidance offers, well, assorted links with dissertation guidance.
  • Getting a Job includes links for finding, applying for, and acquiring employment opportunities.
  • Be(com)ing a Professional has links to sites that are useful to senior graduate students, postdocs and young faculty members, and also lists various professional societies.
  • Service and Outreach offers information about how to share your research with the public, as well as links to volunteer opportunities.

Questions, Problems, or Suggestions?

Contact our Graduate Advisor, Gretchen Clearwater; or the Director of Graduate Studies, Roger Hangarter; or send comments to the webmaster.

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