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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Biofilm formation.

Several IU microbiologists study bacterial multicellular behavior, such as biofilm formation.

green cells on a dark blue background

Current News

  • The annual IU Science Fest is Sat., Oct. 22, from 9am-3pm. Biology has many exciting activities planned for all ages. The event is free and open to the public. [ Biology Science Fest web page | IU news release ]
  • Professor Eva Nogales, an international leader in molecular biophysics, will present "Cryo-EM for the visualization of structure, interaction, and dynamics" as the 17th James P. Holland Memorial Lecture on Oct. 24. [ IU news release | Nogales lab ]
  • Research Associate Deepti Thete, Postdoctoral Research Fellow Anthony Snyder, Associate Professor Pranav Danthi, and collaborators published an article in the Journal of Virology describing the unexpected effects of exchange of genome segments between two different reovirus strains. [ abstract ]
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