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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Biofilm formation.

Several IU microbiologists study bacterial multicellular behavior, such as biofilm formation.

green cells on a dark blue background

Current News

  • Graduate student Daniel Schwab and Professor Armin Moczek on the cover of the Journal of Experimental Zoology Part A: "Nutrient stress during ontogeny alters patterns of resource allocation in two species of horned beetles. [ cover/article ]
  • McKinlay lab members Breah LaSarre (postdoc) and Ali McCully (graduate student) along with Associate Professor Jay Lennon and Assistant Professor Jake McKinlay published an article in The ISME Journal on how dose-dependent toxicity of cross-fed nutrients can affect the dynamics of a microbial mutualism. [ abstract ]
  • Postdoc Eduardo Zattara (Moczek lab), Professor Armin Moczek, and Jim Powers (Facility Manager, Light Microscopy Imaging Center) are among the winners of the 2016 FASEB BioArt Competition for their portrait of an insect nervous system during metamorphosis. [ IU science blog | news release | top 10 images ]
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