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Department of Biology

Undergraduate Studies

Indiana Daffodil Society Scholarship

Established by the Indiana Daffodil Society. The group began sponsoring annual scholarships to students at IU, Ball State University, and Purdue in 2011. The awards are intended to help upper level undergraduate students with their studies in botany, horticulture and landscape design. In 2014, the scholarship was opened to graduate students as well.


Any junior or senior obtaining an undergraduate degree from the Department of Biology, with an emphasis of study in botany, preferably ornamental crops. Department of Biology graduate students who meet these requirements are also eligible to apply.

The group is opposed to supporting genetic modification of plants that bypass natural selection. Acceptable areas of interest include plant breeding (providing any deliberate genetic crosses use naturally isolated alleles); genetics; ecology (natural culture conditions); and plant evolution.

Students in the field of plant molecular biology or biochemistry are able to apply as long as work in these fields does not directly produce or optimize strains that would be used in the field.

Preference will be given to an applicant with a strong interest or experience in the growing, breeding, and/or showing of daffodils.


Undergraduate applicants must have a GPA of 2.8 or better. Graduate student candidates must be in good academic standing.

Must be a U.S. resident, with preference given to residents of Indiana. Not sure you are a resident?  See the Rules Determining Resident and Nonresident Student Status on the Registrar’s website.

Financial need is one of the criteria the society wishes to have considered, so be sure to address this issue in your personal statement.

The recipient must attend one of the Indiana Daffodil Society events held at Holliday Park in Indianapolis, IN, or at the Bloomington Farmers' Market, during the year following his or her award.



Special Application Materials:

Submit all materials listed on the application instructions.  The applicant’s personal statement should detail his or her qualifications for the award, including any extracurricular or volunteer work.

Two letters of support are required, one of which must be from a faculty member.

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