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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Undergraduate Studies

Fox Glen Research & Education Fund Award

This scholarship was established with the support of John Sinclair to encourage effective undergraduate participation in research. This award is based on scientific merit and is unrelated to need and GPA.


Undergraduates with a declared major from the IUB Department of Biology who are engaged in undergraduate research through Biology L490, X490, or their equivalents.


At least 1 previous semester of L490, X490, or their equivalents.  Applicant must submit a research paper (written by the applicant) in the form of a publishable manuscript.  (Paper must define a hypothesis; describe why this is important; propose an experimental test of the hypothesis; carry out the experiment and interpret the results and impact of the evaluation of the hypothesis; and finally, propose future work.)



Special Application Materials:

Submit all materials listed on the application instructions plus a copy of the research paper. This does not have to be the final version of the applicant's research paper; a draft of the paper is acceptable.

A letter of support must be submitted separately by the faculty member who is the student’s research mentor.  The letter of recommendation must describe the student’s contribution to the research paper (including the percentage of the research that the student contributed).

Learn More:

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