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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Undergraduate Studies

Opportunities in Microbiology

The projections for the next 20 years suggest that there will be a demand for trained microbiologists to fill positions in all aspects of microbiology. A variety of special programs will create opportunities for women, members of under-represented groups and those with disabilities.

Microbiologists are integral members of interdisciplinary teams in laboratories of hospitals, universities, clinics, industry and government. They are on the cutting edge of science.

Microbiologists see the unseen millions - researching, gathering data, hypothesizing and making the breakthroughs that change the way we live and the way we view our world.

Studies using the latest advances in diagnostic, genetic, cellular and tissue biotechnology in pursuit of the experimental question are being conducted daily. These experiments are being performed in the areas of agriculture, health and the environment.

Genetic probes are being developed to detect microbial contaminants in our water supply, seafood and estuaries. Highly sensitive methods for the rapid detection of food spoilage or contaminants are being investigated in order to ensure the safety of our food supply. New vaccines and antibiotics are being identified for disease prevention and protection.

If you are thirsting for knowledge, YOU can become one of the microbiologists who makes advances in the scientific field of microbiology.

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