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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Undergraduate Studies


Microbiology Training

Biology, chemistry and physics are necessary courses to take in order to become a successful microbiologist. In addition, you'll need a solid foundation in reading, writing, math, computer science and communication.

Courses for high school consist of:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry 
  • English 
  • Foreign Language 
  • Math 
  • Physics 
  • Science 
  • Speech

Undergraduate college courses consist of:

  • Biological or Life Science
  • Calculus 
  • Cell Biology 
  • Chemistry 
  • English 
  • Environmental Microbiology 
  • General Microbiology 
  • Immunology 
  • Microbial Genetics 
  • Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry 
  • Pathogenic and Applied Microbiology 
  • Physics 
  • Statistics
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