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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Undergraduate Studies

Tutors for Biology Courses

The table lists advanced undergraduates who are willing to tutor undergraduates in biology and chemistry courses for pay. You may contact these tutors to make arrangements regarding when to meet and payment. Some tutors may be willing to tutor groups; if you have a study partner or group that would like to work with a tutor; we encourage you to ask about this possibility. You may come to any pricing agreement with your tutor by negotiation. We do not set any pricing structure, but solely offer the interface for you to find tutors here. If you have any problems or complaints about a tutor, please contact the Biology Undergraduate Office by email

Check Scam Warning to Tutors: Do not get involved in any transaction where the potential tutee or parent wants you to accept a check for an inflated amount and refund the overage. This is a form of the Nigerian scam. Contact the Indiana State Attorney General's office to report contact from a potential scammer using this site.

Fall 2014 Tutors

(Updated: 08/28/14)

Tutor Biology Course Email Address
Andrew Bertagna L112
Abby Brenner L111, L112
Melissa Egert L111, L112, L113, L211
Zach Eggebrecht L111
Benjamin Fox L112, L211
Grant Greif L111, L112, L211, L311
Brandon Hocker L112, L113, L311
Jordan Hyde L112
Meredith Johnson L104, L111, L112, L211, S318, L321
Hafsah Khan L111, L112, L211
Sam Kimmell L111, L112, L113, L211, M315, L311
Jae Kwon L111, L113, L211, L318
Nick Land L111, L112, L211
Brittany Levy L111, L112, L113, L211, L311, L312
Leslie Lundewall L111, L112, L113, L211, L312, M315
Joyce Mannon L112, L113
Malak Mercho L112
Christina Moe L112, L113
Amit Nag L112
Melanie Norman L211, L311
Darlene Pham L311
Matthew Pozsgai L112
Haseeb Mohideen L111, L112, L113
Megan Semans L111, L112
Cameron Snapp L112, L211, M250
Ari Stoner L112, L211, L311
Jay Trivedi L111, L112
Adam Warrick L112
Sireen Yang L112, L211

Find Chemistry 

Tutor Chemistry Course Email Address
Andrew Bertagna C341, C342, C343, C483
Melissa Egert C343
Zachary Eggebrecht C103
Grant Greif C106, C126
Brandon Hocker C117
Jordan Hyde C117, C341
Meredith Johnson C103, C117, C341
Sam Kimmell C117, C341, C483
Malak Mercho C103
Brittany Levy C341, C342, S343, C483
Benjamin Fox C341
Leslie Lundewall C117, C483
Melanie Norman C117, C341, C342, C343, C484
Darlene Pham C117
Megan Reckley C341, C342
Megan Semans C103
Ari Stoner C117, C341, C342
Jay Trivedi C127
Adam Warrick C341
Sireen Yang C117, C341, C342, N330
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