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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Undergraduate Studies

Tutors for Biology Courses

The table lists advanced undergraduates who are willing to tutor undergraduates in biology and chemistry courses for pay. You may contact these tutors to make arrangements regarding when to meet and payment. Some tutors may be willing to tutor groups; if you have a study partner or group that would like to work with a tutor; we encourage you to ask about this possibility. You may come to any pricing agreement with your tutor by negotiation. We do not set any pricing structure, but solely offer the interface for you to find tutors here. If you have any problems or complaints about a tutor, please contact the Biology Undergraduate Office by email

Check Scam Warning to Tutors: Do not get involved in any transaction where the potential tutee or parent wants you to accept a check for an inflated amount and refund the overage. This is a form of the Nigerian scam. Contact the Indiana State Attorney General's office to report contact from a potential scammer using this site.

(Updated: 1/25/17 )

Tutor Biology or Chemistry Course Email Address
Apeksha Kishore Biol L111, L112
Bella Lee Chem C117, 341
Neha Sehgal Biol L111, L112, L113, L311, L313, L318; Chem C103, C117, C343
Conner Tiffany Biol L111, L112, L113, L211; Chem C117, C341, C342, C343
Saad Kamran Biol L111, L112, L113; Chem C117, C341
Jordan Ozolin Biol L111, L112, L211; Chem C341, C342
Daniel Cao Biol L111, L112, L311; Chem C117, C341, C342
William Lubetkin Biol L111, L318; Chem C341
Christina Moe Biol L112, L211, L311
Abbie Watson Biol L111, L112, L113
Charles Durbin Biol L111, L112, L113
Susan Feldt Biol L112, L211, L311; Chem C117, C127, C341, C342, S343
Christian McGill Biol L112, L211, M250; Chem C117, C341, C342, C343
Maggie Vincent Biol L111, L112
Christine Ake Biol L112
Minal Patel Biol L112; Chem C117, C341, C342
Rachel Hartman Biol L111, L112, L211, L311
Amani Karim Biol L104, L112, L113, C118, C383
Braeden Estes Biol L111, L112, L113
Meera Patel Chem C117, C127, C341
Leah Beck Biol L111, L112; Chem C103, C117
Abigail Brenner Biol L111, L112, L113, L211
Whitney Carroll Biol L111, L112, L113, L211, L311
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