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Black Film Center/Archive

Recent and Upcoming Publications on Black Film

The American History of Black and White Race Relations in Film
Christina Ann Mesa and Eric Roth, Routledge, 2017

Black Masculinity and the Cinema of Policing
Jared Sexton, Palgrave Macmillan, 2017

Black Masculinity on Film: Native Sons and White Lies
Daniel O'Brien, Palgrave Macmillan, 2017

Charles Burnett: A Cinema of Symbolic Knowledge
James Naremore, University of California Press, 2017

The Cinema of Cuba: Contemporary Film and the Legacy of Revolution
Guy Baron, Antonio Álvarez Pitaluga, and Ann Marie Stock (editors), I.B. Tauris, 2017

The Complexitiy and Progressions of Black Representation in Film and Television
David L. Moody, Lexington Books, 2017

Concerning Violence: Fanon, Film, and Liberation in Africa, Selected TAkes 1965-1987
Göran Olsson and Sophie Vukovic (editors), Haymarket Books, 2017

Death, Image, Memory: The Genocide in Rwanda and its Aftermath in Photography
Piotr Cieplak, Palgrave Macmillan, 2017

Derek Walcott's Love Affiar with Film
Jean Antoine Dunne, Peepal Tree Press, 2018

The Evolution of Black Women in Television: Mammies, Matriarchs, and Mistresses
Imani M. Cheers, Routledge, 2017

Exporting Revolution: Cuba's Global Solidarity
Margaret Randall, Duke University Press, 2017

Fade In, Crossroads: A History of the Southern Cinema
Robert Jackson, Oxford University Press, 2017

Globalization and Latin American Cinema: Towards a New Critical Paradigm
Sophia A. McClennen, Palgrave Macmillan, 2018

I Am Not Your Negro: A Companion Edition to the Documentary Film Directed by Raoul Peck
James Baldwin and Raoul Peck, Vintage International Paperback, 2017

Ism, Ism, Ism / Ismo, Ismo, Ismo: Experimental Cinema in Latin America
Jesse Lerner and Luciano Piazza (editors), University of California Press, 2017

Jamaica, the Land of Film
Peter Polack, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017

Jazz and Cocktails: Rethinking Race and the Sound of Film Noir
Jans B. Wager, University of Texas Press, 2017

Joss Whedon and Race: Critical Essays
Mary Ellen Iatropoulos and Lowery A. Woodall III (editors), McFarland Books, 2017

M Archive: After the End of the World
Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Duke University Press, 2018

Mixed Race Cinemas: Multiracial Dynamics in America and France
Zélie Asava, Bloomsbury Academic, 2017

New African Cinema
Valérie K. Orlando, Rutgers University Press, 2017

Nollywood: The Making of a Film Empire
Emily Witt, Columbia Global Reports, 2017

Promises of Citzenship: Film Recruitment of African Americans in World War II
Kathleen M. German, University Press of Mississippi, 2017

Race in American Films: Voices and Visions That Shaped a Nation
Daniel Bernardi and Michael Green (editors), Greenwood, 2017

Race and the Revolutionary Impulse in The Spook Who Sat by the Door
Michael T. Martin, David C. Wall, and Marilyn Yaquinto (editors), Indiana University Press, 2018

Rebellious Bodies: Stardom, Citizenship, and hte New Body Politics
Russell Meeuf, University of Texas Press, 2017

Reel Pleasures: Cinema Audiences and Entrepreneurs in Twentieth-Century Urban Tanzania
Laura Fair, Ohio University Press, 2018

Where No Black Woman Has Gone Before: Subversive Portrayals in Speculative Film and TV
Diana Adesola Mafe, University of Texas Press, 2018

Vampires, Race and Transnational Hollywoods
Dale Hudson, Edinburgh University Press, 2017