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Campus Calendars for 2000-05

The following material provides the official dates for numerous critical campus dates such as when classes start and end, final weeks, numerous items related to registration and financial aid, and holidays. For information about years beyond 2005, see the Registrar's academic calendar web page.

The campus also provides numerous ways to find out what social, athletic, and intellectual activities are occurring. The dates of campus events such as the schedules of athletic or social events, lectures, movies, and major campus celebrations can be found:

  1. Online at JagNews
  2. posted on various bulletin boards around campus
  3. in the weekly Sagamore especially on the page devoted to student-sponsored events
  4. Events on the Web
Campus Calendars: Fall 2000 through Summer 2005
First Semester (Fall)Day20002001200220032004
Classes BeginWAug. 23Aug. 22Aug. 21Aug. 20Aug. 25
Labor Day (no classes)MSept. 4Sept. 3Sept. 2Sept. 1Sept. 6
Thanksgiving Recess BeginsWNov. 22Nov. 21Nov. 27Nov. 26Nov. 24
Classes ResumeM Nov. 27Nov. 26Dec. 2Dec. 1Nov. 29
Last Day of ClassesMDec. 11Dec. 10Dec. 9Dec. 8Dec. 13
Finals BeginTDec. 12Dec. 11Dec. 10Dec. 9Dec. 14
Finals EndMDec. 18Dec. 17Dec. 16Dec. 15Dec. 20
Second Semester (Spring)Day20012002200320042005
Classes BeginMJan. 8Jan. 7Jan. 11 (S)Jan. 10 (S)Jan. 10
Martin Luther King Jr. (no classes)MJan. 15Jan. 21Jan. 20Jan. 19Jan. 17
Spring Recess BeginsMMar. 12Mar.11Mar. 17Mar. 15Mar. 14
Classes ResumeMMar. 19Mar. 18Mar. 24Mar. 22Mar. 21
Last Day of ClassesMApr. 30Apr. 29May 5May 3May 2
Finals BeginTMay 1Apr. 30May 3 (S)May 1 (S)May 3
Finals EndNMay 6May 5May 9 (F)May 7 (F)May 8
CommencementNMay 13May 12May 11May 9May 15
First Summer SessionDay20012002200320042005
Classes Begin WMay 9May 8May 14May 12May 11
Memorial Day (no classes)MMay 28May 27May 26May 31May 30
Classes EndWJune 20June 19June 25June 23June 22
Second Summer SessionDay20012002200320042005
Classes BeginMJune 25June 24June 30June 28June 27
Independence Day (no classes) July 4 (W)July 4 (R)July 4 (F)July 5 (M)July 4 (M)
Classes EndMAug. 6Aug. 5Aug. 11Aug. 9Aug. 8

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