Bulletin 2000-2002

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School of Continuing Studies Mission and History
A Statement from the Dean
General Studies Degree Program

General Studies Degrees
Independent Study Program
Admissions and Transfers Transfers from and within Indiana University Campuses
Transfers from Other Colleges/Universities
Recognition of Previously Earned Credit Credits from Indiana University
Credits from Other Institutions
Credit by Examination from Other Institutions
Self-Acquired Competency (SAC) Credit within Indiana University
Self-Acquired Competency (SAC) Credit from Other Institutions
Application Procedures Application Fees
Application and Admission Deadlines
General Requirements Academic Guidance
Residency Requirements
General Requirements for the A.A.G.S.
General Requirements for the B.G.S.
Competency and Course Requirements Fundamental Skills Competency Requirements
Course Distribution Requirements for the A.A.G.S.
Course Distribution Requirements for the B.G.S.
Completing Course Distribution Requirements Arts and Humanities
Science and Mathematics
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Completing B.G.S. Concentration Requirements
Completing Elective Requirements
Academic Policies and Regulations Graduate Credit Hours
Remedial Course Work
Minors and Certificates Completing Optional Minors
Completing Optional Certificates
Program Planning and Counseling Guidelines Requirements
Pass/Fail Option
Withdrawal from Courses
Special Opportunities Credit for Self-Acquired Competency (SAC) The SAC Portfolio Credit by Examination at Indiana University
Credit Awarded through Nondepartmental Examinations
Credit Awarded for Educational Programs in Noncollegiate Organizations
Military Service Credit
Academic Standing of Students Candidates for Degrees in Good Standing
Graduation Certification
Degrees Awarded with Distinction
Dean's List
Academic Probation
Readmission to the School of Continuing Studies
Academic Forgiveness
Scholarships School of Continuing Studies Scholarships
School of Continuing Studies (SCS) Scholarships for Women
Frequently Asked Questions about the General Studies Degree Program
General Studies Degree Program Offices
Master of Science in Adult Education Program Mission and History
Degree Requirements
Frequently Asked Questions about the Adult Education Program
For More Information about the Adult Education Program
Adult Education Course Descriptions
School of Continuing Studies Officers

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