NEW for 2015: Self-Paced Option!

New features will now allow for students to find other actively working students anytime during the day to interact with. This means there will always be someone there for you to talk to and share your work with! We can now archive wikifolios, allowing you to not only view former […]

Summer 2015 BOOC is happening!

Following the success of our first BOOC, we are pleased to announce the return of our most popular BOOC: “Educational Assessment: Practices, Principles, and Policies”, starting May 12th 2015. This course is, again, intended to engage up to 500 participants through a collaborative and participatory learning environment designed to laverage […]

Educational Assessment BOOC is currently alive!

Our first BOOC “Educational Assessment: Practices, Principles, and Policies” started September 9th. This 11-week course helps participants to improve their methods of student learning assessment. The instructor of the course, Dr. Daniel Hickey, has posted an extensive review of the course, it’s features, and how it fits into the world […]

1st “BOOC” To Begin In September, Scaling-Up What Works

In the fall semester of 2013, IU School of Education Researcher and Associate Professor Dr. Daniel Hickey will be leading an online course. The 11-week course will begin on September 9 and is being called a ‘BOOC’ or “Big Open Online Course”. The main topic being taught is “Educational Assessment: Practices, […]