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The Brazilian Studies Program is building a dynamic outreach program providing information on Brazil to local, regional, and national constituencies.

Researching Brazil

Devised as a tool to support research in Brazilian Studies by Luis González, Researching Brazil/ Pesquisa no Brasil is both a bibliographic database and a gateway to online resources relevant to this field of inquiry. The site provides a searchable index of Brazilian scholarly journals, as well as access to full-text dissertations from Brazilian institutions. Additional relevant resources include online directories of researchers and institutions, online bibliographies, quantitative data sets, and selected web sites relevant to researchers.

Brasiliana in the Lilly Library

Darlene J. Sadlier, IUB Professor in the Spanish and Portuguese Department, has put together an annotated bibiliography of selected Brasiliana holdings from the colonial period into the 20th century. As part of a reissue of the 1972 Brazil catalogue, the first part of the publication is a digitized copy of the original 1972 catalogue. The second part, titled Brasiliana at The Lilly Library, provides a broader view of pre- and post-independence materials from the library's collections, with a special eye to more recent acquisitions focusing on U.S.-Brazil cultural relations in the twentieth century. This is an important resource for faculty and students pursuing work on Brazil.

The Minority Languages and Cultures of Latin America Program

The Minority Languages and Cultures Program (ML&CP) brings together scholars who share the aims of revitalizing subordinate languages in Latin America, documenting the cultures of the communities that speak them, and monitoring the play of language and culture in the ethnic and regional politics of this zone.

Anthropological Center for Training and Research on Global Environmental Change

ACT is an interdisciplinary training and research center on the human dimensions of global environment change. The current environmental crisis has made us aware of the need to "think globally, act locally" - yet this dictum is rarely carried out in research and training. The globalization of the environment crisis bears the risk of the research and training at Universities being purely global in nature. This would fail to take into account the highly variable local causes of human activities or to discover sustainable solutions to the use, conservation, and restoration of human ecosystems

Audiovisual Resources

In collaboration with Media Services and Instructional Support Services, The Brazilian Studies Program has access to videos on Brazil for K-12 school teachers in Indiana for short-term use at no cost. For further information contact Brazilian Studies at (812) 855-9097 or

Public Programs

Brazilian Studies annually sponsors many lectures on campus. The lectures serve as a forum for faculty, visiting scholars, students and others to discuss current research in Brazil and Brazilian issues. Brazilian Studies also occasionally coordinates conferences and symposia, exhibits, and other events. See our Events Calendar.

Global Speakers Service

In association with Global Speakers Services, Brazilian Studies provides faculty members, graduate students, or international students to lecture free of charge on Brazilian topics to audiences in and around Bloomington.

Summer Institute for International Studies

In cooperation with CLACS, and Brazilian Studies, the Center for the Study of Global Change hosts concurrent residential international studies institutes for K-12 teachers and high school students. Recent workshops topics have included environmental problems, population and gender, and conflict resolution.

Interactive Video Conferences

Brazilian Studies assists International Studies for International Schools (ISIS) in developing two-way interactive video classes and special programs on Brazil for K-12 audiences.