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Frequently Asked Questions

Brazilian Studies can enhance your perspective on the world, as well as better prepare you for a career in a variety of fields.

While no formal undergraduate program exists, the Brazilian Studies Program offers a broad range of courses in many different disciplines. Students wishing to inlcude a focus on Brazil and Brazilian issues in their undergraduate studies are encouraged to contact the Brazilian Studies Program early in their academic career in order to avail themselves of all the academic and extracurricular opportunities that are available to them. In addition to the courses offered on the Bloomington campus, there are also several overseas programs that are detailed in the Study Abroad section. The Brazilian Studies Program is designed to offer integrated study opportunities to students planning careers in teaching, research, journalism, government, and business.

For more information or to make an appointment for a counseling session:

Matthew J. Van Hoose, Academic Advisor, Associate Director
Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies
Office Hours: By appointment.
Phone: (812) 855-9097