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(Spring 2015 Excel Format)
IU Credit Hour Enrollment Report Spring 2015

IU Credit Hour Enrollment

NOTE: We are presenting the Credit Hour Enrollment figures in Excel format now.
The linked Excel document to the left introduces the new publishing format for the Credit Hour History report. This single document contains the data for all campuses and RCs for the Spring 2015 term. We will leave the Fall PDFs here for reference for now, but beginning with the Summer credit hour enrollment report, we will only be publishing data in Excel format.

The "CrHrHistSP15 data" tab contains the report data only. The "CrHrHistSP15 Pivot" tab demonstrates a simple pivot table based on the data tab. We include a template on the "Template" tab for your use if you wish to present the figures in a more reader-friendly format. The "RC Codes" tab has a reference chart for users who may not have memorized the RCs. Finally, the "CrHrHistSP15" tab shows the data from the Pivot table inserted into the template.

These figures have been adjusted to ignore Advanced College Project (ACP/High school) enrollments.

Please send any comments or questions to John Burgoon, Manager, External Reporting, University Budget Office.