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Room Number Assignments

The Bureau of Facilities Programming and Utilization is responsible for all room numbering projects, regardless of the size and scope of the project. It is necessary for you to contact our office each and every time you need room numbers.

We are aware that changes throughout the design process cause room number changes. We try to number rooms as soon as the floor plan of new or remodeled space is set, usually at the end of schematic design. For the most part, this has worked out well. We've learned, though, that wall or door location changes that create a need for new numbers often occur after schematics are complete. When consultants make room numbers to match these design changes without consulting with us, the result is often not consistent with Indiana University guidelines. Then, when we are asked to make a final review, our recommendations for change can cause problems because such things as furniture or finish schedules or coding for various building system components has been completed using the inconsistent numbers. Change becomes costly and time consuming.

Please help us avoid this problem by keeping us in the loop as projects progress through design. Room numbering is given top priority, and we make every effort to complete room number assignments in whatever time frame is required. Tim Hansel is responsible for assigning room numbers for all facilities.

See also: Indiana University Guidelines for room numbering


ELECTRONICALLY Currently, some members of the IU Bloomington Architect's Office have started to send project files electronically. They place their project files in a specific directory and call or send Tim Hansel an email request that incudes the file name and location. Upon receipt of the request, he inserts the room numbers into the CADfile using AutoCAD, replaces the file in the specific directory, and sends an email reply that the room number assignment has been completed. The FTP process can also be used to transport CADfiles to and from the Bureau.

CAMPUS MAIL Most projects can be sent on paper via campus mail. The prints will be marked up with new room numbers and promptly sent back.

FACSIMILE If the project can be reduced to 8.5 x 11, it can be faxed to (812) 855-8207. New room numbers will be applied and faxed back. Please specify "ROOM NUMBERS" on the cover sheet and describe your request.

PHONE In a limited number of cases it is possible to assign room numbers over the phone. This method is reserved for small scale projects only (one or two rooms). It is necessary that both parties are able to view identical plans. (Note: it is almost as quick to use the facsimile method, and there is less chance for error.)

Regardless of the method you choose, communication will be the key factor in achieving an efficient room numbering network. To contact Tim Hansel:



(812) 855-7363


(812) 855-8207


Service Building 109C, IU Bloomington


1800 N Range Rd
Bloomington, IN 47408


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