Contracts and Grants

Requesting a Small Business Subcontracting Plan

The Supplier Diversity Department requires 48 hours turnaround time after all the following documents are received: (Please provide more time whenever possible.)

  1. Copy of original RFP or Grant Application
  2. Itemized Project budget/amount committed by Indiana University
  3. State of Indiana MBE/WBE Subcontractor Commitment Form (DOC)
  4. Copy of Completed Proposal Submission Cover Letter and Signature Pages
  5. IU Applicant Contact and Information Form – If you do not already have MBE/WBE companies, the Bus Div Department will assist you in finding them and securing commitment forms from them.
    1. RFP#
    2. Proposal due Date
    3. Proposal Total Price
    4. Name of Grant Proposal Manager and contact Info.
    5. MBE/WBE proposed utilization
    6. Total dollar of Small Business Utilization

Please confirm that this information has been received.

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