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Margaret Dolinsky
Artist Statement

For me, building virtual environments as an art activity promotes a complex opportunity to investigate the dynamics of perception and communication. I watch as color plays its part, crossing streams and rippling feathers to tether itself from shade to tint towards a resultant work. As a self reflexive event, my artwork continues to speak to me long after they are complete. I find little nuances in the images and their actions that reconfigure the presentation. The virtual environment is like a chameleon. There are times that certain aspects of the work come forward to provoke conscious awareness. I hope to shape perceptual possibilities within immersive environments.

I discovered a methodology to create imagery early on. I sketch when I wake up, when I am most non-verbal, as if still in a dream. The sketches prescribe virtual environments that allow me to interact with my symbolic constructs. Using computer mediated tools, I take my art marks into embodied space in order to have the ability to offer affordances that I would not have in the real world using paper, clay or canvas.  In the cycle that takes the act of mark making from a solitary activity into an intermediate world that is shared with others, my goal is to share virtual environments. This requires an unholy alliance of diverse tools that are not typically combined together which makes my research and my art unique. The computer media allows me to compound my personal imagery and to include the visitor as another tool in my palette. Always an adventure, it is a joy for me to take the personal act of mark making and use computer technologies to dissolve it into moving light that shines on those who interact with it.


This exhibition was made possible by IU Collaborative Research and Creative Activity Funding, College Arts and Humanities Institute, Pervasive Technology Institute Data to Insight Center,  UITS Advanced Visualization Lab, Institute for Digital Arts and Humanities and the Grunwald Gallery.


Special acknowledgements go to the individuals who contributed their talents in programming, video editing, animation, music and sound to realize the work which could not have been done without their precious time, attention and insight:

Edward J. Dambik
Taylor Bryant
Chauncey Frend
Matthew Gunselman
Catherine Yi-Chen Chi
Rachel Weaver
Jordan T. Munson
Michael Drews
Austin Lord