Welcome to the Bioinformatics Data Mining Exercises

These exercises have been designed to help teach students some of the basic tools of bioinformatics data mining. At IU, they are used in conjunction with introductory biochemistry courses C483 and C484, but they can be easily incorporated into a variety of curricula or performed independently. For the time being, the exercises focus primarily on proteins rather than nucleic acid sequences. This omission is only a practical issue regarding how much material can be incorporated into one term of biochemistry. Eventually, exploration of nucleic acid sequences will be added. At that point, instructors will have to either provide additional time to complete the exercise or select only a subset of the exercises for use in any given term.


If this is your first time on this site, you may press the blue button to be assigned an unknown peptide. Then complete the registration form filling in the number of the unknown you have been assigned. If you are part of a class that has pre-registered for use of this site, enter your username in the box provided and press the green submit button. If you are returning to the site to complete additional projects that you have already begun, you may enter either your username or the unknown number to pick up where you left off. After completing exercise 1 - the identification of your protein - the other exercises can be performed independently and in any order. Several questions are available at the end of each exercise to help you think about the output you obtained and the process of finding that information.


Known software compatibility issues (as of 08/09/02):

The flash program that assigns unknowns requires Flash Player 6.0 or higher. Download Macromedia Flash Player at http://www.macromedia.com/downloads/

The exercises have been developed using Netscape 4.7x and are fully functional on this browser. Intermittently, there have been reports of problems with IE 6.0, especially printing from sites with embedded CHIME figures.

Many of the sites used in these exercises require the CHIME plug-in module. Download CHIME at http://www.mdlchime.com/chime/

Some of the sites require Shockwave. Download Shockwave Player at link to http://sdc.shockwave.com/shockwave/download/frameset.fhtml