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 Professional Announcements

George Mason Law & Economics Center
LEC Workshop For Professors On Public Pensions - $1,000 Honorarium

Thursday, December 1 - Friday, December 2, 2016 George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School, Arlington, VA

The Law & Economics Center at George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School is now considering applications for a new LEC Workshop for professors. These programs are a unique opportunity to learn from some of the most well-respected scholars in law and economics, as well as to meet colleagues from around the country. There is no tuition and the LEC will cover your hotel room and group meals. Applications will be reviewed as they are received.

OVERVIEW: Underfunded public employee pensions are one of the major fiscal crises confronting American states and municipalities. It is estimated that the shortfall is as much as $1 trillion and payments to retirees increasingly are diverting funds for necessary services, including police, fire, schools, roads, and other core services.

Efforts at reform have run into increasing legal roadblocks, whether in bankruptcy court or under state law. This Workshop will bring together leading scholars and commentators for a full-spectrum review of the law, economics, political economy, and public policy issues regarding public employee pensions and pension reform. The proceedings of the Workshop will be published in a special symposium issue of George Mason's Journal of Law, Economics, and Policy.

LEC Workshop for Professors on Public Pensions (http://www.cvent.com/d/svq7bp)

Thursday, December 1 - Friday, December 2, 2016 George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School, Arlington, VA

$1,000 Honorarium upon successful completion of the Workshop This workshop is open to professors of law, economics, public policy, and the social sciences. You may apply for the above program by following the link above.

2. HOTEL ROOMS: The LEC makes reservations and pays for rooms via direct bill.
3. MEALS: The LEC provides group meals and breaks for all attendees.
4. TRANSPORTATION: Attendees are responsible for their own travel arrangements and expenses.
5. ATTENDANCE AND PARTICIPATION: Successful completion of the workshop requires attendees to (1) attend all sessions and group meals and (2) to be prepared and actively participate in the discussions.
6. DEPOSIT: Accepted applicants may make a $500 deposit bonding their attendance within 30 days of acceptance OR provide proof of purchase of air tickets to the workshop. If deposit is paid, it will be refunded within 30 days after successful completion of the workshop.
7. HONORARIUM: The LEC will pay a $1,000 honorarium to each attendee within 30 days after successful completion of the workshop.
8. APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Please use the links above to apply.
9. ACCEPTANCE: The LEC will evaluate applications as they are received.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: For more information regarding these conferences or other initiatives of the Law & Economics Center, please visit: http://www.MasonLEC.org

You may also call or send an email to Jeff Smith, Coordinator, Henry G. Manne Program in Law & Economics Studies, at 703.993.8382 or LECManne@gmu.edu


Call For Applications For 2016-17
Program on Economics & Privacy at GMU Antonin Scalia Law School - Privacy Scholars Fellowship Program

The Program on Economics & Privacy (PEP) at George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School invites applications for the 2016-17 Privacy Scholars Fellowship Program.

ABOUT THE PEP: The PEP's mission is to inject sound economic analysis into policy discussions surrounding privacy, data security, and other competition and consumer protection issues facing the digital economy. We pursue this mission through research, education, and hosting public policy programs that bring together academics, thought leaders, and government officials to discuss cutting edge issues involving the digital economy.

FELLOWSHIP DETAILS: The Privacy Scholars Fellowship Program is designed to support research on the economics of privacy and data security. Topics of special interest include: consumer valuation of privacy; the measurement of privacy harms; the proper role of privacy harms in tort, consumer protection acts, or other legal actions; biometrics; the impact of privacy disclosures; the relationship between privacy and data security; issues relating to data security in the payment cards industry; tradeoffs between information flows and data security; and the impact of privacy and data security regulation on information flows. Empirical or experimental projects are strongly preferred to theoretical or doctrinal research.

The PEP will provide lodging and meals at all events. Participants will be responsible for their own transportation arrangements and expenses, but they will receive honoraria designed to defray travel and opportunity costs. Total honorarium payments of $12,000 per paper will be available to those who complete all stages of the program. The Fellowship Program is structured in five stages that are designed to lead to the completion of an original piece of scholarly work suitable for publication.

1. Submission of Research Proposal - Submission Deadline of October 14, 2016:
- Research proposals should include a statement of issue to be addressed, the proposed methodology, as well as a discussion of the feasibility for completion by Summer 2017. Proposals should be no longer than three pages (not including charts, graphs, or bibliography). The PEP will notify those chosen to present a more fully developed draft at the December roundtable by October 24, 2016. Those authors chosen to present will be provided an honorarium of $3,000 after attending the December roundtable.

2. Research Roundtable at Antonin Scalia Law School (Thursday-Friday, December 8-9, 2016):
- Selected authors will present expanded drafts at a research roundtable to be held at Antonin Scalia Law School on December 8-9, 2016. Revised drafts should be no more than 20 pages (excluding charts, graphs, and bibliography). This research roundtable is a workshop designed to provide authors with constructive feedback from expert academics and practitioners in the field. The PEP will make final decisions on which research it will support with a Privacy Scholars Fellowship by December 16, 2016.

3. First Draft (February 17, 2017):
- Each Fellowship recipient is required to submit a First Draft of his or her paper by February 17, 2017. These drafts should be substantially revised from those presented at the December research roundtable, and should provide reviewers with a clear sense of the approach and direction of the paper. Each First Draft will be subjected to anonymous peer review designed to provide constructive feedback. Comments will be sent to Fellowship recipients by March 13, 2017, and should be used to improve the second draft. Fellowship recipients will receive an honorarium of $3,000 for timely submission.

4. Presentation of Second Draft at Digital Information Policy Scholars Conference at Antonin Scalia Law School (Late April 2017):
- Privacy Fellows will submit a revised draft of their paper that responds to comments from peer reviewers for the Second Annual Digital Information Policy Scholars Conference, to be held in late April, 2017, at Antonin Scalia Law School. Fellowship recipients will present revised drafts of their papers and serve as a discussant for one paper during the conference. Fellowship recipients successfully participating in the Scholars Conference will receive an honorarium of $3,000.

5. Completion of Final Draft and Submission to an Academic Journal (Summer 2017):
- Following presentation at the Scholars Conference, Fellowship recipients are expected to revise their paper and to seek publication in a suitable academic journal. Upon completion of this requirement, Fellowship recipients will receive a final honorarium of $3,000.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: To apply to the PEP Privacy Scholars Fellowship Program, please visit our website at http://masonlec.org/programs/465

FURTHER INFORMATION: For more information regarding this program or other initiatives of the PEP, please visit http://www.masonlec.org/programs/program-economics-privacy

You may also call or send an email to James Cooper, Associate Professor of Law and Director, Program on Economics & Privacy, at 703.993.9582 or jcoope20@gmu.edu


TAPMI-Max Planck Winter School on Bounded Rationality

January 09-15, 2017, Manipal (Karnataka), India

T. A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), Manipal, in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Human Development (MPIB-Berlin) is pleased to announce the Winter School on Bounded Rationality at TAPMI, Manipal (Karnataka), India, to be held from January 09-15, 2017.

The winter school aims to foster understanding the process and quality of human decisions and to apply this knowledge to real world scenarios, enabling people to make better decisions in a complex world. To this end, it offers a unique forum for decision-making scholars and researchers from various disciplines to share their approaches, discuss their research and applications, and inspire one another.

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Prof. (Dr.) Gerd Gigerenzer, Director of the Center for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition and the Harding Center for Risk Literacy, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Germany.

- Bounded Rationality, Ecological Rationality, Social Rationality
- Behavioral Economics and Finance
- Heuristics such as Fast and Frugal Trees
- Risk and Risk Literacy
- Medical Decision Making

Seminars, talks, panel discussions, workshops, poster sessions, and social events will take place, allowing participants to learn and develop new ideas in broad areas of Judgment and Decision Making, facilitated by frequent interactions with the teaching faculty members.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Deadline for Application is September 25, 2016 (for more details refer to web link: http://www.tapmiwinterschool.com

Participation will be free, accommodation will be provided, and travel expenses will be partly reimbursed.

We look forward to seeing you at Manipal!


Kavitha Ranganathan (TAPMI) and Shengua Luan (MPIB), Organizers