Faculty Application and Review Guidelines


Who may apply for CAHI funding:

  • Tenured and tenure-track faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences whose primary area of research or creative activity is in the arts and humanities.

Application Deadlines:

  • Fall Deadline: Friday, October 12, 2018 (Fellowships, Travel Grants, Workshops & Symposia)
  • Spring Deadline: Friday, March 8, 2019 (Travel Grants, Workshops & Symposia)


  • MS Word document
  • PDF document

Where to send materials:

  • Please complete the online CAHI Faculty Application form and send all materials, supporting documents and recommendations via email to: cahi@indiana.edu
  • All items—letters of recommendations included—must arrive by the deadline for full consideration of application.

Review Process

Applications are evaluated by Review Boards composed by experienced College faculty selected from various areas of the arts and humanities (not members of the Advisory Board). Reviewers normally serve a two-year term and are divided, on a rotational basis, into separate committees–one for each competition. Reviewers rank and classify the candidates by filling out detailed evaluation forms. To be as objective as possible, at this stage, evaluators do not know who else is assessing the same applications; once the written evaluations are sent back to the director, there is a meeting with all reviewers to confirm final ranking.

All applicants are welcome to inquire with the director for feedback about their applications. Normally, awards are announced by December 15 (Fall applications) and by April 15 (Spring applications). CAHI holds regular informational meetings for Chairs and individual faculty members: these meetings are announced by email and are usually held in mid-September and early February.

Emergency funds

In exceptional cases, applicants may not be able to respect the competition deadlines, especially when organizing conferences or inviting prestigious guest speakers to campus. In these instances, applicants may apply for an emergency request grant. These applications are evaluated, as soon as possible, by the director in consultation with the Advisory Board. Please note that emergency requests are never intended for fellowships or research travel grants, and that applicants have to explain, in full, why they cannot wait for the regular deadlines for deliberation.