CAHI / Kinsey Institute Fellowship


2018-19 Application Deadline: Friday, October 12, 2018

CAHI is partnering with the Kinsey Institute, the College of Arts & Sciences, and the Office of the Vice Provost for Research to offer a new fellowship opportunity for research to be undertaken at the Kinsey Institute. The award will go to support a cutting-edge project in the arts or humanities that makes extensive use of the Kinsey Institute’s holdings. With a focus on human sexuality, the collections comprise more than 432,000 items, collected from six continents and spanning over two thousand years of human history. Materials include print media such as books and periodicals; archives for individuals, organizations, and events; visual arts such as drawings, photographs, prints, paintings, films/video, folk arts, ceramic arts, sculptures, and textile/fiber arts; and other special and unique research materials. For more information about The Kinsey Institute’s holdings please visit:

In addition to a two-course release, the winner will be granted additional resources at the Kinsey Institute, including access to collection materials and staff, desk space in a shared faculty research cluster, dedicated reserve space in the Kinsey Institute Library, and an Undergraduate Library Assistant on an hourly basis. The winner will also be given the title of Affiliated Faculty or Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute. At the end of the award period, the winner will be required to present his or her fellowship-related research in a public talk, possibly within a curated showcase of other faculty work currently being conducted at The Kinsey Institute.

Applications should include the following materials:

  • C.V. (only relevant part, please)
  • Summary of the project
  • Rationale for the course release request
  • Chair’s endorsement for course release
  • Two letters of recommendation, at least one from non-IU faculty.

The Chair of the applicant’s department, not the Institute, specifies the semester during which the applicants may receive the course releases. Applications for fellowships are always for the following academic year. Faculty who have accepted a single course release from CAHI may not accept more than one other course release from either on- or off-campus sources for the same academic year; faculty who have received two course releases from CAHI may not accept any other course releases from either on- or off-campus sources for the same academic year. Successful applicants for Fellowships and their Chairs are requested to notify CAHI immediately if, before utilization of their award, the candidate has received a similar award for the same project.

Recipients are exempt from teaching but not from other departmental duties. Fellowship funding for course releases will be based on departmental need, but will not exceed more than $10,000 per course.

Upon Completion of an Award
The Institute requires that all grant and fellowship recipients send a brief description of the scholarly/artistic activities accomplished as a result of the fellowship by the end of the semester following the award period.