Research Fellowships


2018-19 Application Deadline: Friday, October 12, 2018

CAHI Fellows in Residence receive a single or a two-course release during a semester to pursue a research project in the arts or humanities. The recipients are exempt from teaching but not from other departmental duties. Fellows may opt for a research grant up to $10,000 in place of the course releases—should the research grant option be exercised, applicants are requested to explain how the funds are necessary to their research/artistic project and how it differs from a travel grant. Fellowship funding for course releases will be based on departmental need, but will not exceed more than $10,000 per course.

Applicants for Fellowships (or Research Grants) may only apply in the fall.

Applications should include the following materials:

  • summary of project (1000 words at most)
  • curriculum vitae (only relevant portions; five pages at most)
  • detailed budget (if applying for a research grant in place of course releases)
  • rationale for course release(s)
  • letter of support from the Department Chair (including an endorsement of the course release)
  • two additional letters of recommendation (at least one from outside IU)

The Chair of the applicant’s department, not the Institute, specifies the semester during which the applicants may receive the course release(s). Past recipients may reapply after 3 years with a new project. Applications for fellowships are always for the following academic year.

Faculty who have accepted a single course release from CAHI may not accept more than one other course release from either on- or off-campus sources for the same academic year; faculty who have received two course releases from CAHI may not accept any other course releases from either on- or off-campus sources for the same academic year. Successful applicants for Fellowships and their Chairs are requested to notify CAHI immediately if, before utilization of their award, the candidate has received a similar award for the same project.

Who may apply:
Tenured and tenure-track faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences whose primary area of research or creative activity is in the arts and humanities.

Upon completion of an award:
The Institute requires that all grant and fellowship recipients send a brief description of the scholarly/artistic activities accomplished as a result of the CAHI award by the end of the semester following the award period. All grant recipients are kindly requested to acknowledge the support of the College Arts and Humanities Institute in any flyers, posters, publications or publicity.