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One of the largest, oldest, and most vibrant programs of its kind, the Borns Jewish Studies Program at Indiana University is committed to fostering leadership skills, civic responsibility, and academic achievement through rigorous interdisciplinary study of the Jewish people and civilization. Our distinguished faculty, talented students, outstanding staff, accomplished alumni, and supportive community work together to ensure the best possible experience for our students. More.


Catapult is a Center established by the College of Arts and Sciences in 2012 for the promotion of digital humanities and the computational and material analysis of texts. The goal of the Center is to build a visible community of scholars and researchers from the humanities, social sciences, computer and information sciences, and materials sciences who wish to collaborate in seeking innovative solutions to problems that arise in textual and para-textual research. More.

center for integrative photographic studies

The Center for Integrative Photographic Studies will promote the study of photography, lens-based and sensing imaging across many disciplines in arts, humanities and sciences at Indiana University from creative photography to conservation to the study of photographic images and practice in our culture. The Center will encourage interdisciplinary approaches to the study of photography broadly conceived by reaching out to artists, scholars and scientists across IU including branch campuses. We will forge links with other similar centers across the US and around the world. More.

center for the study of memory

We are a grant-funded research center that is dedicated to building upon our work in the field of oral history while broadening the range of our research projects to address the many ways that people remember, represent, and use the past in public and private life. We also offer training to students, faculty, and the public in the methodology of oral history through workshops and through our online guide to “Oral History Interviewing Techniques.” More.

cultural studies

The Cultural Studies Program brings together faculty and graduate students from over 18 departments across the College of Arts and Sciences, The Media School, The School for Global and International Studies, and the Jacobs School of Music who study cultural production and the social construction of taste, value, and belief systems. We address both historical and contemporary cultural practices and pay particular attention to the relationship between cultural form and power relations in society. Issues of class, race, sexuality, and gender receive prominent critical attention, as do conventional divisions between “high culture” and more “popular” forms of expression. The program offers a PhD minor and sponsors events that foster interdisciplinary conversation, including our annual spring conference. More.


The Center for Eighteenth-Century Studies at Indiana University, formally opened in October 2004, is home to one of the liveliest and most exciting inter-disciplinary communities at Indiana University-Bloomington. The Center brings together faculty and graduate students to discuss new work and new intellectual directions in the broad field of Eighteenth-Century Studies. Our faculty include over twenty active members from seven different departments (English, History, Comparative Literature, German, French, Religion, Art History). More.


The Medieval Studies Institute is a center for the study of medieval cultures from the fifth to the fifteenth centuries. Participating faculty are drawn from twenty academic departments at Indiana University. The Institute administers area certificates and minors in Medieval Studies, coordinates an active schedule of events and colloquia open to the public, and promotes interdisciplinary work among the many Indiana faculty and students engaged in medieval studies. More.


Renaissance Studies is a multi-disciplinary program for faculty and graduate students who work on Renaissance and early modern materials from the 14th to the 17th century. The mission of the program is to foster dialogue and collaboration across disciplines, languages and traditions. Renaissance Studies organizes conferences, lecture series, symposia and roundtables. A Ph.D. minor or an area certificate in Renaissance Studies provides the multi-disciplinary education necessary to equip students for research on Renaissance and early modern topics. More.


The Center for Theoretical Inquiry in the Humanities responds to the desire of scholars and students in all areas of the humanities to investigate the foundational issues of their disciplines. While the specialties of Center participants run the gamut of the humanities, our coherence lies in addressing questions that animate every discipline engaged in humanistic inquiry, for example, questions about text and interpretation, about varieties of critique (conceptual, empirical, aesthetic, political), about the nature of semiotic systems and their historical embodiment. More.

victorian studies

The Victorian Studies Program at Indiana University is the intellectual home of a dynamic and innovative collection of faculty and graduate students working on topics including Victorian media culture, animal studies, moral psychology, war, religion, liberalism, psychology, narrative theory, and gender studies, among many others. Founded in the 1950s, the program was among the United States’ first interdisciplinary programs in the humanities. Faculty and graduate students at I.U. edit Victorian Studies, a leading interdisciplinary journal of the humanities, publishing essays, forums, and reviews on literature, social and political history, philosophy, fine arts, science, economics, and law. More.