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A Conversation with Victor Gama

Projects Tsikaya and 3 Thousand Rivers

Friday, March 23, 2018, 10:30am

GISB, Room 1112

At this colloquium, hosted by the African Studies Program, composer and designer of contemporary musical instruments Victor Gama will discuss two of his current music projects:

Tsikaya – Músicos do Interior: Composers and musicians in the rural areas of Angola are invited to participate in a digital platform enabling their music to be promoted and shared with a global audience. Field recordings are regularly performed by local teams in each province contributing to a growing digital archive of traditional as well as contemporary music. Tsikaya has taken place in the provinces of Cuando-Cubango, Benguela, Huíla, Cunene and Huambo and aims at covering the whole national territory.

3thousandRIVERS voices in the forest: The new project is based on fieldwork in the rain forests of Amazonia, El Choco and the Andes in Colombia and Brazil. It addresses the destruction of that particular environment as well as the beauty of its nature and the lives of its inhabitants. Gama and local teams gathered field research through photography, video, sound and interviews with people living in those rain forests such as teachers, musicians, community leaders and more to structure a composition written for orchestral musicians, his own musical instruments, and singers.